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By XJacker 27,Sep,22 16:28
I was about 14 playing with another boys dick at my all boys school.

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By XJacker 25,Sep,22 12:49
Nice display of a luscious cock!

By XJacker 25,Sep,22 09:18
After our baby arrived my wife and I wanted to try birth control. We got some condoms. My wife had never experienced one. We decided to try a ďdry runĒ. I got my erect cock out for her and she slipped a condom down over my shaft. With her watching I masturbated stroking my cock through the condom. I shot my load and filled it. After that she knew how and we used condoms for a few months. Wanking through the condom was nice and an interesting experience different to wanking my naked cock. I still wank through a condom occasionally for a bit of a change.

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By XJacker 25,Sep,22 03:10
My wife is a little older than me and Iíve certainly always enjoyed sex with her!

By XJacker 24,Sep,22 16:40

By XJacker 24,Sep,22 16:39
So horny with your pubes peeping out.

By XJacker 24,Sep,22 16:38
I donít normally stick anything up my arse but I like to tickle my arse, and my balls, with a feather.

By XJacker 24,Sep,22 07:07
Tasty outline. Love that thick dark cock bush peeping out!

By XJacker 23,Sep,22 17:50
That sticky mess was the only downside. It dried overnight and left a stain my mother found. So I was always careful to keep it off the bedsheets and had a tissue ready to wipe it off my chest and belly. That helped keep my wanking secret but reduced the spontaneity.

By XJacker 23,Sep,22 10:29
Those briefs look well filled!

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By XJacker 21,Sep,22 05:09
I sure do. Masturbation and sex are different experiences. In masturbation I can control the pressure, friction and pace much better than when Iím fucking a woman. I can control the speed of my rise to orgasm and I can edge. Physically I get a more powerful cum when I wank than when I fuck. Also I can masturbate when I feel the urge, like at work if I see a decent bit of leggy eye candy or an upskirt panty peep and my cock wonít go down. Also I find having a wank an hour or so before a fuck can help me to hold back longer when my cock is in her pussy. But I have to be honest that nothing equals the whole body experience of sex with another person.

By XJacker 21,Sep,22 05:01
Lots of boys and girls have watched me. But one I particularly remember is one morning when I was naked in bed with a girl after sex the night before. Weíd been romping nude and my cock was rock hard erect. Out of the blue she asked me how a man does it with his hand. I made sure I put on a good show for her, tugging and stroking full length with my fist round my shaft, lots of grunting and thrusting, and edging for a couple of minutes till I couldnít take the strain. I shot a big load of cum. She was impressed!

By XJacker 21,Sep,22 04:55

By XJacker 20,Sep,22 17:47
Itís certainly possible. Hereís me having a real hard on during masturbation. Itís a matter of taking the trouble to finger your cock to the peak of erection stiffness and sensitivity.

By XJacker 19,Sep,22 17:26
I used to masturbate a couple of times every day, mostly in bed at night. Now Iím down to a couple of times a week in all sorts of places.

By XJacker 19,Sep,22 10:39
Wow! Thatís enough to give me an underwear fetish! Want to cum over that crack and panties!

By XJacker 19,Sep,22 10:37

By XJacker 17,Sep,22 10:08
Delicious bulge!

By XJacker 17,Sep,22 10:07
Nice bulge. Love to join you in the pool, and in the changing room shower afterwards.

By XJacker 14,Sep,22 03:28
Right hand mostly but occasionally treat myself to a leftie as shown. It feels like another boy is doing it for me!

By XJacker 13,Sep,22 17:06
Love that fur on your balls.

By XJacker 13,Sep,22 03:24
My girl and I were undressing each other ready for sex. Iíd got her down to her bra and panties and I was just in my briefs. Weíd been romping, kissing and fondling before and Iíd had my hand up her bare legs under her skirt fondling her bottom and pussy with my hand down inside her panties feeling her cunt and sheíd been playing with my cock. As a result I had a rock hard super sensitive erection. The friction of my briefs on my straining cock was just too much and I came in my briefs soaking them with semen. I was so embarrassed! But I made up for it later.

By XJacker 12,Sep,22 05:17
Yeah, me.

By XJacker 11,Sep,22 17:18
Personally Iím more impressed by shape rather than size. I like a nice straight or gently up bending shaft and a well defined round head. So long as I can get a thumb and forefinger round it and tug it off Iím happy with it.

By XJacker 11,Sep,22 03:05
Nice work if you can get it! Iíd love to watch you in action or be a prop for you to cum over in your videos.

By XJacker 11,Sep,22 03:03

By XJacker 10,Sep,22 17:19
Soon after I started wanking I discovered wanking with other boys watching me as they wanked too was even more exciting. Even better was student parties wanking with girls watching. I always tried to put on a good show. This is what they saw.

By XJacker 10,Sep,22 03:15
Cocks and balls look so sexy delicious in little white panties!

By XJacker 09,Sep,22 16:21
I started in my teens with the lingerie pages in my motherís catalogues. Women just in bras and panties seemed to be the ultimate. I scoured them for any hint of what women had between their legs. I looked unsuccessfully for the outlines of vagina slits and even a wisp of cunt hair. Occasionally Iíd be treated to women in suspender belts and stockings. It seems tame now but at that tender age secretly guiltily flicking through in the privacy of my bedroom it got my dick so hard I felt it would snap and I wanked my cock sore.

By XJacker 09,Sep,22 16:12
I would certainly enjoy being a porn photographer or choreographer. But not a porn actor!!

By XJacker 08,Sep,22 17:49
Me too. Iím British and circumcised but I never realised I was cut till my late teens. Other boys saw me naked in the school gym showers and no one made any comment. Sometimes other boys and me too got up hard erect in the showers and no one even said anything then. Nor even when I wanked with other boys. It never bothered me that my cock looked different and in fact I preferred the way my cut cock looked.

By XJacker 08,Sep,22 02:50
Bulging in womenís panties which show my bulge much better than my boy briefs.

By XJacker 07,Sep,22 02:52
I would rate your ass and swinging nuts 10/10.

By XJacker 06,Sep,22 03:38
I certainly donít wish I was born a girl. But sometimes when Iím masturbating I fantasise from the girlís position.
For example I imagine slowly undressing for him, posing nude in the kinky poses he likes while he runs his hand over my naked body, his hand ruffling my cunt bush and teasing my slit, then him having me in some exciting position. Sometimes I put on my wifeís panties to make that fantasy feel more real.
Do other guys have masturbation fantasies from the womanís angle?

By XJacker 06,Sep,22 03:04
Laying on my back naked on my bed with my legs wide and my hard cock arcing over my belly. One hand between my legs tickling my balls and arse, sometimes using a feather. My other hand round my shaft rhythmically tugging and stroking. I use other positions but thatís my classic favourite.

By XJacker 04,Sep,22 12:15
I guess I was mid teens. I was at my all boys school and we were watching a historical movie in a darkened lecture theatre as part of our English class.

A boy sitting near me moved next to me on the bench and pressed his thigh against mine. Iíd been masturbating a couple of years and Iíd heard about boys masturbating each other so I knew what he wanted. I didnít resist and he put his hand on my thigh. I spread my legs wide to show him I was interested too.

Next he was fingering the ridge of my erect cock through my trousers and unzipping me. I let him get my cock out. He had a good feel of my cock and balls then he closed his hand round my cock and hand jobbed me off. It was lovely having someone else play with my cock. I shot my load all over my trousers and I was so concerned with cleaning it off I didnít return the favour right then so he got his own cock out and wanked himself.

But a couple of hours later I hand jobbed him to a cum in a cubicle in the boyís toilet at school. Other encounters came frequently after that but that was my first.

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By XJacker 04,Sep,22 12:02
My unimpressive briefs bulge.

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By XJacker 03,Sep,22 02:57
I think my wife mildly disapproves of me masturbating but recognises I need to. Sometimes in bed together Iím up rock hard but sheís not in the mood. I ask her to ďput your hand on my thighĒ which is our message for ďI need to wankĒ. As I lay back with my legs spread and tug my cock off she snuggles next to me and gently caresses my balls, my arse and my inner thigh tops in a way that strains my dick even harder. I run my spare hand over her naked body. I sometimes edge but usually wank straight through without restraining my grunting and thrusting till I shoot over my belly. Being a tidy woman she then hands me a tissue to clean up!

By XJacker 02,Sep,22 15:29
I used to do a lot of youth hosteling. One time I was in a shared dormitory. I was in the lower bunk of two bunk beds. From above me in the darkness I heard the rhythmic creaking of the bed springs and felt the bunk rocking gently. I guessed instantly the boy in the top bunk was wanking. I listened carefully and sure enough the rattling and rocking rose to a brief crescendo culminating in a stifled grunt, then stillness and silence. I was playing with my own cock at the same time, like I guess every boy in the dorm was. I made sure I didnít give myself away like the boy above when I came. In the morning I didnít say anything to my upstairs neighbour about the night before.

By XJacker 02,Sep,22 12:45
Hereís a fave of mine. I just like the way my cock sticks out, emphasised by my briefs.

By XJacker 01,Sep,22 13:13
Mine is watching my work colleague Julie slowly undress from her business skirt and white blouse to just her white patterned panties. She then bends over her desk with her bottom toward me and sensuously wiggles her ass. I have a good long fondle of her bottom through her panties. Then I pull her panties down, she lets them drop and sheís nude but for her shiny black high heels. She spreads her legs wide for me showing me her hairy pussy from behind. I caress her bum cheeks and her naked thighs then slide my hand between her spread legs, then .... oh boy! ! Just got to Jack one off!