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Butt Plug 28,Jul,22 22:41


By Xoner 08,Sep,22 11:23
could we vote on it?

By Xoner 08,Sep,22 11:14
I do not like shit on my dick

By Xoner 06,Sep,22 22:57
my dick in her pussy, all good

By Xoner 06,Sep,22 22:56
pussy is pussy

By Xoner 01,Sep,22 22:55
they can not find their ass with both hands. It is dodo econimics

By Xoner 24,Aug,22 22:17
no one really cares

By Xoner 24,Aug,22 22:16
that is really sick

By Xoner 19,Aug,22 14:51
would you like to be a PBR girl?

By Xoner 16,Aug,22 20:41
the Dem liberals have change their party's name to Democracy National Communist Party-DNCP

By Xoner 16,Aug,22 20:38
and neither is her brain

By Xoner 09,Aug,22 21:29
you are indeed enlightened to what is happening in the USA

By Xoner 09,Aug,22 12:49
We are now living a Banana Republic , thanks to Joe
--------------------------------------- added after 39 minutes

we got the unstable country with bad economy down pat.

By Xoner 04,Aug,22 14:27
mi-lips are so sweet

By Xoner 04,Aug,22 14:23
what do you think they are teaching in China-- love thy neighbor

By Xoner 02,Aug,22 15:04
First , let me say that respect your opinion, but the degenerates are in Liberal party. Stand you child up against the wall of a class room and apologize s for being white. But we did produce more oil than we needed in Trump's time and you have noit seen the high price of gas yet why until it is over $6.00 a gallon throught out hte USA and you are waiting in line to get you going to see moer empty spaces in the groceries stores.

By Xoner 02,Aug,22 14:58
Since you are from the Netherlands, you do not have a dog in the hunt or a vote. But your opinion is just that an opinion

By Xoner 02,Aug,22 00:16
remember when gas prices was $1.85 and America was gas independent. I voted for Trump, I knew I was not getting a Sunday school teacher, but a tough New york business man and He has forgotten more about business than Biden could lern in a 1000 years

By Xoner 02,Aug,22 00:10
you certainly have a command of the English,very colorful language

By Xoner 30,Jul,22 22:45
I think that work with strawberries, make pussy taste berry good

By Xoner 30,Jul,22 22:30
the question is: why was fucking the other guy?

By Xoner 30,Jul,22 22:26
my my you certainly have a way with words. you are as screw up as the other liberals

By Xoner 29,Jul,22 23:20
why a butt plug?

By Xoner 29,Jul,22 23:12
Eisenhower was a Republic

By Xoner 29,Jul,22 22:58
but why, does it feel good, is it really good during sex

By Xoner 29,Jul,22 22:46

By Xoner 28,Jul,22 23:08
don't you such hate that shit. justwill needs a chill pill, not everyone was sleeping in biology class and some of us with balls do not need a lesson on how our equipment works, thank you very much

By Xoner 28,Jul,22 23:01
thank you for your glowing comments

By Xoner 28,Jul,22 22:54
no, no pics of feet

By Xoner 28,Jul,22 22:52
I verify you to verify me ok

By Xoner 28,Jul,22 22:45
you are so right, his name is Joe Biden

By Xoner 27,Jul,22 23:18
but why

By Xoner 27,Jul,22 23:08
me too

By Xoner 27,Jul,22 23:06
do you believe in UFOs

By Xoner 27,Jul,22 22:59
no but she washs dishes

By Xoner 27,Jul,22 22:52
you must live a bored life

By Xoner 27,Jul,22 22:09
you are really a helpful person

By Xoner 27,Jul,22 00:02

By Xoner 26,Jul,22 23:54
it is like the Carter's year all over again, high gas prices, Democrats do not know what the fuck they are doing. Making the Iranians rich, Russia rich and China also

By Xoner 26,Jul,22 23:49
so you and I agree this guy is sick

By Xoner 26,Jul,22 23:42
some people have different taste and likes, sorry they agree with yours

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 23:24
you think so

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 23:16
So Bella tells how you really feel

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 23:13
Does Bella work for you?

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 23:09
Does Bella work for the Administration?

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 22:53
I have seen it with my own eyes

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 22:52
Where is Oyster?

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 22:48
Hi guy that just sick

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 22:47
can i those pics, please

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 14:53
most straight guy would not give their woman to another man and if you are not enoughr man for your woman, she needs to change her man

By Xoner 25,Jul,22 14:46
whatever float your boat