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Cant Find True Real Bi men who swallow out here in Los Angeles 14,May,24 14:13
Los Angeles; Seek Bi Matiured Men There From Sissy Looking 04,Apr,24 23:48


By girlBOY 09,Apr,24 19:58

I can't find any matured men in L.A., at all who swallow then after I would open my legs wide asking him to give me rimming while I reach for his dick to touch and feel until his hard..thats when I ask him to stick it inside me while I am face--up..U think I am playing games..No way..this is my desire..I'm 6'1,,older;44..With makeup I look very young..but not..So email me if you can at;

By girlBOY 04,Apr,24 23:52
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I can't find a Bi matured male or males that would offer to deep rim me or give longer hours of intense rimming into what you see here in my selifes but go to my profile to see many of different ones of me..Email;
lets meet if your in Los Angeles

By girlBOY 04,Apr,24 23:43
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Any Bi matured aged/ Males here who live in Los Angeles nearby...I seek for fun only..Imail;

I'm Ronny...this selfie is me, showing you if your into licking back of balls and rimming another guy as me..My hair is saloned..

By girlBOY 04,Apr,24 23:37
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My selfie will show I am wanting allot of testical rimming/licking I'm 6'1, in Los Angeles..Is there any Bi Matured aged chubby men nearby for fun only..Email;

I'm Ronny...user; girlyBoy
I m really wanting a very serious Man who can