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By Jamie 25,Jul,21 21:25
Yes only 5 and 17 points when she repost she get a lot more

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 19:18
At list she don't hide her pictures like @Imagine does. then she repost them again ..

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 17:18
I heard there you did the same thing in the past

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 14:23
All I can say Rachel_G is a sweetheart.

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 11:28 be infected in here

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 10:48
Ain't you glad someone can't answer here.

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 09:12
the love they have.

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 08:37
Probably they don't want to pay insurance if he got hurt or killed. So they fire him

By Jamie 25,Jul,21 08:33
Maybe the member is the owner of the site and is babysitting it .

By Jamie 23,Jul,21 20:50
Thanks Admin

By Jamie 23,Jul,21 17:39

By Jamie 23,Jul,21 17:32
I Google Alwaysfucking pictures and they are Real so I'm not losing my plrvige to verify.

By Jamie 23,Jul,21 16:37
I don't understand why she has one pic but hides all her pictures then reposted again. Does she does it for points. It's not the frist time..

By Jamie 23,Jul,21 13:19
No I hate rubbers

By Jamie 21,Jul,21 09:14
Wow what a nuthead

By Jamie 20,Jul,21 20:56
I want everyone to unverified me don't want for you all losse your ability to verify others if you don't I will go proof on my on.

By Jamie 20,Jul,21 20:02
I was allowed to vote witch I didn't vote.

By Jamie 20,Jul,21 18:31
So he Report me and ban me .

By Jamie 19,Jul,21 22:39
That's a nice one.

By Jamie 18,Jul,21 13:36
She felt threatened by himlolhe was going thru the pc screen to choke her maybe

By Jamie 16,Jul,21 22:52
Where was welfare when I broke my ankle and shatter my foot I still was able to work as soon as as I could

By Jamie 16,Jul,21 08:48
Dgraff I see that happening here why work when getting a big check. Some take advantage of the system

By Jamie 15,Jul,21 17:49

By Jamie 15,Jul,21 16:04
Yes put gas yesterday it was 3.65 a gallon

By Jamie 15,Jul,21 15:53
I didn't know you could post nude pictures there

By Jamie 15,Jul,21 14:27
How could he post nake pictures in Twitter I thought it was like Facebook

By Jamie 15,Jul,21 08:59
Is it ozzy45100 ?

By Jamie 14,Jul,21 11:33
I'll sent you a screen shot

By Jamie 14,Jul,21 11:10
Went poof cause he deleted the pic then reload another web pic.

By Jamie 14,Jul,21 10:41
Sir-Skittles I do hope they end up in jail.To bad its not like the old days that they have to lock with key . Lol they would lost the key..

By Jamie 13,Jul,21 22:14
Yea I help her up then she ban me

By Jamie 13,Jul,21 19:34
So I know who the hunter of fakes are.and the grasser is.

By Jamie 12,Jul,21 12:52
I Google some they are web pictures

By Jamie 09,Jul,21 18:05
Not yet the mayete report one with out a ling so I vote no deleted

By Jamie 09,Jul,21 12:43
I see some are very proud to be able to vote to delete people with out checking if if they are net pictures or not.

By Jamie 08,Jul,21 13:35
Sir-Skittles Maybe I should deleted..

By Jamie 07,Jul,21 08:23
Your just a nice person. Willing to help others..

By Jamie 06,Jul,21 08:51
only registered users can see external links Got to be careful now days..

By Jamie 05,Jul,21 22:31
I add her too she a very nice person and sexy

By Jamie 05,Jul,21 20:16
Ole no

By Jamie 05,Jul,21 15:22
Yes a place I use to work at a ratedx theater i was about 17.

By Jamie 04,Jul,21 19:28
Belive it not I'm part jew too..

By Jamie 03,Jul,21 14:00
Bella check pm

By Jamie 02,Jul,21 16:07
Lol got it

By Jamie 02,Jul,21 14:35
Like to see her naked and show her balls like Sir-skittles says..

By Jamie 02,Jul,21 08:53
She/he beautiful to bad its a trans

By Jamie 01,Jul,21 15:16
seems like blm.

By Jamie 01,Jul,21 08:44
I don't know what you and notynyt are about. This has to be about redbonexxxx

By Jamie 30,Jun,21 17:12
Lol. I don't know if you ment well or.

By Jamie 30,Jun,21 16:17
Dam it no lube was use.