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By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 21:43
My doctors don’t work for any government or quasi government medical organization. They recommend the vaccine. Most respected people of the community recommend it. So you don’t know the long term affect. Do you know the long term affect of Covid? Every medical web site has a Covid warning. My bank, BB&T, has a warning. My car finance company has a Covid warning. You don’t believe it. Well, friend, if you die from it, we’ll remember you. Hopefully if you get it you survive and long term health issues are at a minimum. Sometimes you have to trust on blind faith.

By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 19:00
Texas reports that 99.5% of the COVID deaths since February were un-vacccinated. Only 40 out of 8000 deaths were vaccinated. Al other reporting are similar. Is this what you mean by the following?
As people start dieing that have been vaccinated, that is when the sadness will give way to anger

Phart why do you believe these untruths when the evidence is so overwhelming FOR vaccination. When will you change your mind?

By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 15:17

Saggy Granny- The perpetual liar

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Here are the facts:

1. The Saggy Granny lies about everything

2. The lies are not even something about what one might lie about on a sex site

3. She keeps bringing in her personal life to the site to get attention, then gets caught in the lies

This bitch lied about her open heart surgery and her rat daddy being a war hero. He wasn't. A dishonorable discharge. The lowest of the low and this was verified by a very reliable source at the DoD.

So, twowarmtts3!, fuck off cunt

By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 14:13
Sir, the time is coming.

By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 13:57
Sherry, it is sad..When you consider that the latest upswing of COVID cases are almost 90% un-vaccinated,you start to question the validity of not getting the shot(s). At the beginning I could understand the hesitation. For what ever reason, it was possible. Now, with the success of the program I think it’s political now and that is a piss-poor reason to die for

By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 10:36
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It would thrill my heart to no end if soros and the others were actually arrested.But that is a fantasy beyond our wildest dreams.It will never happen.
As for Trump being able to go back in, That is not going to happen either until 2024 at the earliest..
It can't. There is no legal precedent.
Yes,I would LOVE for it to happen.But it can't.

Don't forget this little tidbit. If Biden is out of the Presidency, Harris takes over, and that will mean war with the Democrats. They'll entrench themselves until 2032

By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 10:31
By SrCums [Ignore] 26,Jul,21 09:58 other posts ⤴

7 million. oh was that including the 3 million votes imported from china and an unknown amount from Venesuala all funded by george soros after they shut down the election for 24 hours? How about the one's they counted 3 times or the ones they copied names from the cemetary?

Please ignore the spellings of the previous BRAIN. Members, tell me, is this the real mind set of these Trump supporters? It seems like every day there's an even bigger lie promulgated on the great unwashed.

By Twowarmtts3! 26,Jul,21 09:12
California man who mocked vaccines on social media dies of COVID-19

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By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 13:29
Apparently at some point I have said something that would prompt a person to think I approve of the use of the word "Bitch" in reference to a woman. I want to clear the air and say I do NOT approve of that word used toward a woman for any reason.

Yes, Phart, bitch is bad. That’s why this section of the site is called SHOW YOUR CUNT

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 13:19
Looks like this guy is an expert in shit. He’s also a coward. You can’t answer back
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This guy plays with shit all the time

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 13:02
The flu was/is not, generally, a killer. What’s more many people get their yearly flue shot.

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:57
Except, Phart, pregnancy is not contagious. You may be alright but what about the people next to you?

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:55
No wonder you have so much acid in you

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:53
Picky picky. The meaning is the same. Bella! is a BITCH WITCH.

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:51
Yes, baby. It comes directly from my gift banner. That makes it my property. So, I photoshopped it. What gave it away? Are you an expert on shit

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:49

Are you referring to a certain American SYC wack job


Bitch, I'm not the only one. You are part of this group. Of course, I can't fly in a broom.

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:46

25,Jul,21 10:48 other posts

Ain't you glad someone can't answer here.


HAHAHA. What makes you think I can't answer you? This thread is read by other members too. Only, as a Jew, why do you let SrCums to represent your group/religion?

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:41
So volunteer. Become a tanker driver. It would get you out, you won't depend on that nasty government handout, Social Security Disability, and you'd be helping the people of your state

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:39
My God, you are dense, baby. You think the whole county mingles with the tourists? and for your information, Florida is a great retirement state, but, most of the state is not a magnet to tourism. The ones that generally got sick are the ones that were like you. anti-vaxers and anti-masks.

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:23
Not sure what you want to say. Last week you complained gas was too expensive because of Biden. Now it went down. That SOB Biden doesn't know what he's doing.
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BTW, do as we all do. Downsize

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:21
Phart any expense to the business is passed to the consumer. This is older than Christ. You have been doing this for ever and business insurance has always been standard since the 20th century. You've been paying for that shortage through the insurance and the grocer can stay in business hiring workers at minimum wage. According to you it's the way it should be. Right?

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:17
You fool. Is being one of the states with the highest volume of Covid-19 and now the new strain a paradise? What is wrong with you and the rest of your kind. You had to wear a mask? Oh, BOO-HOO!!! What kind of chicken shit are you that you put down something so simple as wearing a surgical mask for your and other's health? And then you come bitching because voter ID is not the law of the land. I guess a little mask across your mouth and nose is much worse than some brown backed people voting for Biden. Way to go, Phart. We are DUMB? What does this say about you. BTW, you do use under-ware, right? Is that because your mom said you should? Go cry me a river.

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 11:05
SrCums has gone wild in Bella!'s thread

24,Jul,21 11:32 other posts

Americans want:
-Cheap gas
-Low taxes
-Safe neighborhoods
-Secure borders

24,Jul,21 12:45 other posts ⤴

Political spin is what keeps them in power.. Look what is happening around you? Just look at it. Look at how the top 1% fucks you over... But then again, I can appeaciate what you say from Europe since its what you've learned from day 1.

Here's something to ponder. The Egyptians proved 3000 years ago the earth was flat and your Europe still spun the bullshit the earth is definately flat and it wasn't until the 16th century when Magellan sailed around the world where they had to use their spin on something else.. Either convert to christianity or die a horrible torturous death.

And 90% is bullshit lies you've fallen for or making up

24,Jul,21 14:23 other posts

There you go with the stereotypes again.. This group and that.. Is bullshit... you are taught to segregate. What you know about groups is an illusion you've learned.

24,Jul,21 14:39 other posts ⤴

It's to give an illusion which if executed is the magician that shows the hand is quicker than the eye,,

Carl Sagen, do you know him? I'm actually related to him. He was an astronomer that educated the world how we know simple facts by exploring the cosmos..

In one episode He went to the dessert of Africa, SaharA where you know now to be southern algeria around 1500 BC give or take was a deep well which still exists. Egypt claimed this land and so did some people. The well was several feet deep and narrow. The sun never hit the bottom of the well, well except one day every 365.. By Using A Squared + B Squared - C Squared Pythaorean theorm it told them the angle of the sun varied.. Well the sun also had different arc lengths by going high in the sky then low in the sky.. At its Zenith of maximum Arc Length they started using this formula.. The result was the earth is round, its spinning on its axis and it is orbiting a star, going around.. and they deduced the earth to be 40,000 Kilometers around. When you use all the GPS, space ships computers of the great 21st century it confirms... So why do we need computers rather than using a simple formula to find out by ourselves? It's because they want us to be stupid...

So with that said, and you connect the dots of the information they are telling you to not look down the well turns you into a man that his head just took a high dive down a loooow well... BUT this is not your fault.. You were taught to be dumb, literally..

There was a lot of pressure on Columbus trying to get to China from Spain. Pressure of knowing the world is flat or sea serpents and other stories. But his lust for riches overcame him.. He never reached china nor the north america but europe did claim he discovered a new world which was well after the vikings did but they didn't want you to know that either.. The American Indians survived here for 12000 without using computers so imagine that.. Now 40 years into the internet is showing it is slowly destroying us..

24,Jul,21 18:58 other posts

"Making people able to take care for themselves", "The United States is an extremely rich country. It's perfectly able to do that, it chooses not to, it chooses to have homeless people."///

Very true, it is rich in resources. and by far a rich nation. But the corruption makes it hard on us. Too much free money is given to certain groups while homeless population is on the rise. It's wasting away and the millenials who are being taught are destroying it and the next generation creates a very frightening scene..

The strength of a nation is clearly the soul of its inhabitants. The compassion and unity of one anoth er the stronger the nation. Unconditional love for its flag, the love of moral correctness and the choice of loving God. By nature everything comes

24,Jul,21 19:37 other posts ⤴

The idea of utopia, democracy, God, Justice and moral correctness blends in with each other. By design we are born with egoism.. We need food water, sleep, shelter, emotional security. If guided correctly these children or us eventually learn what it is like to not get what we want and thus pain in created. We go through pain but if done correctly by their teachers they learn to forgive, learn and eventaully develop the desire to be altruistic in their lifetimes. Then they learn to care for themselves then care for their children then cycles repeat..
The total desire to receive slowly becomes the desire to be alturistic through our desire to bestow. To give, to teach yet still be student because we are striving for infinity.. This is point one..
Infinity I say,, what is it. We really don't know what it is except its forever no matter how much we count we are still as far from infinity as the number 1. Can't see it.. God did say the way to join with him is through the love of each other and what he's created. I believe there is truth to this such that eventually as we unite we excell ever upware towards the common good.. Our constitution was written with this idea where it is 1 nation under God with liberty and justice for all... Under God is the key. The unconditional love of one another including everything composed of fire, air, water, earth, time, compassion. 5 elements of God. Just like in physics with length, width, height, temperature, time.. Its still not everything,,, not even close.. SOOOOOO How do we grow with our universe? Achieving the will and desire to bestow. This will answer our questions regarding finding the unknowns of existence.

However,,, there is an enemy. A tumor of egoism that is getting stronger, And it is being taught to children which is hate, pain, suffering and most importantly diverting them learning to do what is right through compassion.. It's alien to them,, the will to receive with greed and hate. No matter how much you have you will always want more with the feeling you have nothng....This if left unnoticed will destroy us. It's happening right now... From day 1 of our existence we have developed a tumor of our existence and its growing. Can you make life with physics? How about a fish, a tree? Tell me how. So protecting the earth the indians made a good point. It's sacred for the great spirit in thier words.. You must give love and compassion whenever needed.. You can't do that with anger or greed... Do what you know to be right? of course. Teaching is the key,, but how can you teach importence if you've never had a teacher? This is what the left is working on.

24,Jul,21 13:11 other posts ⤴

You really don't get it do you..
What the devil tells you he wants you to believe.

The world is not flat, but I'm believing you still believe it to be true.

Jews are not the causes for the problems in the world.

Blacks are not a minority.

Muslims are not evil.

Russia is corrupt but it is magnified as the ultimate force of evil when the real enemy is china.

They feed you with crap on a smoking gun that appears to make sense to you. But once they stop talking they go back. Selling child porn, child sex trafficing. Keeping borders open so that illegal votes can be casted, bribery, pay to play giving china more power.. This is the same groups that let the flood gates in with radical terrorist ravishing europe with gang rapes of european citizens. You support hell better than anyone I've ever seen.. I hope God has a plan because this filth is gaining momentum and the only way they can stay in power is to recruit poor slobs like you into a forming cult of destruction.. I stand by my words.

24,Jul,21 21:06 other posts

glad you have interest with carl sagen.. This is a video I love on this idea of philosophy... He's on pinpoint accuracy.

HOW can anyone else get a word in edgewise? Bella! should change the name of her thread to @SirCums@ ramblings of a DIRTY LITTLE JEW WITH A CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER.
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SEE??? I told you I can read it all!!
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Have someone that gives a shit read this to you.

25,Jul,21 11:25 other posts

Twowarmtts3! keeps talking about me in forum but I can't see it because she put me in her blacklist for not wanting to see my replies anymore. I cant even see her posts even though I have not banned her..

Complaints from a MOTHER FUCKING JEW WITH A CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER. All members have to do is read the previous section.

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 10:51
Only men are allowed?

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 10:50

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 10:38

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 10:37

State accounts for almost a quarter of new US infections as frustration grows at what experts say is governor’s mixed messaging

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By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 10:22
La Negra Tomasa (Bilongo) Popurrí - SON VARADERO

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Cuban salsa

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 09:51
Trump clings to false election claims at Arizona rally

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday sought to lend credence to the partisan audit of presidential ballots cast in Arizona, holding his first rally there since the 2020 election.

Speaking in Phoenix at a Turning Point USA gathering, Trump hailed what he called Arizona Senate Republicans' “full forensic audit” of results in Maricopa County, while continuing to promulgate baseless conspiracy theories about the election he lost to Joe Biden.

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By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 09:48
Arizona secretary of state tells Trump before election lie rally: get over it

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By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 09:45
What you all dont understand, the theft that happens in the stores, it's not worth getting hurt trying to stop someone for a few bucks, and they don't get paid to stop shoplifters. Also the stores don't lose money from theft, after there inventories they total there loses and raise prices on there products and charge the customers extra to cover the loses, plus they can write it off as losses on there yearly taxes, no loss. They just charge dgraff and phart more money for shoes and food

Business insurance for "open to the Public" businesses covers shrinkage loses.

By Twowarmtts3! 25,Jul,21 09:19

You know who you are. Because of politics or downright stupidity you won't get the Covid-19 shots.Well, it's on your head.

By Twowarmtts3! 24,Jul,21 10:49
With you around Sir-Skittles I have to take Dramamine

By Twowarmtts3! 24,Jul,21 10:48
The question is, Sir-Skittles, how can anyone stand you. You big bag of shit.

By Twowarmtts3! 24,Jul,21 10:38
It seems like I've poked the bear(s) with my copy and paste. Both big momma bear and big momma bears old nasty retarded friend, a big bear wannabe in training, have "mentioned" me in their posts. I bet them bitches woke up with sand in their vaginas.

BITCH, at least we’ve got vaginas and we know how to use them. I bet even your dentist is scared to go into yours.

By Twowarmtts3! 24,Jul,21 07:49
Agreed . It projects may 12 percent of what real Australians think. Not all Australians are like that. It lives on the central coast with a Mt druitt life style never amounts to nothing, not even central coast shit. I know where this cunt comes from and well the days of the body of a prawn is better than the head is yet to be proven. Fuck her. In Australia it is know as a deep sea racing mullet

The members who post in Bella!‘s thread tend to be anti-Lix characters. CountryCouple54 was a major anti-Lix contributor. The scrapping between these members and Lix is not for me to give an opinion, but, I do know that everything you and the other members do when it comes to referrals to the board are EXACTLY the same that Lix does. With one big difference, she’s vociferous and your group is stealthy. I don’t approve of being the policeman of the site. I don’t approve the deep sea racing mullet description. It tells me there’s more hate than truth in that post.

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 20:08
Ask SrCums

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 20:06
This is what your next post on Bella!‘s thread:
Twowarmtts3! crapped out on me. I scared her off. She blacklisted me. Old Fart, I need a break from you I hope your “I don’t need you to agree with me, but, I will hate you for ever and accuse you of petty crap” attitude continues. Good life if I don’t reappear.

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 18:02
No, no proof. Just continued TV coverage and follow up. But, who believes their eyes

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 17:44
I don’t think your opinion of me is accurate but, you are entitled to your views. All these “playing the circle game” “waste of time and development “
I will never give you credit because you have no clue on ethics, morals, doing what's right, Justice,,,, nothing.
Out of all your spits of bullshit the only thing I have seen so far is Political Correctness and hate.. You do have a heart and its here but being your own worst enemy has given you an eternity of isolation from your own stupidity..
This is all bs. Sop playing the circle game with you? Be humble and what is true?
Did you also want me to stay on my pijamas and cook dinner? Yeah, right.

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 12:58
All right, Old Fart, whatever. I have a rule. Political correctness or Moral Correctness goes out the window if my heart, my personal life rudder, won’t give me the go-ahead. It may not look like it here, in the forums. Unfortunately I seldom find that my rule and the postings and posters can co-exist.
You believe what you just posted about Trump. What if I don’t agree? If you were me, would you just accept it quietly?

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 12:29
Baby, didn’t you get the message? According to Dgraff and Bella! only Phart argues with me. Run to Bella! And ask for forgiveness.

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 06:28
Old girl, , you’ve been "mentioning" me a lot lately. You are such a wack-job!

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 06:23
Hey, Dgraff, you can stop mentioning me because I won’t even look to see what you say. I have no interest in the crap that comes out of your mouth

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 05:08
Or, he might be re-elected

By Twowarmtts3! 23,Jul,21 05:06
As I said, no proof, no problem. I remember Other members saying the same to you. You are fixated on me but other members read these posts. No proof means either made up or a lie.
There’s only 7 spaces to put a shit pile on my page and like I’ve said, who cares.

By Twowarmtts3! 22,Jul,21 22:20
So you say but you never offer any proof. Not that it matters.
BTW, you just called yourself stupid.
Who gives a flying fuck if you decide to ban me? First I can read all your posts. Second, no loss

By Twowarmtts3! 22,Jul,21 20:10
There have been many investigations into voter fraud. Not one panned out. Dumped ballots? Not found. Homeless people’s ballots? Not found. Voting machines tampered with? Not found.
You still don’t believe? That is on you. The investigations were done. And may I remind you Trump was in office for over two months and the Republicans had control of the Senate?

By Twowarmtts3! 22,Jul,21 20:04
Repetición. That will make an argument. Sos un boludo, hijo de puta, y un judio pendejo susio

By Twowarmtts3! 22,Jul,21 20:01
Que boludo. Not even in your mother tongue. Go away little girl.