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By mpmforce 30,Oct,22 16:52
I have a fantasy of guiding her while she sucks your cock and then you cover both of our faces in cum.

By mpmforce 29,Oct,22 20:04
She's definitely not going to be okay with it, she's very old-fashioned. If she were okay with it I should love to share a cock with her.

By mpmforce 21,Jan,19 23:43
Was it anything like what you were expecting?

By mpmforce 20,Jan,19 22:58
It's amazing what can happen in the heat of the moment

By mpmforce 13,Jan,19 16:09
rarely i'll crank one out before work if I know it'll be a stressful day

By mpmforce 13,Jan,19 16:08
If I just met someone and we're walking to their room, I'll give their butt a little squeeze to break the ice. One guy pre-came in my mouth, from that point on I kinda jerked him off a little and he finished himself off

By mpmforce 13,Jan,19 15:56
Any bad experiences on either?

By mpmforce 13,Jan,19 10:47
Why hasn't online worked for you? Do you have a good profile? On Adam4Adam I make sure I see certain things like sexual practice and hiv stated are stated, if I see them blank I move along. If someone doesn't take the time to create a decent profile I won't even consider meeting them.

By mpmforce 09,Jan,19 16:58
That's too bad because it's a liberating feeling to have a cock deep in your ass. Had my first facial after that which was another moment I loved. This guy had a 3-day load splattered across my face

By mpmforce 21,Dec,18 18:22
That would probably explain why every guy that suCked me swallowed. I always say when I'm getting close but if they keep going I just unload.

By mpmforce 09,Dec,18 17:29
I recently ate out this woman from Singapore and her body was shaking when I did it just right. Hearing her moan and breath heavy was so much fun. Knowing she was having a great time made me happy.

By mpmforce 09,Dec,18 17:27
Feeling a guy's stubble is a little weird but I eventually ignore it and imagine a woman doing it. If you close your eyes and focus on how good it feels, its easy to ignore the fact that it's a guy. I get what you're saying about the sensory similarity because I know what drives me crazy and when I do that to a guy, he starts moaning like crazy.

By mpmforce 09,Dec,18 17:22
umm, can I have a BJ?

By mpmforce 04,Dec,18 21:53
Guys also love swallowing, girls don't seem as eager

By mpmforce 04,Dec,18 20:30
That make's sense, I wish I ate the pussy better than I suck a dick. I'm going to get as much practice as I can.

By mpmforce 02,Dec,18 18:51
I thought I discovered something only I could do. Now I look back am I'm horrified that my parents knew what I was doing in the bathroom for an hour+ at a time

By mpmforce 23,Nov,18 20:41
interesting that you both went with a straight up no. Thanks for the input

By mpmforce 18,Nov,18 00:08
Had a strict upbringing, going somewhere like that is way out of my comfort zone

By mpmforce 17,Nov,18 10:30
I guess I'm scared that I'll like it a lot and become a regular

By mpmforce 17,Nov,18 09:38
I love women, but I also love cock. I prefer the feel of a woman's soft skin and being intimate, I love everything about them. But I also like a nice cock in my hand and enough time wrap my lips around it and enjoy. One thing a woman can't provide is a warm facial.
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I'm also not ashamed to think a man is good looking, I just won't say it out loud cause some ppl can
be judgy as fuck

By mpmforce 16,Nov,18 20:10
It's on First Avenue near Houston St. I've been wanting to go in there but never worked up the courage. I heard from people that have been there that guys will be touchy and may ask to blow you in the bathroom.

By mpmforce 15,Nov,18 00:02
That sounds wild, wouldnít know what to do if I were surrounded by dicks

By mpmforce 15,Nov,18 00:01
You just approached him and asked to suck his cock?

By mpmforce 04,Aug,18 01:49
Didnít plan on it but I tried it and it actually wasnít that bad. I wanted to keep going but I didnít want to ruin my asshole.

By mpmforce 14,Nov,16 22:49
Older dick is awesome

By mpmforce 24,Feb,16 04:25
I've jerked off at all my jobs at some point

By mpmforce 10,Mar,14 19:32

wish you could try mine

By mpmforce 10,Mar,14 19:30
omg it's so funny you mentioned bleach, that's what mine smells like

By mpmforce 19,Jan,13 02:04
Same, my idea of having a relationship with another man is limited to sexual desire

By mpmforce 19,Jan,13 01:42
You consider yourself straight right? I held a friend's cock a long time ago and all I wanted to do was put it in my mouth, too bad I froze.

By mpmforce 07,Nov,12 18:53
When shoving my cock in your ass, a little **** may be necessary

By mpmforce 07,Nov,12 11:24
The church office I worked at for a few years. Had a few close calls, positive the pastor caught me once

By mpmforce 07,Nov,12 11:22
Never been in a circle jerk, want to though.

By mpmforce 07,Nov,12 11:21
Jerking off while on Molly. Always have double orgasms and it lasts for an hour

By mpmforce 03,Nov,12 16:26
I love it

By mpmforce 27,Sep,12 19:10
Recently I've thought about putting a cock in my ass,I think it'll be a great experience.What I really want is to feel a load being pumped into me, those who have done it usually ask for seconds.

By mpmforce 27,Sep,12 13:45
Damn good story!

By mpmforce 26,Sep,12 15:03
You have a really nice cock, would love to wrap my lips around it

By mpmforce 22,Sep,12 17:50

By mpmforce 22,Sep,12 15:49
I was in a crowded bar and this guy was pressed up against my butt while he was rock hard, felt so dirty/ good. At the same time my cock was fully erect and poking a cute lady in front of me

By mpmforce 21,Sep,12 04:51
I'm afraid I'm going to like it too much

By mpmforce 20,Sep,12 00:13
My drunk friend asked me to touch his balls a few years ago, I froze up and pretended I didn't hear it. Now he denies it but I really want his balls

By mpmforce 20,Sep,12 00:09
How does it feel?

By mpmforce 19,Sep,12 00:54
Never just wanted to be held down and fucked?

By mpmforce 17,Sep,12 13:45
I love women myself, really love the sight of a cock too. I used to feel guilty about it like I was doing something wrong, but after sucking my first cock I was hooked. Everyone needs a little dick here and there

By mpmforce 08,Sep,12 14:37
I have a thing for older guys

By mpmforce 08,Sep,12 14:32
I'd cum all over her beautiful ass

By mpmforce 04,Sep,12 21:51
Wow, it's rare that everyone agrees on the same thing on this site. I feel a lot more comfortable about it now. I had this nagging thought that it was being deceptive if I kept it to myself. I actually tried bringing up the idea around some friends that you have to at least think about dick once to know if it would interest you, I viewed it as getting to know yourself, they were being immature and were like " wait so you've thought about it??" At that point I decided to drop the topic, it was clear I couldn't have a serious conversation with them. One friend saw some links on my computer once and immediately told his girlfriend, they both asked me if I was gay over a dozen times, I found that to be intrusive and pretty messed up the way they went about it

By mpmforce 04,Sep,12 21:43