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By UnderCoverAngel 30,Jun,21 17:19
No seriously, I appreciate you getting that done. He seemed to lose his mind when I asked about the images. I was actually trying to protect him from being reported, we were very close friends here.....seemed he might have been embarrassed or humiliated when I caught him lying to me, he claimed the images were an ex gf. He did what almost every fake does and blocked me.

Let's hope he and others learn a valuable lesson from this and try to keep it real as is required!!!

By UnderCoverAngel 30,Jun,21 17:04
I asked him to remove the fakes too and all he did was block me and said I was harassing him......I wonder what the difference is?? Well done Jamie, you're a credit to the site. Keep up the good work.

By UnderCoverAngel 21,Jun,21 18:47
All females should be made to verify.....they do it on reddit, it literally takes 2 mins. I've been approached by maybe 25 different unverified female accounts and I asked why they are not and can they provide an image to verify they are real......guess how many could, zero!!!

I was beaten in a photo contest by 2 votes by a fake profile, since then I hunt them down lol




By UnderCoverAngel 18,Jun,21 01:29
OMG.... you need help really. It's almost sad to she someone so bitter and twisted. This is not real life, we've had such limited chats it amazing how you can get such a strong opinion of someone.

Almost everything you say is like a reflection on you not me. Just let it go.......

Try this....get a nice glass of wine, play some your favourite old timey music.....Barry Manalow or The Carpenders from back in your day.....dim the lights and repeat....."I breathe in the calm, and exhale the toxic"

Now for you this will take a looonnnnggggg time and a lot of wine because by God you are toxic!!!!

By UnderCoverAngel 18,Jun,21 00:51
But you are FLIYHY...... you are little......and you are a JEW......which parts was she not correct

By UnderCoverAngel 15,Jun,21 18:20
I wish that nasty old piece of shit Bella would go poof, or at least mind her own fucking business!!!!!!

By UnderCoverAngel 14,Jun,21 22:18
You know the site is called not right?

By UnderCoverAngel 14,Jun,21 21:52
You're just a sad, bitter old lady, I truly feel sorry for you.

Again.....please, please, please just leave me alone.

By UnderCoverAngel 14,Jun,21 21:30
Just like you've done here??? Talking trash about the Kristin90 issue with zero disregard for what actually happened then when I pointed out the facts you tell me to fuck off???

You need to apologise for sticking your nose in when I was completely justified to report that sort of a feeling that won't happen, you are too gutless.

You know if you just message me and ask what happened I'd have told you, then you wouldn't look so stupid. Lol
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I'll even accept a private apology..... then I'll move on.

By UnderCoverAngel 14,Jun,21 20:51
Hi my friend,

Kristin90 posted the word "ugly" on my profile totally out of the blue, I'd had zero contact with her, I could have deleted it but if that's her opinion I'm good with that. My reply was to post a big steamy file of poo as a gift lol. Childish....yes. lol

So she blocked me and left the reason "child porn" now that is crossing a BIG line for me. I reported and thankfully the admin guys stepped in and she was rightfully booted out.

Kristin90 only registered users can see external links Evidence to back this up

Then of course Bella hates me for absolutely no reason and sticks her fat ugly nose into it....... you just can't make this shit up........she accuses me of being threatened by Kristin90 lolwhich was never the case.

When I firmly tell her she is wrong she tells me to f$&k off, like she started this THEN has the audacity to say that to me, bahahahaha it's amazing.

By UnderCoverAngel 14,Jun,21 20:40
AGAIN......why is this any of your business??

You post your dribble here about me but tell me to fuck off....can you not see the hypocrisy???

Kristin90 said I was producing "child porn" a totally outrageous claim clearly. No way I am going to take that lying down....I reported.....she was banned, end of story, you'd think!!!! But noooooo good old Bella has to wade in and claims I felt threatened by her.....

Just do your thing and I'll do mine, no need to be jealous of me, no need to make up fake claims just like Kristin90 (still waiting for apology) no need to talk about my IP address (still waiting to know how you known it) no need to use my real name, no need to start shit then act the victim....just go about your business here and stop it. You are making yourself look like a nasty old cunt (not my description of you, someone elses)

"She...can talk brillantly upon any subject provided she knows nothing about it"

By UnderCoverAngel 14,Jun,21 18:41
But here you are STILL spewing your lame opinions and assumptions about me AGAIN.

Have you realised the issue with Kristin90 was totally her doing?? Do you think you should apologise to me for being wrong again? And to be honest why has this got anything to do with you???? You just can't help yourself, you throw out false allegations about my IP address, about me getting a member banned with zero facts or knowledge.....and when I asked you MULTIPLE times how do you know my IP address you don't have the balls to even reply. Probably because you're full of shit like everyone says.

EVERY contact we have had has been started by you!!! So please just stop being a condescending, noisy, interfering dried up old hag and mind your own business.......please

Kind Regards


By UnderCoverAngel 14,Jun,21 11:21
You seem obsessed with me for some reason here are the facts. That member posted on my page, totally out of the blue "ugly" I thanked her for this with a nice gift on her page. She blocked me (awesome) but said the reason wad that I was producing "child porn". If you in ANYWAY condone that bullshit then you're a bigger fuckwit than everyone thinks already!!!! Kristin90 only registered users can see external links

By UnderCoverAngel 10,May,21 18:12
Bella.... you said to me I had a similar IP address to a previous member, how do you know this information??

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 21:31
The dog eating guy was literally "are you into black cock" I replied "No not really sorry" and he said " you are a slant eyed, yellow, dog eating whore " that was the whole conversation. I'll send it to you.

I totally loved it.....1. I have almond shape eyes not slanted. 2. I'm brown not yellow. 3. I love my miniture schnauzer so much and I would never eat him. 4. I've been with very very limited amount of men so a very long way from being a whore.

Now, I have no clue who that other profile is. As I said to you when you asked me maybe all Asians look the same to you. I don't know any Australian couples here......I had a problem with American couple because he just wanted to talk about his dick non stop.
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You said I had a "similar" IP address to another do you even know my IP address??? I'm not sure why anyone's opinions of me needs to be cross examined by you. Every person that said positive things about me here got asked why!!!! Just mind your own business please.

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 20:54
Jamie..... you are very ungrateful!!! I'm not sure I want to be your friend anymore!!! Lol

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 20:36
Thank you so much Blade.


By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 20:05
I've never had a nasty comment from a female here. I've been called a slant eyed, yellow, dog eating whore, a retarded gook, a slut, a dog, I've had my workplace posted here from a guy I trusted, I've been basically stalked by a guy that had 15 different profiles.

All by men why are the females leaving if not from the discusting pigs that hide behind their computer here???

I choose to stay because I love it......these little men do not worry me at all, they just can not take a strong, well educated, very well travelled female that stands up against them!!! Sadly many others don't like it and leave.

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 19:23
The irony is if you do a reverse image search on this member you'll see she is fake!!!!

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 18:54
Dgraff......I loaded his page with nice gifts.....I offered him a tribute, some vids, an apology if he wanted that. I'm not sure how much more I can do at this stage for an old joke.....seems people have zero sense of humour here and are very very sensitive. No wonder females are leaving in droves.

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 17:16
Nice boobs, I'm jealous!!

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 17:12
Jamie.....does my personal preferences make me a bad person? I think you're confused old man

By UnderCoverAngel 09,May,21 14:25
Thank you Moodydick......I try my best but you can't please all of the people all of the time.

By UnderCoverAngel 08,May,21 21:21
Thanks very sweet, thank you so much...Joop Joop

By UnderCoverAngel 17,Nov,20 19:25
I bet you don't get that from other ladies here???? From what I am told most could not even be bothered to reply to men let alone make custom pictures and tribute pictures for them,

By UnderCoverAngel 17,Nov,20 16:42
You are so mean Skittles!!!

By UnderCoverAngel 17,Nov,20 16:40
As you should,