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By Kinkyfukker 23,Jan,24 12:40
I tried like hell to convince her that she should meet me and let me show her how proud I'd have been showing her off.

By Kinkyfukker 05,Jan,24 06:22
I don't wear a condom ever. I ask if I'm not told prior. Most women have wanted me to cum inside them because I fuck like a King. Other women just like it all over their bodies some like it on their face some want to eat it.

I like cumming inside her pussy. And if she's viable it makes it even more exciting.

When you tell a woman that you're going to fill that pussy up with cum and you're not their regular man.. they never say no.

By Kinkyfukker 18,Nov,23 18:24
Whaddya think?
I say comfortable medium sized cock my best is 7&5/8

By Kinkyfukker 18,Nov,23 18:18
I have measured 7&5/8.Im coming up from a touch more than 3" flaccid. I'm hitting sevens all day. I'm a comfortable medium I think



By Kinkyfukker 18,Nov,23 18:06
What's the difference between a chick pea and a black eyed pea?

A) I've never had a black eyed pea on my face. 🤣🤣🤣

By Kinkyfukker 15,Sep,23 09:42
I was 3 the first time I had a cock in my mouth. By 6 I was sucking dicks with other boys that I played with. We found magazines in the dumpster and took them to our fort where we 3 boys and one girl began to imitate what we saw in the magazines. And we all sucked each others dicks and we all took turns fucking the girl. She was 8 and she let all of us fuck her...

My first orgasm was with a boy. I was 12 and when I went to my cousin's house we always played with each other's dicks. I usually had a magazine from my dads collection. We would try to fuck but never thought about lube. So no penetration. But we mutually masturbated and I can in my cousin's hand my first time.

I've wanted to play with cocks secretly ever since. I don't really want to suck cock. I just want to jerk someone off and get jerked off.