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By SrCums 26,Jul,21 19:32
I know. Well at least in regards to your first sentence. Him and fucktard kebmo, no wonder europe is fucked. Canada is done.. We still have a chance.. I heard and have hope for.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 19:00
I know

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 17:20
Socialism you can't grow,, its one class of the same level by the book but off the book the government destroys its population with corruption. venezuela is primary example. No freedom of speech, no rallies, no protests penalty by either death or imprisonment.ev

Social democracy is a better choice but everyone needs to understand what critical thinking is since people have more power.. You need education and the liars know it.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 17:06
And you're a fucking idiot... It was staged man.. If you're too fucking stupid to see that I can't help you..
January 6th's riot was staged by antifa,, just like the KKK that was supported by the democrats.. THE COPS LET THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS IN !!! they did no damage but antifa did !! What the fuck is the matter with you??
Because of that staged event the investigation was cancelled thanks to Mike Pense who was afraid he'd lose his payout.. This is documented and on media.. So shut the fuck up. can'tfight you're own battles becuase you don't want the truth to come out.. Same thing on 1/6/21... not shut the fuck up and worry about europe.

What the fuck do you want from me.. Because you're filthy dumbfuck dog kebmo you can't fight your own battles? every libtard is like that..

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 16:55
that is correct..
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I've heard of the netherlands. or neighter lands. I didn't realize how smart you were sir.. You must represent your cuntry's best then. You and Kebmo the moron... Yeah,, he's proud to be a canadian,, he must be at least in the top 10 most intelligent beings there too..

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 16:54
kebmo [Ignore] 33min ago other posts ⤴

This is not confirmed……

SrCums is a crackhead alcoholic.


Hi bella Remember when you asked me to stop trashing Kebmo's page because he was crying OH WOOH is me. Like the bitch that fucktard really is? I just put a nasty shitpile on his page and I guarrantee he's gonna drown in more shit than the lava flowing out of Icelands ass before its all said and done.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 16:50
Bring in the courts. Why aren't the democrats covering it up and refusing to cooperate in the election process>>
Now fuck off..

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 16:47
here is simple math.. I can't help it if you cannot count..
150000000 > 133000000 so if subtract it comes out to 17000000 extra votes that were counted WHICH INCLUDED dead people that died back in the 1930s, dublicate ballots and illegal votes AND 3 million votes imported from china.. Why do you think they want open borders with undocumented people..
How stupid can you possibly be? I'm starting to think the asshole that called me a dirty jew is much smarter than you.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 16:44
Hey shithead...Good to see you.. We've been trying to confirm it but there is liberal court orders to keep us from doing that..
Go back to sleep asshole..

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 16:15
When you stop the election after refusing to let conservative observers look at vote countings its breaking the law.. Period... The count doesn't matter since its cheating. If you look for votes it will show trump had an insurmountable lead.
Question.... How the Fuck can you have x+y amount of votes when you only have x registered voters?

133 million registered voters and over 150 million votes... Tell me sherlock.. use all your links you want. How can 17 million people vote that haven't even registered?

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 14:13
They need to try a little harder by not being singled out as fakes and stupid fakes.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 14:11
In the next couple of weeks we could be in for some surprize news.
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By SrCums 26,Jul,21 13:59
Oh, so now you're mixing me up in the mix.. Whether you do or not I feel everyone knows the truth.
You circle like a dumb wolf everytime you circle around a flagpole thinking it will be different the next time..

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 12:23
You know the facts so you lack transparecy.. Basically I'm calling you a political spinning liar.

I just told you and answered your question... If you can't understand the reading comprehension I suggest you start reading slower.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 12:03
WATCH: RINO state senator booed off stage before Trump's speech at Arizona rally..

Then look at the attempted interview of her after she gets bood off the state.
Remember that Arizona was a state in question

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By SrCums 26,Jul,21 12:01
Lots of it.. overwhelming. why is it when the democrats accused Trump of something he was transparent while the auditors are not permitted to look at the data or observers not allowed to see them count the votes? The cheaters never stood forward to show evidence of fraudulence on the observers... Why? The evidence is overwhelming and they used the fake bullshit Jan 6 attempted coup to not do the investigations. Stop being stupid now.. It's starting to get annoying.

What I gather from your essays is you lack transparency. That's what liars do.. Don't even think of undermining my intelligene.. As long as you produce with facts I'll reply.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 11:42
Lots of it.. overwhelming. why is it when the democrats accused Trump of something he was transparent while the auditors are not permitted to look at the data or observers not allowed to see them count the votes? The cheaters never stood forward to show evidence of fraudulence on the observers... Why? The evidence is overwhelming and they used the fake bullshit Jan 6 attempted coup to not do the investigations. Stop being stupid now.. It's starting to get annoying.

What I gather from your essays is you lack transparency. That's what liars do.. Don't even think of undermining my intelligene.. As long as you produce with facts I'll reply.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 10:43
Everything has a cost. Just simple mathematics. America used to be great with education back in the 1950s and 60s but by design it has dumbed its people. As long as this curve is on track America will never see 2040. However, I do hear there is a formatable resistence pending. Stay tuned.
European countries definately have their faults since the European Union formed by globalists. Antisemetism is on the rise and Jews are moving out. Terror attacks are common still but is not being covered.. Poland appears to be the only country with no reported terror attacks. Trump did visit there often so perhaps a correlatiobn,

Ananas2xLekker does write well and is organized with it. The issues I have is the subjectiveness while trying to use facts. The facts the media tells you. When Florida was up by 10 points against Trump just before voting and trump overwhelming won Florida do you really think they were telling the truth?

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 09:59
Not anymore.

By SrCums 26,Jul,21 09:58
7 million. oh was that including the 3 million votes imported from china and an unknown amount from Venesuala all funded by george soros after they shut down the election for 24 hours? How about the one's they counted 3 times or the ones they copied names from the cemetary?

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 23:28
We can go to mars but not andromeda. Remember that you will not know what is going on for its sheilded. They don't want you to know.....

Lets reason for a second. November 2020 tore our hearts out on what we definately feel is sound election fraud. All the polls numbers were fabricated before the election... why?

Donald Trump has done 5 or 6 rallys after he left office? Why? The midterms are not for another 16 months until the house and senate is in election.. So with that said, why is he still giving rallies? Perhaps there is something he knows but is being told to keep quiet.

I'm not saying its going to happen but what if.........

Former White House Doctor: Biden Will Resign or Have to Be Removed from Office only registered users can see external links

Here is something.....

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 22:05
This is NOT confirmed.....

I live in florida and 6 months into Bidens presidency with 3.5 years to go on Biden I noticed Trump is giving many rallies... Why? Biden says nobody's listening but then how can 40,000 people be there in the blistering stiffling 95 degree heat with dewpoints between 75-80 which is just unbearable.. You can jump into a pool of freezing cold water then get out and seconds later sweat is pouring out of your body.
He's been in Arizona and Ohio 5 rallies all together I believe. So what is he trying to do? Its still 18 months until the midterms so wtf..

Anyway the pieces appear to be coming together. There is a lot going on that is still classified or the media refuses to post. A lot of rumors are saying Biden is going to either have to resign or be removed with either the 25th amendment policy or forced to resign with honor after all states have been audited. then they will say Trump won afterall.. And another fascinating piece of info has stated Trump won all 50 states in 2020..Further, Rosenstein, Comey, Obama Soros, and Clinton have been all arrested for coup and treason charges. I'm willing to call it a long shot but wouldn't that be something.

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By SrCums 25,Jul,21 19:59
Liability insurance is a major reason but whi gives them power? Its not Chief Sitting take a shit... Look up what the establishment means to you. Who rules the earth? you'll see,, you read a lot of conclusions? Many

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 19:17
Carl sagen brought up the idea for us to find our roots throughout the cosmos in order to locate the unknowns of existence. I never said he talked about the pharmaceutial companies. Let's get our attentions in order .

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 15:34
Love our

Here's the deal.. 2warmth... whatever her name is, probably the 15th fake ended up with 1000s of shit piles rammed so far up her ass she was spitting out peanuts. I don't mind having a nice debate and it is good to disagree and bring up important points of hypothecies and evidence to support.. It's an invite for good learning. But if you fuck with me with my personal attributes like she did,,, well look at the results..:Let's all be cool mates.

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 15:32
Could it be that she is.... SMART?

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 13:52
Nope, its your composition and you are good at it

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 12:34
Political sanctum

By SrCums 25,Jul,21 11:25

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 21:06
glad you have interest with carl sagen.. This is a video I love on this idea of philosophy... He's on pinpoint accuracy..

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By SrCums 24,Jul,21 21:06
eat the popcorn before it gets cold..

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 19:37
The idea of utopia, democracy, God, Justice and moral correctness blends in with each other. By design we are born with egoism.. We need food water, sleep, shelter, emotional security. If guided correctly these children or us eventually learn what it is like to not get what we want and thus pain in created. We go through pain but if done correctly by their teachers they learn to forgive, learn and eventaully develop the desire to be altruistic in their lifetimes. Then they learn to care for themselves then care for their children then cycles repeat..
The total desire to receive slowly becomes the desire to be alturistic through our desire to bestow. To give, to teach yet still be student because we are striving for infinity.. This is point one..
Infinity I say,, what is it. We really don't know what it is except its forever no matter how much we count we are still as far from infinity as the number 1. Can't see it.. God did say the way to join with him is through the love of each other and what he's created. I believe there is truth to this such that eventually as we unite we excell ever upware towards the common good.. Our constitution was written with this idea where it is 1 nation under God with liberty and justice for all... Under God is the key. The unconditional love of one another including everything composed of fire, air, water, earth, time, compassion. 5 elements of God. Just like in physics with length, width, height, temperature, time.. Its still not everything,,, not even close.. SOOOOOO How do we grow with our universe? Achieving the will and desire to bestow. This will answer our questions regarding finding the unknowns of existence.

However,,, there is an enemy. A tumor of egoism that is getting stronger, And it is being taught to children which is hate, pain, suffering and most importantly diverting them learning to do what is right through compassion.. It's alien to them,, the will to receive with greed and hate. No matter how much you have you will always want more with the feeling you have nothng....This if left unnoticed will destroy us. It's happening right now... From day 1 of our existence we have developed a tumor of our existence and its growing. Can you make life with physics? How about a fish, a tree? Tell me how. So protecting the earth the indians made a good point. It's sacred for the great spirit in thier words.. You must give love and compassion whenever needed.. You can't do that with anger or greed... Do what you know to be right? of course. Teaching is the key,, but how can you teach importence if you've never had a teacher? This is what the left is working on.

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 19:00
They have been around since before Christ. i'll say more but I must eat..

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 18:58
"Making people able to take care for themselves", "The United States is an extremely rich country. It's perfectly able to do that, it chooses not to, it chooses to have homeless people."///

Very true, it is rich in resources. and by far a rich nation. But the corruption makes it hard on us. Too much free money is given to certain groups while homeless population is on the rise. It's wasting away and the millenials who are being taught are destroying it and the next generation creates a very frightening scene..

The strength of a nation is clearly the soul of its inhabitants. The compassion and unity of one anoth er the stronger the nation. Unconditional love for its flag, the love of moral correctness and the choice of loving God. By nature everything comes together. All those things on the list come into play and you don't have to even try.

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 14:39
It's to give an illusion which if executed is the magician that shows the hand is quicker than the eye,,

Carl Sagen, do you know him? I'm actually related to him. He was an astronomer that educated the world how we know simple facts by exploring the cosmos..

In one episode He went to the dessert of Africa, SaharA where you know now to be southern algeria around 1500 BC give or take was a deep well which still exists. Egypt claimed this land and so did some people. The well was several feet deep and narrow. The sun never hit the bottom of the well, well except one day every 365.. By Using A Squared + B Squared - C Squared Pythaorean theorm it told them the angle of the sun varied.. Well the sun also had different arc lengths by going high in the sky then low in the sky.. At its Zenith of maximum Arc Length they started using this formula.. The result was the earth is round, its spinning on its axis and it is orbiting a star, going around.. and they deduced the earth to be 40,000 Kilometers around. When you use all the GPS, space ships computers of the great 21st century it confirms... So why do we need computers rather than using a simple formula to find out by ourselves? It's because they want us to be stupid...

So with that said, and you connect the dots of the information they are telling you to not look down the well turns you into a man that his head just took a high dive down a loooow well... BUT this is not your fault.. You were taught to be dumb, literally..

There was a lot of pressure on Columbus trying to get to China from Spain. Pressure of knowing the world is flat or sea serpents and other stories. But his lust for riches overcame him.. He never reached china nor the north america but europe did claim he discovered a new world which was well after the vikings did but they didn't want you to know that either.. The American Indians survived here for 12000 without using computers so imagine that.. Now 40 years into the internet is showing it is slowly destroying us..

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 14:29
No, its actually true..

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 14:23
There you go with the stereotypes again.. This group and that.. Is bullshit... you are taught to segregate. What you know about groups is an illusion you've learned.

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 13:11
You really don't get it do you..
What the devil tells you he wants you to believe.

The world is not flat, but I'm believing you still believe it to be true.

Jews are not the causes for the problems in the world.

Blacks are not a minority.

Muslims are not evil.

Russia is corrupt but it is magnified as the ultimate force of evil when the real enemy is china.

They feed you with crap on a smoking gun that appears to make sense to you. But once they stop talking they go back. Selling child porn, child sex trafficing. Keeping borders open so that illegal votes can be casted, bribery, pay to play giving china more power.. This is the same groups that let the flood gates in with radical terrorist ravishing europe with gang rapes of european citizens. You support hell better than anyone I've ever seen.. I hope God has a plan because this filth is gaining momentum and the only way they can stay in power is to recruit poor slobs like you into a forming cult of destruction.. I stand by my words.

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 12:45
Political spin is what keeps them in power.. Look what is happening around you? Just look at it. Look at how the top 1% fucks you over... But then again, I can appeaciate what you say from Europe since its what you've learned from day 1.

Here's something to ponder. The Egyptians proved 3000 years ago the earth was flat and your Europe still spun the bullshit the earth is definately flat and it wasn't until the 16th century when Magellan sailed around the world where they had to use their spin on something else.. Either convert to christianity or die a horrible torturous death.

And 90% is bullshit lies you've fallen for or making up?

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 11:36
Day by day become more and more intimate with the inner stillness, joy and love which is the fragrance of your own pure heart. Keep quiet.

By SrCums 24,Jul,21 11:32
Americans want:
-Cheap gas
-Low taxes
-Safe neighborhoods
-Secure borders
President Biden just isn’t getting results.

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 19:08
I guess but it would be a distinct improvement..

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 15:38
THIS COUNTRY IS A MESS //////////////

Ex-Obama Doctor Drops Bombshell On Live TV — Predicts Biden To Resign Or Face 25th Amend As ‘A National Security Issue’

We have reported extensively on Biden, 78, and his inability to handle basic questions while speaking publicly.

As the former White House physician under both Presidents Obama and Trump, Ronny Jackson told Fox News that he believes Biden will be forced to resign or will face the 25th Amendment over issues related to his fitness for office.

“Something’s SERIOUSLY wrong with Biden,” Jackson wrote on social media. “And it’s only going to get WORSE! It’s past the point of embarrassment.”

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 15:12
In March, the #BidenBorderCrisis set a record for illegal crossings.
Until April, when a new record was set.
Until May, when another new record was set.
Until June, when another was set.

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 15:11
If you don't agree its fine..Bragging about how much you hate jews is unacceptable. So all I can say is "Fuck You Too" You're allowed to disagree but then you resort to hate. This is not welcomed...-Here's another illogical statement. You don't strive for moral correctess but it comes from the heart.. what kind of shit is this? Like saying Trump isn't Trump.... ..That's why I will never give you credit because you have no clue on ethics, morals, doing what's right, Justice,,,, nothing.
Out of all your spits of bullshit the only thing I have seen so far is Political Correctness and hate.. You do have a heart and its here but being your own worst enemy has given you an eternity of isolation from your own stupidity..
Like I said,, stop playing the circle game with me.. Be humble and what is true. All comes down to that.. You want to hate Trump and democracy, then just say it but don't play the circle game... It wastes time and development.. Namely your development.

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 12:52
Indeed. Whooops.. There he goes again..

You have to be careful because if you distract him he starts to kick with his back legs.

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 12:50
Don't call me baby. I'm far from that. You are something else. I don't care if nobody agrees. Since you started the only thing you stress on in left wing political correctness. Its Political vs. Moral Correctness. My choice is choice B. Everything thing Trump did was based on constitutional law here and on ethics and moral codes. You can spin this all you want but it will always bring you to starting point 0..

You can't win with lies and spin. You will never ever show any sound statement as long as you stick with plan A

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 12:15
How lovely fair of you to say.. I was just curious.

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 12:13
25th Amendment could be just around the corner. Ronny Jackson, Ex-Trump Doctor, Says Biden Need to Take Cognitive Test: 'Something Going on"

Then when Kamalla is impeached and removed from office because even the democrats don't like her, then assuming the Nancy Pelosi get's stripped of her powers because of flagrant corruption who would ne next in line? I think since The election is being in process now of overturn by the time they get up to the speaker of the house Trump would be sworn in..

By SrCums 23,Jul,21 12:04
BREAKING: Texas Rep Files Bill for Forensic Audit of 2020 Election
State Representative Steve Toth (R-The Woodlands) has filed HB 241 to call on an “independent third party” to perform a complete forensic audit of the 2020 general election, according to Montgomery County Gazette. This new bill