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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #17503 [Ignore] 01,Nov,09 13:46
Over the last month or so, Several members have sent me pm's to which I have replied and they have replied back. These people had pictures on the main page and I and other members have commented on their main page pictures. But suddenly one day when I click on their pm's, I get a blank page with the simple message "This member does not exist". Then after a day or so, their pm's to me simply disappear, they are no longer listed in the list of members, all trace of them is gone. Spooky. I understand anonymous, I understand "deleted", but what is going on with this "...member does not exist"? Admin, is this something you are doing? Why do you do it? Why do some members simply get "deleted" while others get wiped out of existence? The last such member was "Arsenal" who just today sent me some pm's and also just posted some new pics of himself on Main Page. But all of a sudden he wasn't there - anywhere, anymore. What is going on?

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By admin [Ignore] 02,Nov,09 07:29 other posts 
I already replied to similar question earlier. I do delete profiles that post underage pics or write they are underage, however, they are not many - just a couple per week. Most of members delete their profiles themselves. I do not know why.

Recent member has ID of 35135 and total members count is 26485, which means 25% deleted their accounts.
By #28623 02,Nov,09 07:53
members delete their profiles because you do not have to be registered or logged in to view 99% of the pictures on this site. google search a few member names and the pics are viewable because of the way they have their settings
By admin [Ignore] 02,Nov,09 08:11 other posts 
Actually, this is not true. You can easily view only pics from 5 past days without logging in. Besides, most of the fun here is in communication which is very limited when you are not logged in.

By #34603 01,Nov,09 14:42
Perhaps Admin removes all trace of the minors he discovers?
By slipper [Ignore] 02,Nov,09 01:54 other posts 
If so, it sound reasonable and prudent to me.

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