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By Bicockwhore 18,Feb,24 18:21
Hell yes of course I love posted posts on doublelist. Com cross dressing and let men come over to my house and I sniff poppers and let them use me and abuse me fuck my throat and butt fuck me and choke me with no rubber

By Bicockwhore 04,Feb,24 10:10
Oh yes when was between 13 and 17 I had a bunch of older men butt fucking me in 50 gang **** me

By Bicockwhore 10,Jan,24 01:53
I love it do it all the time I meet men on and other site and suck dick and let men butt fuck me

By Bicockwhore 10,Jan,24 01:50
Well for me it because men are fine and dick is so good I love dick I am addicted to dick I worship dick

By Bicockwhore 06,Jan,24 09:40
I do it because I am a sissy little pig slut whore bondage faggot I love dressing in women clothes and let men use and abuse me

By Bicockwhore 06,Jan,24 09:03
To be honest crack cocaine I love smoking crack and sniff poppers and getting butt fucked and choked by men

By Bicockwhore 01,Jan,24 11:43
No it feel so good I am a faggot I love getting butt fucked and choked

By Bicockwhore 28,Dec,23 23:39
I1 have done it when I was 17 I worked at a fast food restaurant I close the store on Saturday night I need a ride home my manager give me a ride he asked me what had planned I told nothing everyone at house he me ever sucked dick I said yes he said going to my apartment I did he was 35 so I was nervous we got there and and we smoked weed and he dressed me in lingerie he told he was going to party and fuck my holes all nigth after that he fuck my ever chance he could

By Bicockwhore 28,Dec,23 23:23
I am addicted to poppers I love sniffing poppers and getting use and abuse by men I get fucked up on poppers and deep throat dick and let a men fuck my ass and choke me it feel so good like ecstasy when I hit the poppers as a men dick sregth my ass hole out

By Bicockwhore 23,Dec,23 07:59
Me to I am a sissy little cross dressing bondage pig slut whore faggot I love sniffing poppers and getting slap around spit on my face facked and butt fucked and choked

By Bicockwhore 23,Dec,23 03:45
Yes to be honest I worked as a service plumber and worked in gouse when no one was home and sniffed womens panties jacked in them

By Bicockwhore 23,Dec,23 03:35
Men for me I love dick

By Bicockwhore 03,Dec,23 22:20
I meet men on online and let them fuck my throat and butt fuck me in their car

By Bicockwhore 03,Dec,23 22:18
Yes please I am sissy little bondage pig slut whore I love big dick Dom tops

By Bicockwhore 02,Dec,23 21:19
Yes I have a bunch of times I love drinking cum out of a rubber

By Bicockwhore 01,Dec,23 07:35
I love being a sex slave for groups of men letting them use my holes as their sex toys letting them slap me around spit on me fuck my throat butt fuck me and choke me with no rubber

By Bicockwhore 28,Nov,23 10:10
Do it all the time I meet men and I let them butt fuck me in there car

By Bicockwhore 26,Nov,23 10:18
I was 9 the first time I suck a dick a group of old boys dicks they live in some apartments complex there where 15 17 and 17 they fucked my throat and piss in my mouth and shoot their loads of cum down my throat I was hooked I am a dick sucking slut

By Bicockwhore 07,Nov,23 02:47
Who want to fuck my bbw pig slut whore bondage bitch wife u can use my wife holes fuck her throat and pussy butt fuck her and choke her get her pregnant

By Bicockwhore 07,Nov,23 00:59
I was 14 the first time I give my ass up to men his name was David he was 38 I meet him one day I was skipping school he had been driving around naked playing with his 8 in dick looking for someone to suck it he stop me and pick me he told me he want to party and fuck my holes he take me back to his house and dressed me up in lingerie stocking and heels he introduced me to poppers and drugs we went to his bondage sex room where he made my his whore he fuck my throat slap me around spit on me spanked my ass feed me poppers and butt fuck me and choke me for hours with no rubbers and yes I want I love it he turned me out I became a sissy little slut whore that days

By Bicockwhore 07,Nov,23 00:41
I was 12 it was with my friend Travis he was 13 he would stay the nights at my house and we would Jack each other off and rub are dicks together and suck each other dicks I love it I know is was going to be a sissy little slut

By Bicockwhore 30,Oct,23 07:43
Well I have been sucking dick since I was 12 so I have probably sucked over 500 hundred dicks