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Why does my main page say I'm spamming when I comment?

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Started by ALatinTease4u2C [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 12:51  other posts
People comment on my main page so I like to take the time to reply back... I haven't commented at all today on it and I simply said thank you can it asks "are you spamming" why is this it's so annoying!

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By ALatinTease4u2C [Ignore] 19,Jul,21 19:36 other posts 

By ALatinTease4u2C [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 20:58 other posts 
Oh haha i get it because i genetically always say thank you to different compliments it thinks I'm spamming ok i understand haha I'll have to have better responses

By bella! [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 12:58 other posts 
Because you are sending the same message. The same question was asked not too long ago, this might help and admin personally responded.

By WristThick [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 18:53 other posts 
Thanks for the explanation
By bella! [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 19:47 other posts 
How kind of you to thank me when it wasn't even you who asked the question.

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