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Sometimes a few, sometimes a dozen. I once handed the phone to a neighbor when we didn't know each other well, I wanted to show her other pictures. She started looking through the ones with my cock, commented that I had a nice and thick one. Then she wanted me to send her one. She bragged that she was doing herself good with them and.... so began this acquaintance with footjob in the background.

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Love it!

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More chodes = more fun

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I have done a couple of times at the special request of the ladies Tasted and enjoyed

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Avast = crap
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14 centimeters in length and about 15 thick

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Fucking! And... I like how my cock shrinks in the cold and someone willing to make it grow fast until cums

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Big cock! Mine is a little smaller. 14 in length and about 15 cm thick

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When it's cold it gets tiny, but it's still pretty thick

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Every time I irritate the frenulum cums are very intense and orgasms are very strong!

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Different times of day depending on mood and desire

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Somehow it has grown to over 300, but I will be uploading more videos of various situations

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Yes. Nice glans

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Sleeping naked is very healthy! Cocks live freely, breasts breathe, so do pussies and testicles produce more sperm

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Quite surprising but in my case neither the glans area nor the frenulum are sensitive but the holes Skillfully licked, they drive me crazy and make me ejaculate a lot.
I love how the ladies try to stick their tongue in and scrub the penis length and breadth!