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can i **** with my 40-year old aunt?she seems to seduce me now...

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Started by #241864 [Ignore] 27,Sep,12 03:47
i'm physically strong and look very handsome.i'm good at telling my friends funny jokes and always amuse aunt Lee likes me very much,but she often quarrels with my uncle.she told me that everytime she suck her husband's cock,it keeps limp and she's anxious to **** with a younger man.she sometimes masturbates regardless of my absence and comes on to me when we have a talk.should i fuck this bitch and teach her a lesson?

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By #68656 28,Sep,12 08:03
As snail correctly states we have another contestant for the Jerry Springer Show.
The entire family needs to reasses its morals and ethics of which it appears to be woefully devoid.
In regards to the original question raised, that is and would be a serious breach of trust.
Shame on all involved.
By #218130 28,Sep,12 08:35
Hear Hear

By #303133 27,Sep,12 10:16
I am moved by the degree of respect you show for your Aunt. Must be a WONDERFUL family!

Is the "lesson" you wish to "teach" her that her nephew is a raging douche-nozzle?
Maybe while you are riding the whack-a-do i ncest train you should also blow your teach him a lesson on how to keep his noodle al dente?
By #218130 27,Sep,12 11:24
I just love your diplomacy. Very well said Sorry, just can't help myself. I know this is serious shit, but I just have to

By bella! [Ignore] 27,Sep,12 03:59 other posts 
Physically strong, handsome....what's that got to do with being wrong, wrong, wrong? Should you fuck this "bitch" and teach her a lesson? Wow! Why bother, it already seems like you and the dynamics of your family are fucked up.
By #218130 27,Sep,12 11:19
Well said

By alittlesnail [Ignore] 27,Sep,12 10:59 other posts 
you should use your big brain countrol your small head,or should i say ,don't let your small head countrol you,because you are not an animal,unless you want to go on
"jerry springer" show

By #147052 27,Sep,12 10:16
another sicko!

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