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Admin. Good job with both sites

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #338125 [Ignore] 31,Jan,13 20:06
I myself am in management with a very large company. and I know all i ever hear is everything that goes wrong. if everything's going good you never hear a word. I think admin and the IT people along with the programmers here at these 2 sites have done an excellent job. everything seems to be well thought out and the web sites work seamlessly. there has been a lot of gripe forms on the sites, let's give them a pat on the back this time. personally I think everyone has done a great job Thank you

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By #247457 03,Feb,13 02:20
Thanks for the reminder greg101. I have learned myself that "i'll take your lack of critism as a compliment" but it is nice to hear when you've done something well. so to the admin. this site is the best of it's kind.

By admin [Ignore] 31,Jan,13 20:32 other posts 
It's not common to hear something good, as you pointed out yourself. So I cannot pass this by without saying thank you for you kind words
By #147052 01,Feb,13 10:19

By #7976 31,Jan,13 23:42
That's a pretty common issue. I've been a technical writer and training developer for many years and although a lot of thought, effort, and time go into developing a first draft and eventually a final product, the only criticism ever offered is when you don't cross a T or dot an I. Fortunately, I've been able to let the water flow off the ducks back as the saying goes but often it takes a lot of patience. Keep up the good work and know that those of us (un)fortunate enough to have been in your place are, although be it quietly most of the time, in your corner.

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