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By Aski8124u 29,Apr,22 02:44
I masturbate twice a day, at least. I am 61.

By Aski8124u 29,Apr,22 02:42
I swallow my own cum and pre cum! I look forward to tasting my cum or another man's cum!

By Aski8124u 07,Feb,22 11:02
I'd love for my wife and her cute older sister to watch me suck someones cock and swallow his cum!

By Aski8124u 28,Dec,21 04:44
I often ejaculate just so I can eat my cum. I love the taste. I want to taste other men's cum.

By Aski8124u 01,Aug,20 01:55
I love uncut cock better. I love playing with my guys foreskin!

By Aski8124u 01,Aug,20 01:52
I hold it in my mouth to savor it before I swallow his semen!