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Tribute suggestions

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #418042 [Ignore] 22,Jan,15 09:21
I like making tributes, to members(or your wife/girlfriend), pornstars, celebrities... So here you can post pics you want me to do a tribute with. The rule is simple: No male pics.
[deleted image]

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By #68656 27,Dec,15 23:57
His "member`s recent comments" plus the above directive clearly indicates he only wishes contact from female members only, let us wish him luck.
Also I noted this comment of his "I don't have any girlfriend or fuckfriend since months", we can only speculate why that is but perhaps he may need to learn better communication skills.??
By bella! [Ignore] 28,Dec,15 05:58 other posts 
Ha! You have an impeccable grasp of the English language, your communication skills, not so much. What is your point?
By #23212 29,Dec,15 22:52
"I don't have .... since months", is a rather direct translation from his native language, which he clearly states is French. I'm sure in the French part of Canada where he lives, this 20 year old's rocky translation to English is NOT at all his reason for his not currently having a girlfriend; and that where he lives he does NOT "need to learn better communication skills" in English in order to find a girlfriend.

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