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By Thicky 02,Feb,23 14:08
Sad to hear it

By Thicky 02,Feb,23 11:19
I was quite shy growing up and tended to settle for kisses, hugs and petting. I fantasized about it in different configurations and with different people My first sex is also my first blowjob. Blowjob was great but full contact was average. I didn't have a good feel for the equipment yet and it's a miracle I didn't impregnate anyone. In addition, there has been a problem with thickness for narrow, tight, untrained pussies. In any case, I was over 17 when I had my first sexual intercourse

By Thicky 02,Feb,23 11:12
Subconsciously, a good portion of guys have the desire to impregnate as many women as possible

By Thicky 29,Jan,23 09:54
Sad that you did not have such a nice lady

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By Thicky 28,Jan,23 18:27
It came unexpectedly. In fact, I've had quite an erection since I was 8 years old, but nothing else. No dry orgasms. It wasn't until I was 10 or 11 that I woke up at night with a very pleasurable feeling. Down there was a strange, thick substance with a strong odor. The development of my sex life was helped by a nurse during an examination at school who diagnosed phimosis, as I wrote in another thread:
/forum/thread.php?id=30836 And the avalanche of masturbation began. Any reason was good

By Thicky 14,Jan,23 13:22
Not dripping but also nice

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By Thicky 05,Jan,23 08:54
I'm interested in whether these situations happen to you, how often, and what happens next if you get caught

By Thicky 05,Jan,23 06:41
Nice cock

By Thicky 04,Jan,23 12:07
Generally I like large and very large breasts, but of course as they are smaller also ok, if they are natural boobs. Large nipples and areolas also excite me, as do hanging breasts

By Thicky 03,Jan,23 15:30
There's some of that! Round asses, hairy pussies, small firm titties, large breasts with great nipples... Young hotties, mature housewives and elderly ladies generously endowed by nature.

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Good standing I have even better ones in store

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Thx, it's a very good shot

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I have one memory. Kind of funny and certainly memorable.
Being on a visit to friends and spending the night with them made me feel good. Somehow I hadn't noticed before that the blinds were not drawn on the windows. It was only when I shot my cum that I noticed that I could be seen a little...
To this day I do not know who saw me, No one commented, so I guess they liked the show

By Thicky 01,Jan,23 10:15
Mutual masturbation is the thing

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I haven't seen mine on thumbnails yet, but I'll be glad when it shows up My penis is a cool dude and if people like to see it and it gives them joy then that's ok

By Thicky 01,Jan,23 09:49
Oh my, I am getting more and more excited looking at my cock

By Thicky 01,Jan,23 09:36
My cousin's friend. A girl a few years older than me. Looking at it from today's perspective, she was good or almost perfect. Master of the tongueShe really enjoyed watching me reach orgasm and produce a lot of cum

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Best orgasms for all

By Thicky 10,Dec,22 17:26
Precum is yummy

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There are 3 unwritten laws of life:

By Thicky 13,Nov,22 03:57
Balls to the wall

By Thicky 12,Nov,22 17:07
Nothing came of it, and I kind of regret it because she was a cool babe. Tall, shapely breasts and nice hips
I am, of course, writing about the girl's mother

By Thicky 12,Nov,22 12:59
I always had a lot of precum. I didn't even have to be aroused or excited and it was already wet Considering that I have a rather thick cock, this comes in handy. My precum stretches beautifully like the threads of a spider web

By Thicky 12,Nov,22 12:25
There were a lot of nice orgasms, but one of the most memorable for me was sex on vacation with a nice and willing lady over 50 a nice couple of years ago. From word to word we ended up in a room and started enjoying each other. Licking pussy, fellatio, playing with titties. The lady was generously equipped by nature! She also appreciated my cock and its thickness. Again and again she experienced orgasm and I.... well I produced a great deal of cum. It was a special sensation! I'll never forget it, especially since I was able to cum in her pussy. A wonderful thing!

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I have reached orgasm several times using my pelvic floor muscles

By Thicky 11,Nov,22 08:59
I do not know if very thick, rather not necessarily, but certainly quite unusual The dimensions of mine are 14 cm during erection and 14,7 to 15 cm with a piece of girth. I used to feel insecure with my penis, you know what I mean, narrow pussy, problem with matching condoms, but fortunately I appreciated what nature gave me and we love each other very much. So far it has never let me down!

By Thicky 11,Nov,22 08:52
When I was in college I visited my girlfriend. Kisses, foreplay, I was waiting for more. The chick told me to wait a while because she was going to change into sexier clothes. She was gone for a while. Out of boredom, I started masturbating, but gently. Unfortunately, the girl was not coming back.
I made myself good and harder and harder....
Suddenly the door of the room opens and I was just coming and.... In the doorway stood the girl's mother. I sprayed her blouse with cum I did not know where to go. I felt like running as far away as possible. Fortunately, the mother was very understanding and apologized for stopping Anna on an important matter. Sounds like the introduction to a good porno, doesn't it? Of course, there was nothing from sex. I don't know to this day if the girl found out about the incident. Mom has been very nice to me since then.

By Thicky 11,Nov,22 08:45
Yes! It was some german porn with Kira Red

By Thicky 11,Nov,22 08:41
I had a similar situation when I was on vacation with a distant family and we slept on mattresses. I wake up at night relaxed and here is a puddle of cum I think someone noticed it and woke up but no one thankfully commented.

By Thicky 11,Nov,22 08:36
Years ago, wet dreams happened to me on average once a month, usually when I was very excited and hadn't masturbated in a long time. Then once or twice a year, but they happen Wet dreams are very pleasant

By Thicky 11,Nov,22 08:22