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Drink your/somones piss

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #215515 [Ignore] 14,Dec,11 23:29
I was watching a porn video where there were guys drink piss and I was gonna go and piss and I said what the hell and. I grabbed a cup andporn pissed in it and then too a sip and it not bad... post pics of ur piss in a cup

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By #537175 26,May,19 09:48
In the shower with my bf we sometimes piss on each other , but I prefer to taste his cum

By #583549 26,May,19 07:34
You do know it's waste water! Although it's mostly water!I would consider it if I was dying of thirst in the desert!

By #551745 26,May,19 07:09
For whatever reason, Iíve never been able to get myself to drink it from a cup. I have often wondered if it just kind of looks too much like beer for me (I hate beer).

That being said, Iím 45, and Iíve had piss on me or in me in one form or another since I was young. Friends, girlfriends, my wife, and closer - Iíve had it all on me and first tasted, then drank, all of them direct.

The fact is, there are all kinds of things in life that donít seem to be your thingÖ then for me, suddenly someone very close to me let go without warning. In that moment, it went from gross to sexual in my brain. Okay, maybe a little sexually deviant at the time, but not as bad as whose it was. LOL.

Iíve exchanged with many others since then, but still never pass up that first sweet nectar when offered.

By cody8789 [Ignore] 24,Sep,18 13:52 other posts 
Not me, yuck
By #539433 24,Sep,18 14:20
You know you like it
By cody8789 [Ignore] 24,Sep,18 20:08 other posts 
Only from you
By #539433 24,Sep,18 20:13

By knewbi [Ignore] 24,Sep,18 13:21 other posts 
not big on drinking from the glass but if the person i am having sex with, be it guy or girl, wants to piss in my mouth i am ok with that.

By kebmo [Ignore] 10,Sep,17 13:27 other posts 
I have a friend that wanted to try it so we did. I wrote about it in a blog story.


By #522126 10,Sep,17 11:44
I have my Wife and other women piss in my mouth,I love it.

By #516354 09,Sep,17 21:21
My ex wife/Mistress and me got into pee play at someones suggestion whilst in a cam session.She told them She needed to go to the toilet and they said why not use your sub.So She pulled her panties to one side and pissed all over me.They told Her to make me drink some so She did.I have to admit I quite liked the taste and now piss in a glass and drink my own pee.

[deleted image]

By #535417 09,Sep,17 17:23
i was 17 when I worked at a fast food place and there was a manager named Perry copper i would close the store with him just me and him one he came back from the rest room with his pants unzipped with dick head sticking out he told me to come in his office and I suck his dick and swallow his cum and let him piss in my mouth i love it

By bigone21 [Ignore] 15,Jul,13 17:32 other posts 
Fooling around with clear transparant piss?? Sure, I have no problem with that! Lots of guys like piss-games, and I like it too!!

By #505462 26,Jul,16 20:37
I drink my piss quite often. I prefer it from a glass, but I have occasionally pissed straight into my mouth. Wouldn't mind drinking piss from someone else one of these days.

Here is a photo of me topping off a glass with fresh urine to enjoy drinking!

[deleted image]

By #461012 03,Jun,14 11:22
I love drinking my piss

By #408904 08,Jul,13 20:40
Some guy asked me to piss in his mouth the other day. I wanted to know what does it taste like?
By #23212 09,Jul,13 04:57
If you want to know, then simply kiss him afterwards.
By pornlover59 [Ignore] 09,Jul,13 17:25 other posts 
golden piss is strong and tastes sour or tangy while clear is like warm water from piss is best

By #383645 09,Jul,13 04:51
I would love it if my girlfriend would piss on my cock.. Idk why I think it's so hot to have my dick pissed on but I've always fantisized

By #6437 16,Apr,13 06:43
Yes I love hot piss mine or yours.

By Deborah3512 [Ignore] 15,Apr,13 01:41 other posts 
I have tasted mine, but the best was from my second wife who used to fuck her boy friend come home and have me eat her pussy, she would have such an orgasam, then she would pee into my mouth, I loved it most of the time, sometimes though it was to bitter or strong so I would just let it flow out of my mouth to the pillow her ass was on. Still have that pillow love the smell of it.

By Dalecash [Ignore] 28,Mar,13 17:30 other posts 
Well come and have a gulp of mine and see if you like it!

By #121361 25,Mar,13 13:24
Check our Pics and Vids The Beat of Milk Pee !!!!

By #360027 12,Mar,13 22:15
Depends on the piss color. If it's yellow. not interested. If you've been drinking plenty, chances are the pee is more like water. Just have to recognize the difference in time.
Had a GF in desperation who leaned back against a fence, spread her lips and let flow a powerful jet. I could only gulp down so much, so she soaked me as well.
By #121361 25,Mar,13 13:22

By cockles [Ignore] 12,Mar,13 05:25 other posts 
Drinking someone's piss is so erotic, I love it!
By #342891 22,Mar,13 19:40

By pifad [Ignore] 12,Mar,13 16:21 other posts 
I will not "drink" your piss but you can stream it in my mouth and I will enjoy the warmth and salty taste. I'll let it run out over my lips though and down my chin

By bootyfull [Ignore] 12,Mar,13 12:40 other posts 
I will never ever do that.

By #216929 15,Dec,11 06:10
it's unhygenic & not good for health.
By #215515 15,Dec,11 08:46
It sterile so it's not gonna hurt you!
By Ray10754 [Ignore] 15,Dec,11 19:23 other posts 
Hornydick! I wish you would do extencive reserch before you comment,You are so mis informed it is sad! To tell you the truth, Urin is more steril than bottled water.It is a know fact that people have survived for days being lost or stranded by drinking there own urin.And to enlightin you even ferther, (I have a question for you) Have you ever had trouble with itchy eyes or blod shot eyes?If you are a nomal person, to remedy the problem you would most likely put murine in them corect? Well quess what the main ingrediant is in Murine?? yup! you guesed it, URIN!!! I would also like to inform you that 100's of every day meds are urin based. So please sir, reserch prior to commenting so as not to make a fool of your self. The World Wide Web is an amaizing place to be informed by. Simply do a Google serch for anything you want to know. Everything that I stated can be verified by doing so!! All it takes is some reserch and reading to do!!
By curious3 [Ignore] 18,Dec,11 11:52 other posts 
Ray, thank you for letting peopleknow the facts, about anything, really. yes, indeed, one must know before talking.
By Ray10754 [Ignore] 18,Dec,11 12:19 other posts 
N/p Curious3, Belive me Im not here to cause problems in any way shape or form, What pisses me off is people that dont tell it like it is, granted there is a lot of truth in what others say, I wont argue that at all,But if you tell one side why not the other? It is up to the individule
to make there own decision,Fact remains,they came here for information and facts. Why not tell both sides of the storie,That is why I always tell people to do there own reserch,prior to making any decisions. What is gross to one person may be exciting and erotic to another.Everthing in life has a good side and a bad side. I just tell it like it is!! Every one can make there own decisions with well wishes from me.

By #46819 18,Dec,11 01:44
[deleted image] taste for yourself and decide
By curious3 [Ignore] 18,Dec,11 11:54 other posts 
i want to taste yours...

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