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By Slpaho 17,Apr,13 10:59
Texas here

By Slpaho 21,Feb,13 09:36
Im small

By Slpaho 12,Feb,13 10:42
San antonio

By Slpaho 08,Feb,13 10:38
It would be nice to jack u off i like watching the foreskin go up and down

By Slpaho 07,Feb,13 09:34
Cuz ipads dont have flash player. U need to download the app vlc. And even then u cant watch all vids u just hav to click and see.

By Slpaho 30,Jan,13 09:44
Oh hell yea i want some

By Slpaho 30,Jan,13 09:42
Frm texas here

By Slpaho 12,Oct,12 10:47
San Antonio

By Slpaho 17,Aug,12 11:10
I usually get mine on They hav a hughe variety of them frm rubber, leather and metal and not to pricey either

By Slpaho 17,Aug,12 11:09
I just started using a cock ring. I like to use it all day but there are times that one of my balls goes up and hides. Dont hav very big balls. I just started using briefs that has a pouch in the for my dick and balls and with the cock ring it gives me a very nice buldge. Im not very big either but it helps. I like to use the briefs when i use my dress pants i get a really nice buldge with those on.

By Slpaho 17,Aug,12 10:58
I would also like to wank a uncut cock. Im not gay but it would be interesting to do. Seems like fun

By Slpaho 19,Apr,12 12:46
Nice where r the pics where its hard

By Slpaho 15,Mar,12 11:11
I cum quick in both jacking off and sex. I try 2 last longer but never seems 2 work out. The longest i can last is bout 5 min. Ive tried the stop start method but that only helps bout a min and my wife hates it when i do that. She seems 2 cum in bout the time i do also so i guess its ok but would luv 2 last longer. The only time i can last longer is when im drunk but that suks cuz i dont remember what we did.

By Slpaho 08,Sep,11 11:23
Mine the same age

By Slpaho 23,Jul,11 13:34
U hav a big cock and a nice tight 4skin and balls

By Slpaho 23,Jul,11 13:26
Sounds good ill look u up

By Slpaho 23,Jul,11 12:27
Im a grower frm 3 inches soft and 5.25 inches hard

By Slpaho 23,Jul,11 12:19
I never seen anyone jo in person but would like 2 hav a jo buddy so we could jo 2gether it would awesome

By Slpaho 24,Jun,11 10:17
Here 5 1/4 inch

By Slpaho 11,Jun,11 17:40
I luv my foreskin especially when im jo like it when it goes up and down

By Slpaho 05,May,11 16:04
Ill give u a 10

By Slpaho 12,Mar,11 09:38
Hell yea

By Slpaho 11,Mar,11 10:18
Ur not small u got a good size dick there

By Slpaho 10,Mar,11 09:56
Ive always wanted a jo buddy but could never work up the nerve 2 ask any friends if they wanted 2. Didnt want them 2 see me different would still like 2 hav one someday

By Slpaho 05,Mar,11 13:23
Not small at all

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 15:25
35 in 2months

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 15:05
I pull back bcuz if i dont man it sprays everywhere. The only time i dont is when im n the shower cuz i have lots of room in there

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 15:02
Im the same 5.5 in but gets very hard especially when the wife starts 2 playing with my foreskin

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 14:52
Im on the chubby side but im trying 2 take some off want 2 get to 200lbs ive lost 10 so far

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 14:48
5.5 in

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 14:43
U dont have 2 worry bout it. I was the same way it took me some time b4 i could post any pics but once u post ur 1st one u will post more

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 14:41
U look hot very nice tits

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 14:40
I need 2 get one of those

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 14:35
Im the same way guess im just embaressed for anyone 2 see my dick. Its only bout 2in when soft. If some1 gets the next urnial and im peeing it just stops. I usually look for a stall to do my business

By Slpaho 20,Feb,11 14:29
Im 5.5 in just average

By Slpaho 17,Feb,11 12:24
I like 2 look at cocks 2 see what kinds are out there but i dont think i would ever jump the fence.

By Slpaho 10,Feb,11 11:53
Looks good

By Slpaho 10,Feb,11 11:52
It dont bother me if it is a bit smelly im uncut but my wife makes me wash it b4 she will suk it. But my ex wife luved d smell of it it really turned her on bad she'd get all wet fast

By Slpaho 21,Jan,11 18:18
I'm only 5.5

By Slpaho 21,Jan,11 18:17
Out of all the women I've been 6 hav told me they hav never been with a circumcised man and they hav enjoyed it especially when they go down they put there tounge under it very turn on almost makes me cum

By Slpaho 21,Jan,11 18:10
I would like 2 watch my wife get fuked and then we both fuk her

By Slpaho 21,Jan,11 18:06
I want 2 get 1 to but I'm afraid cuz my penis is small and I don't want 2 b made fun of after I left

By Slpaho 21,Jan,11 18:04
I've got a 5.5 wish it was bigger

By Slpaho 21,Jan,11 17:50
I think I'm a 5

By Slpaho 11,Sep,10 00:28