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By XJacker 29,May,23 18:36
The first time another boy hand jobbed my cock. I was mid teens at school sitting in a darkened lecture theatre. The boy sitting next to me put his hand on my thigh. I knew what he wanted. I spread my legs to show I was willing. His hand slid to the bulging ridge of my erect cock. He had a feel then unzipped me and got my cock out. It was sticking straight up. Then he stroked me off till I came. It was physically exquisite and emotionally exciting. I felt a huge sense of achievement at having been wanked by another boy.

By XJacker 29,May,23 18:26
Yes masturbation experience develops as our bodies change. When I first masturbated I got rock hard erect in seconds and a couple of minutes of hard pumping took me to my cum. These days i enjoy slowly fingering my cock to the peak of erection stiffness and sensitivity. I know the most sensitive parts of my cock and concentrate my stroking there. Iíve learned how to hold it back on the brink and the best length of time to hold off. I also have a wealth of memories of women, men, porn and erotic experience to remember as I wank, much better than just wishes of things Iíd like to do.

By XJacker 29,May,23 11:32

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By XJacker 24,May,23 14:12
I wank regularly at work. I go to the menís restroom, shut myself in a stall, drop my pants and add some fresh semen stains to the stall wall. When I go back to our open plan office the looks I get from the women make me think my flushed face gives me away. I think they all know guys go to the restroom to jerk off.

By XJacker 24,May,23 14:08
Iíve been caught by my wife a few times as I try to jerk one off surreptitiously in bed next to her. She usually puts her hand on my thigh, tickles my balls and lets me wank myself through at full power.

By XJacker 22,May,23 16:18
Only one. Long ago. At my all boys school in a school sports swimming lesson I shared a changing cubicle with another boy. We got naked together and had some cock play before our swim. After our swim he hand jobbed me to a cum then asked me to suck his cock off. He sat on the bench with his cock straight up. I knelt in front of him took his cock in my mouth and slid my lips up and down till he came in my mouth. I fingered his balls and ass as I did. It was mainly to show I wasnít chicken. He said Iíd done a good one. I didnít really enjoy it and preferred hand jobbing boys. But being sucked - thatís a different story!

By XJacker 22,May,23 03:39
I certainly do. Iím in open plan not my own office. Thereís lots of eye candy in tight tops and short skirts around me. If I get a good upskirt glimpse Iím off to the restroom while sheís fresh in my mind!

By XJacker 20,May,23 18:28
Donít stop at my head!

By XJacker 18,May,23 02:34
The most Iíve ever done is letting her watch me masturbate. She likes watching and I know how to put on a good meaty show.

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By XJacker 15,May,23 16:26
Cut and hard up.

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By XJacker 14,May,23 09:13
My ass and my hairy balls.

By XJacker 13,May,23 03:21
Playing with my cock and my arse.

By XJacker 11,May,23 03:02
My wifeís panties I play with.

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By XJacker 10,May,23 07:32
Points is just a bit of fun. When I get 250 I always use them to post a picture in the top banner.

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By XJacker 03,May,23 16:31
A boyís first solo jerk off using just his own hand on his cock is exquisite, but the first time you have someone elseís hand teasing your balls and round your cock jerking you is truly wonderful!

By XJacker 02,May,23 17:32
When my wife and I were trying for a baby I provided a sample of my semen for a sperm count. I got my hard cock out and masturbated while my wife held a little bottle over my cock head so shot my load into it. She also had to hold my cock and balls steady while I wanked. It was a really nice and slightly kinky wank!

By XJacker 02,May,23 17:28
I spurted semen on my very first orgasm. I was aged 13. I was laying naked in my bed one summer night. I had a rock hard erection. Iíd discovered fingering my erect cock felt good but Iíd never cum. That night I was tugging my foreskin up and down. It felt real good. After a few minutes my cock suddenly went even stiffer, incredible pleasure welled up and I shot about 5ml of creamy white semen up my belly. After that Iíve shot cum every time Iíve masturbated or fucked.

By XJacker 01,May,23 17:53
Missionary with her under me, her arms round my back and her legs round my ass with her knees near her shoulders.

By XJacker 29,Apr,23 05:41
I can all but feel the pleasure myself!

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By XJacker 28,Apr,23 03:11
Perfect! Keep your pussy just like that!

By XJacker 27,Apr,23 07:21
Very nice!

By XJacker 27,Apr,23 03:21
I quite often jerk one off at work. Iím in open plan and watching the leggy miniskirts around me, treating me to an occasional upskirt panty peep gets me hard. So I head for the menís restroom, lock myself in a stall and get it out like this. Then I add a few more semen stains on the wall to the many me and other guys have left there before.

By XJacker 26,Apr,23 16:16
I sometimes masturbate laying on my back with my cock arching hard over my belly and stroking just across my frenulum with my index finger crooked over my shaft. It takes ages to cum but itís extremely pleasurable and when my orgasm comes itís very sharp and very intense. I do it like that when Iím in bed next to my wife and I fancy a crafty wank. It doesnít shake the bed like when I give myself a full fisted one.

By XJacker 26,Apr,23 07:39
Plenty of hair down there

By XJacker 24,Apr,23 15:00
When I first started masturbating in my teens my bed rattled and squeaked noisily as I pumped my cock. I was worried my parents would hear and guess what I was doing. One day I overheard my mother say to my father ďhe did something in bed last nightĒ and I knew Iíd been heard. I soon learned how to suppress my creaking bed! When I left home for university I knew everyone around me in my boys hall of residence was wanking so I just let rip with my orgasm grunts.

By XJacker 24,Apr,23 14:10
Solo masturbation. I can take my time, tease my cock to the peak of erection stiffness and pleasure sensitivity. I can fantasise, I can ogle incredibly erotic porn, I can play with sexy underwear. I can control the pace and pressure to perfection and I can hold back on the exquisite agonising brink before I take myself through.

But as someone else has written, nothing equals the full body orgasm experience of a good hard fuck with an excited naked woman wrapped round me!

By XJacker 24,Apr,23 03:21
Wait 22 years then try again.

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By XJacker 19,Apr,23 17:13
I had my first group wank in a dormitory on a school trip with my all boys school. There were four of us together in a dorm. We all got naked, got out girly porn magazines and put on sexy panties ďborrowedĒ from mothers and sisters. We did erotic nude poses copying the girls in the magazines. We masturbated ourselves, all of us trying to put on an impressive show of our wanking technique. That was very erotic exciting fun. We wanked each other too. I enjoying stroking off other boys cocks, and having mine stroked off. It was all very erotic and very exciting.

After my school days I didnít group wank much except at university student parties. We all gradually got nude. Girls were there at those parties and kept asking us boys to show them some wanking. Masturbating with other boys with girls watching us was also extremely exciting and erotic!

Years later we had a group wank on a hill walking trip. A bunch of us guys were in a dormitory. We were drinking and someone found some girlís panties in his bed. Someone suggested a group wank. We all got naked, played with the panties and put them on. Then we all jerked off together. That was fun!

By XJacker 19,Apr,23 16:52
Missionary with her naked under me, her arms round my back and her legs folded up so her knees are near her shoulders.

By XJacker 19,Apr,23 14:07
For masturbation its kneeling with my legs wide. I love the heavy feel of my hard cock sticking straight out in front of me and it pulls my muscles tight. Also if Iím with someone she/he can fondle my ass and slide their hand under me between my legs to play with me.

By XJacker 19,Apr,23 14:04
I wear womenís panties because the thin soft cloth feels so good on my cock and because my sex kit looks so sexy in them.

By XJacker 19,Apr,23 14:02
Womenís sexy underwear! My favourite toy too!

By XJacker 16,Apr,23 15:48
My wifeís panties. I like to wear them. I also like to brush them across my erect cock head and between my legs imagining the feel of her finger, lips and tongue. I used my motherís panties like that before.

By XJacker 16,Apr,23 03:44
For swimming and the beach I wear baggies now at my wifeís insistence.

But at my all boys school we used to wear regulation blue speedos. They were very brief and I liked the way they showed the bulge of a boyís sex kit, especially when they got wet and clung to his outline. They were great for showing other boys what weíd got. They make it obvious when a boy was erect, which most of us were. Even at that age some boys had erect cocks so big they almost peeped out at the top.

One of our swimming teachers used to wear bright red speedos even briefer than ours. He used to squat wide legged on the edge of the pool to instruct us, showing off his cock outline and with his pubes peeping out. With all us nearly naked boys around those speedos showed I think he wanted to sho us he was erect most of the time!

By XJacker 15,Apr,23 18:36
Taking a shower, especially with a favourite other ...

By XJacker 14,Apr,23 11:39
At my peak in my 20ís and 30ís and single probably average 3 times a day. A couple times in bed at night, often first thing in the morning and at work. However once I wanker 3 times just in one session one evening in a hotel room over some exceptionally hot porn.

By XJacker 13,Apr,23 18:00
Many times with boys at my all boys school and occasionally with older guys later. Seeing someone else wank as you masturbate, and playing with their cock certainly adds excitement and arousal to wanking. When I wank with a friend I instinctively try to put on an impressive show.

These days I quite often wank with my wife. I run my spare hand over her naked body, and she caresses my naked body in the way she knows drives me wild. I find that makes wanking an experience even more kinky erotic as full cock in vagina sex.

By XJacker 13,Apr,23 08:41
Your amateur pictures look pretty good. Those thick dark pubes and your sexy white panties are a real turn on!

By XJacker 12,Apr,23 15:31
Iíve had plenty of hand jobs from my wife in the shower.