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By TheWife+Hubby 01,Dec,23 04:47
Is SAGGY ( cat ) the same human running woody58 , well I could bang on with facts & figures but obviously they are both using the same cracked screen iPad 🤣🤣
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Its not rocket science you dumb cunt, delete both fake profiles 🤷‍♀️

By TheWife+Hubby 19,Nov,23 01:46
unless you make this poll a multiple choice selection, we at the W&H will not be able to participate, we see some equal top runner's, we cannot decide our vote to split up those candidates in a single poll vote 🤷‍♀️

Nor would it be fair

By TheWife+Hubby 13,Nov,23 03:59
Where's the two "Dumbest Cunt's" on the site, have they gone poof

By TheWife+Hubby 13,Nov,23 03:54
This tecsan is a serial pest.

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That piss-slave guy would have to be more intelligent.

By TheWife+Hubby 12,Nov,23 04:39
War !! What Is It Good For 😢, /blogs/55854.html

By TheWife+Hubby 11,Nov,23 08:55
Would you expect anything more ore less from the voted "Dumbest Cunts" on the site 🤷‍♀️

CAT & WOODY58 come on down 🚶‍♂️

(crowd clapping 👏 & cheering)

By TheWife+Hubby 11,Nov,23 01:29
I've seen, its discussing

By TheWife+Hubby 10,Nov,23 16:24
That Dgraff is also a false assumption. As I see it, any man that likes it up the ass, at the very least, while getting ass fucked, wants to be a woman.

So does that mean her lump WOODY58 is transgender

By TheWife+Hubby 10,Nov,23 16:13
Awwww, poor sweet Mongo, don't worry about it baby, she blacklisted our account as well, blacklisters are weak insecure people, so don't cry poor sweet Mongo , don't worry about having Thanksgiving 🦃 with those nasty people, you can come over & have it with us & our family babe

By TheWife+Hubby 10,Nov,23 15:35
Awww Mongo your such a cute little dear 🥹

I guess really the only one that can answer your question is your Step Daddy Charlie or maybe its Charlene

We also find it a little confusing as well, so don't run yourself down blaming you handicaps, dear sweet little Mongo

By TheWife+Hubby 01,Nov,23 04:26
God Dang Americans !


By TheWife+Hubby 31,Oct,23 15:47
🎃 Happy Halloween 🦇

By TheWife+Hubby 29,Oct,23 19:37
Ding Ding 🛎️

round 4 of the special Olympics, today we have more turd throwing!

Well what do we have today folks 🤷‍♀️, its been an interesting few hours, the innocent in this whole debacle will have their true identities censored for their own protection 🚔.

Saggy Granny ( CAT ), after many blows to the head, has retreated back into the sanctuary of her own forum thread. How has she done this you might ask 🤷‍♀️

Here are the facts, only a few hours ago she 🚫blacklisted🚫 not only member Be**a! but also member dgra**.

Member Be**a! tried to offer Saggy some genuine support/advice, not to bang on about it to much, in a nut shell 🥜 it more or less came to this "maybe you should shut your mouth, your in a bit of DoDo 💩". Although Be**a! tried to offer Saggy some helpful advice, the ending result was Saggy backlisting this member.

Moving on to member dgra**, a self confessed member of equal importance here to any other member, was also blacklisted by the Saggy.

Saggy has been also banging on about some dood of the name "Dan", its unclear who this Dan is, I have tried to contact Dan, but he seems not to have a presence here 🤷‍♀️

There has been some shocking facts come out of the Trailer Home of the Saggy & Limpy ( WOODY58 ) about the farther of Mongo, Saggy's illegitimate child.

It seems as though a combined lover of Saggy & Limpy impregnated Saggy, in a MMF event that happened in the Trailer Home some years ago. The introduced lover sharing time with these dumb cunts, according to Limpy, named "Gerome", I have seen mention of this gentleman before, but his name was spelt incorrectly as Jerome, thanks to member Limpy, he has corrected this miss spelling confirming that the first letter in Mongos father's name, in fact starts with the letter "G".

By TheWife+Hubby 29,Oct,23 07:29
I don't know about the ciggys mate those things will fucking kill ya, but certainty while I'm sucking my vape

By TheWife+Hubby 29,Oct,23 06:39
Cartoon, fuck yes that would be awesome, there would of course have to be X rated & R rated versions released, how say it Skits

By TheWife+Hubby 29,Oct,23 06:11
More breaking news 📰 You heard it first right hear & now on:
"Freddy's Box" latest news & more all in one place.

Member CAT has launched a vicious attack against member PITBULL in her latest released blog titled:

For for all convenance tap the following link:
👉 /blogs/55727.html 👈

Allow me to share the allegations shared by the Saggy Granny within this posted blog:

HEY, Pitbull, you retard, I know you read my blogs.

Recently, on your blog, you criticized me for criticizing you for how the Best Member of October was elected. You said that The Best Member voting is very transparent about how winners are chosen. Members who are candidates and running for the Best Member can vote for themselves if they choose. What you failed to mention is that you give blow jobs to members to convince them to vote. 😈
I did my research before making my opinions on this subject. I’ve asked other members and all said the same. Pitbull is a dumbass but he sure knows how to suck. Maybe you should enter the “Best Member” contest. 🤣🤣😈

“The Great 2023 SIO showdown”, I have my own view of this, special Olympics, turd throwing, show, at this point I choose to keep my own personal opinions private.

By TheWife+Hubby 29,Oct,23 00:45
Breaking news 📰 folks,
"Freddy's Box" latest news & more all in one place.

Innocent members names/tags will be censored to protect the innocent.

“The Great 2023 SIO showdown”
Round 3 of the special Olympics, today we have more turd throwing!

Has CAT AKA Saggy Granny been broken ?

Saggys claims:

1. Now Dan can go to the Devil. I'm tired of fighting. (who the fuck is Dan 🤷‍♀️ ).

2. I've been fighting for over 6 yrs. (must be tough being one of the "the dumbest cunts on the site").

3. I'm a convenient punching bag. (well have you not asked for it 🤷‍♀️ ).

4. I really like SYC or whatever it is now. (FYI: it is now a amalgamation of all 3 sites, SYD, SYC & SIO that has always existed, now only SIO exists, like Show it Off, you poor simple cunt).

5. For the moment, this thread is poison to me. (its not even your tread you dumb cunt, so go back to yours 🤷‍♀️ ).

6. That's why I'm blacklisting you ******. (you made these claims against my profiles but never went ahead, so is this another one of your false claims 🤷‍♀️ ).

7. I think it's time to start looking for a new site (fuck would you, just delete & go somewhere else, pleeeeeease).

Fuck You CAT

By TheWife+Hubby 28,Oct,23 20:44
In recognition of one the the finest Author's, possibly the finest Author that SIO (SYD/SYC), has ever seen.

Without further to do, I introduce Sir-Skittles
(crowd clapping 👏 & cheering).

This members accurate true life stories, the tails of woe of the Saggy Granny ( CAT ) & her useless hubby, the site lump WOODY58 , recently awarded:

🏆 Dumbest cunt's on the site 🏆.

Their efforts, to make ends meet, especially when special occasions come up, but some how always turn into disaster🤷‍♀️

For all the true life stories from this Author, please tap the following link:
👉 /blogs/author.php?id=548890 👈

⭐ Introducing the stars ⭐

* CAT AKA Saggy Granny.
* WOODY58 AKA Limpy Woody/Site Lump.

Mentions of a couple of co-stars.
* Mongo, Saggy's illegitimate child, sole survivor of a botched coat-hanger abortion.
* Rhanda-Lynn, Saggy's best friend.

Now for a small mention of the sponsors:
* Greyhound Bus 🚌 Services, Pty Ltd.
* Windex, now available in fresh lemon 🍋 flavour.

By TheWife+Hubby 28,Oct,23 18:48
Wish I had have dreamed up this witty comment left in a thread 🤣🤣

Its day 3 now 🤭

round 3 of special olympics, today we have turd throwing!

By TheWife+Hubby 28,Oct,23 17:22
🏆 Who's the dumbest cunt on the site 🏆
👉 /polls/4590.html 👈
Polls are now closed.

A special thanks to LoveToMasturbate AKA Wanker, for hosting one of the most important SIO polls held in 2023.

Voting was tight folks, but two clear winners have emerged, equal 1st place with 7 votes a piece (including combined voting).

Let’s all congratulate 👏 CAT AKA Bush Pig 🐷, or as others affectionally know her as “Saggy Granny” & the site lump WOODY58 AKA Limpy Woody.

These two dumb cunts, are clearly the dumbest cunts on the site !

By TheWife+Hubby 28,Oct,23 02:11
Hey Bella!

Thank you for your feedback.

I will back off, but shit cunts (not talking bout you at this time, you have been leaving me alone for the moment, even offering some support), I will keep pushing.

I do have at my disposal over 15,000 points at any given time so pushing a point I will drive forward to prove my point to shit cunts.

There are 3 clear factions here:

1: Sharers & followers of content sharers.

2: Forum tread dwellers.

3. Not that I know a lot about it I rarely venture into them "the lives".

My battle/s here within the Forum Treads has had 0 impact on my content sharing profiles. The 3 factions here from what I have observed settle into their own factions, I see there maybe a cross over between Forum thread dwellers & live, but as far as content creators & forum dwellers there is a clear non interest in either or.

I'm happy to take some hits from the forum dwellers. A few of my close associates here come out & have a few pokes at the doll account in particular, look I get it, I really do, but once a few pokes turn to shit & shove I will launch a unrelenting attack, I fear no profile here, its the fucking internet ffs, you know & most do, my job is within it.

As far as the "Best Image/Member Top" thing goes, once the brain dead 🐷 backs off I will, I was happy to just have the doll sitting at the bottom of the list till that stupid cunt CAT opened her stupid fat mouth, spired on by other things, same as with a pic from this profile, now my dog dominates the male side of the "Best Image/Member Top" to be honest I don't think that is appropriate, but to prove a point to that dumb 🐷 he sits at the top of the list, I may choose to keep him in the list even if the 🐷 shuts the fuck up, keeping him low in the list, he is cute 🥹 & a guy after all.

The fucking site pig needs to learn when to keep her fat mouth shut, she is fucked in the head.

By TheWife+Hubby 27,Oct,23 23:30
Hey CAT you stupid bush pig 🐷, thank you heaps for the idea,

" If I upload a pic of my black lab, a female, and I identified it as my dog, would it meet your approval if I entered it in the contest?"

Sure why not, our male Frenchie, we call him Boi 🥹, has now entered "Best Image/Member Top" Male, he is male, there is no specification of species in this part of the site.

My sex doll that is clearly a representation of a female, even as quoted by yourself in your very funny blog 👉 /blogs/55691.html 👈 you made about me & other members, you also recognise as female, claiming I made a mistake in my order as claim-ably I wanted a male doll but selected incorrectly & ended up with female.

So sure, upload a image of your female Lab, I know I would love to see her in the "Best Image/Member Top" listing.

By TheWife+Hubby 27,Oct,23 17:42
"no need to make the seeing eye dog suffer!"

By TheWife+Hubby 26,Oct,23 20:34
Ding Ding round 2

By TheWife+Hubby 26,Oct,23 19:10
Looks like another candidate for the poofter list

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 07:45
Unfortunately because of time restraints, caused between member PITBULL & my wanker profile discussing the poofter list, time has run short, I wanted to share an update on the wankers latest Poll:

Who's the dumbest cunt on the site ?
(please tap the following link to take your vote)
👉 /polls/4590.html 👈

Time is running short, so take your part in the most influential vote of all time on this site, please don't miss out on your chance to be a part of site history, vote now before its to late.

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 07:10
Well ok, I'll have a PM with the wanker & see if he can hold off for a bit 🤷‍♀️

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 06:57
Well you better get your finger out 🤭 "The Wanker" might produce his own his own poofter list, he is out of control & out out of my jurisdiction of control, he has notified me via PM that there are a lot of Poofters here 🤷‍♀️

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 06:40
Your welcome, a valuable member to the site

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 04:53
Last but not least, my shout out to member Sir-Skittles

I find you a awkward character, I would say a man much more educated than I, I have heard many rummers about you Skits, none aligning with each other.

A man of mystery, I would call you more friendly associate than friend 🤭

I know you don't like the dolls much like Freddy, or more & I wait for any attack immanent 🤣🤣

We don't all agree & that's what makes the world go around cunty 🤣

Bit like degraff, I wouldn't call us friends, but understanding associates.

Look to be honest, I love your stories man, Saggy give it a go with her last blog, her story about W&H. Look it was good & you might be displeased about me saying this, but at least she had a crack 🤷‍♀️

I have told you before, those stupid puppet heads, W&H would be honoured if you wanted to write a story about our characters in a story, I got a good laugh out of Granny's stories, like OMG how much better if you wrote it.

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 04:32
So why stop there, a shout out for dgraff

You were a bit like Cody for me in previous profiles, like Cody I found your profile interesting looking in, but didn't pay you much mind. I am friends with Cody these days, not sure if we are, but I would say at min understanding associates.

Our first official meeting within my current experience ended up in a huge ding dong, getting into the middle of one of your friends that are not mine, we come out of that, I backing down like a little pansy boi & I am happy to announce that I am now a fan boi of yours, your are smart & witty & I really enjoy your contribution to the site dgraff

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 04:02
Another shoutout to my mate Freddy ( PITBULL ).

God dang Americans, you guys are on the opposite side of the clock to me being in Brivagas AU.

When you guys sleep, I'm awake & visa versa, not to mention you cunties are almost a day behind me, God bless America 🤭.

Gosh Freddy, what can I say, the days of Puppet Master was a heap of fun, it did get to a point though when it started sucking innocents in & became detrimental to the site, it was the site order that Puppet was more interested in, we had a lot of fans on both sides, for a while it was a positive thing for the site, generating interest, but once it started becoming a negative thing for the site we both decided to draw a line & discontinue the escapade.

At that point I would like to note, that although Freddy danced around a bit, mostly calling Bella! out as a fake profile, as Puppet being a fake account of hers, in the end he did eventually have me pinned.

Regardless of that, we decided together, it would be in the best interest of the site & call it quits & we did.

Now we are friends, many have told me that one day Freddy would turn on me, I take members on face value, I gave him the benefit of the doubt which he deserved & till this day we continue on as friends.

What is the moral of this story you might ask, well PITBULL, sure he can be a pain in the ass for some members, I don't necessarily agree with all of his a genders, but they are his, I'm sure he doesn't agree with all of my a genders either, not the Doll account, he is friendly with that account now we are friends, but he really doesn't see a place for it here & many don't, I appreciate his inference, fuck if we were all the same how boring would this world be 🤷‍♀️

I have seen Freddy put out genuine calls out to apposing members, especially in forum threads here, getting kicked around multiple times trying to call a truce. I have also seen him give up, through these moments when he seemed genuine to me, he wanted to make amends, finally after many times of trying he got sick of being kicked in the balls, told members to more or less get fuck & continued with his escapades with them, cant say I blame him, he did try.

I could go on for longer, but I just wanted to share some thoughts about PITBULL AKA Freddy 💖

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 01:17
I have communicated with the wanker & thankyou for your participation in his current poll.

The Chubby Hubby

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 00:53
On a lighter note:

Hey 🙋‍♀️ PITBULL cunty, when is your poofter list coming out, I eagerly wait in anticipation for its release 🤣🤣

Some pooters have returned as well, so I hope they get a special mention 🤣🤣

Looks like this is heading to the most popular Forum tread on the site, thank fuck for that, who cares what the most popular color that soccer mums choose for their mini vans, or the state of world politics, this is a sex site ffs, we want to know who all the poofters are, this is Show it Off, ( formally known as, Show Your Cunt/ Show Your Dick), Not fucking Fakebook

By TheWife+Hubby 25,Oct,23 00:05
I want to put a little shout out for member Cody8789 (no need to respond Cody)

He is like the most super sweetest guy, we don't PM as much as what we used to, you know, got all this shit going on & all 🤭, but members here, some of the not so nice ones mostly, have tried dragging him into this shit by using his tag, I myself have used his tag not so much to drag him in, but to notify him I guess, although I know he sees all.

Cody has grown, well not so much grown, but has made the decision not to be involved with shit in this site, steers clear of it & continues to express his opinions on things that he enjoys within the site.

My friend Cody, has returned this time around to make genuine friends, that's it really & has certainty made a strong connection with myself, wife spends very little time here, but we have both involved Cody in our private contact with him, wife sees him as a hot piece of crumpet really, that's the wife 🤭, I see much more of Cody myself, but certainty a hot piece of crumpet as well 😁.

I hope you have been enjoying the show Cody, it has been a lot of fun 🤭

“The Great 2023 SIO showdown”.

By TheWife+Hubby 24,Oct,23 21:51
There goes CAT shooting her racist mouth off again & I quote:

"Hey, TheWife+Hubby, you are a dumb Abbo from down under." 🤷‍♀️

Now you do remember the shit storm that happened the last time a certain member mentioned that term on this site or are you really that fucking stupid you dumb cunt

By TheWife+Hubby 24,Oct,23 20:23
Hey CAT 🙋‍♀️ you stupid cunt,

thanks heaps for unlocking your profile so people that are logged out have access to it, did you do that special just for me, certainty one of the funniest things you have ever posted 🤣. I was just about to run off & fuck one of my dolls, but before I do, you will no doubt change your settings again, I'll share a copy your works for posterity.

Keep up the good work Saggy 👍


It's rumored that the “Hubby”, of the duo TheWife+Hubby, likes to play with dolls. They are Sex Dolls. You know the type. They are a substitute for a real pussy, something the “Hubby” hasn’t been acquainted with for many years. The poor guy’s partner is rumored to be an Ice Cube. Another rumor is that he made a mistake when he ordered the dolls (non-returnable for obvious reasons). It seems that, due to his limited reading comprehension, he read the order form incorrectly and checked the “FEMALE” box instead of the “MALE” one.
Imagine that, he was hoping for an extra-large dick and, instead, got a pussy-like plastic hole. Well, with a little KY Jelly, it will be much warmer than his slag cunt partner. And, while we are at “TheWife” part really true? Would any sane woman actually marry this jerk? I think he hired a HOOKERto play the part of his “Wife”. I mean, let’s face it, he’s pimping this slag all over the site. Barf, barf, barf.
Anyway,He’s so frustrated he’s taken up bullying other members with LIES, INNUENDOS, and, this is true…………..letting Pitbull, Sir-Skittles, Cody8789 and Dgraff finger fuck him (and more). These guys are perfect multi-taskers, being able to be tops and bottoms at the same time. Can you imagine the amount of shit collecting in the “Hubby’s” outhouse?It’s also rumored that he needs daily multiple tastes of cum as his slag partner won’t collect his anymore for “a taste”. If anyone wants to contribute, contact
TheWife+Hubby in their personal page or in any one of their (maybe it’s only him…who knows) fake, trashy accounts.🤣👿

By TheWife+Hubby 24,Oct,23 19:46
Very tight, the next 24 hours will be crucial in the deciding factor on who will be nominated, the "dumbest cunt", on this site.

By TheWife+Hubby 24,Oct,23 19:29
👉 /polls/4590.html 👈

By TheWife+Hubby 24,Oct,23 17:10
Might help with the stench of not flossing or brushing for 71 years as well, not to mention all the nasty things that got pumped into the old scrags mouth on her recent adventures visits to NYC
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Although scrag might not be quite the right term 🤷‍♀️, over here garbage like that old tart, we call "bush pigs" & just like that Saggy, they are riddled with worms & infection

By TheWife+Hubby 24,Oct,23 16:00
Things are really starting to heat up folks in:
“The Great 2023 SIO showdown”

Thanks to the “wanker”, profile AKA Chubby Hubby, supplying us with the “Who's the dumbest cunt on the site?” poll, a clear winner is starting to emerge, taking into account combined voting.

1. WOODY58 AKA Limpy Woody, total of 3 votes.
2. CAT AKA Saggy Granny, total of 2 votes.
3. Bella! AKA fat cow trouble maker, total of 2 votes.
4. Celestial AKA Mr Wizard, total of 1 vote.
Facts are starting to emerge that the “Mr Wizard” & “Fat Cow” accounts, may be run by the same person & if that proves to be the case, that would bring Limpy & Cow equal first place.

Now let’s have a look at some of the active forum threads:


Thank you Limpy for sharing your comical depiction of Chubby Hubby with a cock in his mouth, being Bi-Sexual I love to get a mouth full of cum & especially get a good fuck in the ass from time to time, thank you for taking the time to create your little meme 🤭


Dgraff Vs the Saggy
(Bella! Mentioning to Dgraff Don't forget to vote.)
I all ready did cat and woody got my vote as top notch window lickers and they like the lemon scented windex, priceless 🤣🤣

There also seems to be a division open up in the ranks, the odd couple of the site, Limpy & Saggy seem to have a personal dispute going on for us all to laugh at 🤭

“Come on guys. Let it be”

Saggy snaps back at Limpy
“Stay out this WOODY58 and, fuck it. How many times do I have to remind you, This is MY IPAD. Stay out of it.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

By TheWife+Hubby 23,Oct,23 19:36
A wheely walker would be better for him, but not real practical in the trailer

By TheWife+Hubby 23,Oct,23 18:34

Who's the dumbest cunt on the site ?

Here are the contestants.





(Please tap following link to take your vote)
👉 /polls/4590.html 👈

By TheWife+Hubby 23,Oct,23 16:18

By TheWife+Hubby 22,Oct,23 19:27
Can't the local authorities there have the bitch extradited as an illegal immigrant 🤷‍♀️

By TheWife+Hubby 22,Oct,23 02:23
"Looks like TheHubby, you know, the "tough guy" behind the multiple profiles that include but is not limited to Blair_+_Chelsea, LovesToMasturbate, TheWife+Hubby and his recently sussed out profile, FUCK_OFF_SPRAY_Pty_Ltd seems to be going through psychotic episodes.

Yeah, apparently he unblacklisted me with his TheWife+Hubby profile only to re-blacklist me again. Here's some advice, take your medications and stay off the "sauce". You're looking like a real mental case".

Oh I did actually Un-Backlist this useless cunt Bella about 3 days ago now, you don't receive a blacklisting un-blocking notification, only if someone actually backlists you, then you receive a notification, I did actually consider backlisting the cunt a few hours ago, I ticked the button, change my mind about it, refreshed my page thought it would have not gone though but it did.

But taped un-backlist again, so I cant blacklist the cunt again for another 48 hours, so if anyone want to notify this dumb cunt I'm, ready for some play time, here I am

By TheWife+Hubby 18,Oct,23 22:21
What really pissed me off about the whole thing was he had 1 questionable image on his wall, I think it was maybe another 2 but different types of descriptions, the rest of his content was many images of his own penis, there are so many accounts here that show a fuck ton, even the whole profile is all stolen content from the internet, many of these types of accounts have been here for years.

Gaz had one image that he titled "Mrs Ass", now I don't know if it was a internet download or not, possibly it was, I just think it could have been handled a little differently than deleting a profile that didn't cause any trouble, personally I think his undoing was running the image in the pic contest which he won, putting the noses out of joint with some members here drawing attention to the image, the image in question had been posted for almost 2 years.

I get Boss Man doesn't mind if we share content that has been download & posted as long as you don't claim ownership of the content.

We ourselves have a couple of pieces of content on our wall that technically is in breach of copyright (the 2 trailers of the 2 old porn movies), technically as far as site rules (well not rules as such, I guess, but Admin guidelines) go I could claim them to be mine because they are not internet downloads, they have been illegally ripped from Blu-Ray disks of remasters of the old 35mm films that I have acquired recently.

Technically I do own the copies of those films, but it is illegal to share copyrighted material publicly.

Having said all that publicly maybe my head will be the next one on the chopping block, we will soon see I guess.

Ill miss Gaz, we used to chat a about bikes & stuff, we are both motorcycle enthusiasts.

By TheWife+Hubby 18,Oct,23 21:40
I haven't blacklisted you phart, I had my reasons for my trampage yesterday, you were not part of it although, I did notice you voted to deleted Gaz, well he is gone now, so now I have calmed down, for me at least its time to move on

By TheWife+Hubby 18,Oct,23 06:52
Fucking sacks of shit, he was my friend, fucking cows, I'll be hunting them & the other fucking fat cow losers of this site for having my friend removed by system CountryCouple54 with your poorly scanned 30 year old polaroids your also on the list cunts

By TheWife+Hubby 17,Oct,23 19:51
Shutout for member gsxrgaz1000 before he gets canned


Really, guys you going to can this member gsxrgaz1000 for one single questionable image on his profile, all because its titled "mrs ass", internet download or not.

So what if he has other images shown on other sites, fuck we have done so ourselves on many occasions. Has nothing to do with this site.

95% of the content he shows on his profile is obviously of his own penis, I myself have PM with this guy at length numerous times, he is a genuine guy.

There are so so many profiles here that do so so much more worse stuff & you guys want this guy gone, maybe you should have a good look at yourselves for all those that have voted "DELETE THIS MEMBER" idiots.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

Hope your happy now cat you useless piece of shit he has been deleted you fuckhead
--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

Tell your new bum buddy Bella! she can go get fucked as well