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By Hrnyboy90 15,Feb,24 16:14
I was pretty young when I discovered how to give myself an orgasm, only about 8. I couldn't ejaculate yet but would rub pillows or blankets over my penis which felt really good. It would only take a couple minutes and it would give me an orgasm. My first ejaculation I was about 11. By then I was associating it more with sex, and was humping on my stomach more so than my back. I remember humping my pillow and having a really intense orgasm that seemed to last longer than normal. When i sat up there was a huge wet spot on my pillow and I was confused

By Hrnyboy90 07,Feb,24 08:52
First actual porn I can remember was probably soft core cable porn. I remember being around 11 or 12 and watching it in my room late at night. I was masturbating a lot then and would almost always cum when I would watch

By Hrnyboy90 09,Jan,24 17:09
Yes it makes me cum

By Hrnyboy90 08,Jan,24 08:20
Always really wanted too but been to nervous cause I know being outdoors naked gives me a boner in no time

By Hrnyboy90 13,Nov,23 10:46
Longest I was able to last was 9 days. I got so horny my dick was throbbing and tingling and decided to shoot my cum by itself all over the floor. Felt pretty amazing though

By Hrnyboy90 08,Nov,23 17:54
I was just starting high school, me and my friend got naked and jerked off together when he was staying over

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By Hrnyboy90 30,Jul,23 10:29
One of my gay friends who I wanted to play with finally agreed to swap head with me, I started sucking him and he came within a minute. It was kinda surprising but hot, as most other guys took me awhile longer to get there

By Hrnyboy90 30,Jul,23 10:26
I shave everything just personal preference. I like to feel soft and smooth ❤️

By Hrnyboy90 30,Jul,23 10:24
I've never had one sadly. I started masturbating pretty young before I could ejaculate, never was able to hold off enough to need to release during sleep

By Hrnyboy90 30,Jul,23 10:22
Not too shy. I got a full erection once while being examined was a little awkward silence for a minute. I'm sure they're used to that type of thing

By Hrnyboy90 14,Jun,23 15:55
My first time was pretty young i was about 8 when I discovered it. I was laying in bed and somehow realized it felt good to rub my blanket on my penis. After a min or two of rubbing myself I got this super intense sensation that I now know to be an orgasm. I did it just about every night after that. Usually on my back, sometimes I'd take my pants completely off and lay on my stomach and hump my pillow until orgasm. I wasn't able to ejaculate yet only dry orgasms. They were just as intense though and would make my penis super hard. I started having wet orgasms a few years later

By Hrnyboy90 30,May,23 15:51
Mine was probably my very first experience when my best friend agreed to get naked and try playing with each other. Runner up was a few years after when one of my strait friends asked me to suck him off

By Hrnyboy90 21,May,23 10:34

I love being naked.. especially close to windows knowing someone might be able to see. I took this laying on the bed after seeing the neighbor outside and couldn't keep my dick down

By Hrnyboy90 15,May,23 15:48
Usually around 10 to 15 min if I'm doing it myself sometimes closer to 5 to 10 if someone is fucking me

By Hrnyboy90 07,May,23 06:20
Tough to say I guess might be different for everyone. My first sexual experience was with another boy and after it happened I know I wanted to do more all the time. But I also had already had fantasies about boys before that so it was something I had wanted to do to begin with. Nothing really has changed and I still enjoy sex with men and women both

By Hrnyboy90 29,Apr,23 07:20
It was the same way for me before I started ejaculating

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By Hrnyboy90 01,Mar,23 07:25
My first girlfriends mom's bedroom was directly above hers. Her mom got a new boyfriend and I could often hear them when they had sex. The bed would squeak and sometimes hit the wall. Could also hear her mom moaning while it was going on. It use to turn me on a lot I would often masterbate while listening. One time I was even having sex with my girl while her mom was fucking at the same time. I came inside my girlfriend while listening to her mom it was hot

By Hrnyboy90 04,Feb,23 07:27
It was I remember it well

By Hrnyboy90 27,Jan,23 17:22
I started masturbating a few years before I could ejaculate. I liked to rub blankets or pillows on my penis or lay on top of them and hump. It felt really good and would give me an erection and I could eventually orgasm from it but they were always dry nothing came out. I started to associate it with sex more as I got older. I think I was about 11 when I actually ejaculated for the first time. I remember humping my pillow and being really hard. It seemed to be taking awhile this time. Normally I could get a dry orgasm in a minute or two but this time I remember it being well over 10 minutes and I just couldn't get there for some reason. Finally I felt it building and could tell something was different. The feeling coming on felt stronger than normal. When I came it was super intense and lasted longer than it ever had before. When I sat up there was a huge wet spot on my pillow. It threw me off I thought something was wrong. It was like that from then on though and eventually knew it to be normal

By Hrnyboy90 25,Jan,23 05:42
I was pretty young about 8. I was laying in bed with no pants on and the sheets felt nice on my dick. I started rubbing it and got an erection. It felt really good so I kept doing it until I had a super intense feeling. I thought I was gonna pee but nothing came out just felt amazing.

By Hrnyboy90 10,Jan,23 15:55
Mine was my friend from school. It was also my first sexual experience with someone. It was his idea to get naked and his idea we masturbate after I got an erection

By Hrnyboy90 10,Jan,23 15:50
Being naked outside or being naked around others. When people look at my dick it always gets hard in a hurry. And also the pics and vids on this site

By Hrnyboy90 13,Dec,22 14:52
One of my best ones took place a few years back when I was on a vacation with an old girlfriend. We had a cabin that was in a quiet secluded area with a private deck around back and a hot tub. The first night we were out sitting in the hot tub together and making out. I wanted to go farther but she wasn't feeling that adventurous. She went inside to take a shower and I was out by myself. I was already really horny and playing outdoors is one of my favorite things. I decided not to pass on the opportunity and it was play time for me. The first thing I did was slide off my swim trunks. Then I stood up and walked out on to the deck. The feeling of the cool air on my naked wet body was breathtaking. My dick was rock hard again and needed to cum. I decided to sit naked on the balcony and masturbate over the trees below. It didn't take long to give myself a super intense orgasm. Masturbating naked outside is an experience like nothing else.. And hearing your cum fall onto the trees and grass just puts it more over the top

By Hrnyboy90 13,Dec,22 14:37
I was 14 when I had mine it was with my best friend at the time. He was spending the night and we were up late hanging out and watching TV. We came across some porn on TV and started talking about sex and masturbating. One thing led to another and we ended up getting naked and jerking each other off. It was my first sexual experience with either a guy or girl

By Hrnyboy90 23,Nov,22 09:24
I always shave I love feeling smooth but just my preference

By Hrnyboy90 12,Nov,22 11:31
I remember my first orgasm. I was laying in bed and discovered it felt good to rub myself with my blanket. I kept going and had a super good intense feeling. I didn't know what it was but I know now it was a dry orgasm. Needless to say I was hooked after that and did it almost every night after that

By Hrnyboy90 10,Nov,22 07:16
This happened to me once also. After I had to pull my pants down and he was examining my stomach. I could feel my erection growing and was really scared at the moment but super turned on after. I remember going home and jerking off thinking about it

By Hrnyboy90 07,Nov,22 07:17
Haha I try but I'm shy around strangers

By Hrnyboy90 06,Nov,22 19:59
I get that as well. People looking at me naked almost always gets me hard. No way I could hide it on a beach

By Hrnyboy90 06,Nov,22 10:56
Yes I'm the same way. Feeling the wind on my naked body always gets me hard

By Hrnyboy90 01,Nov,22 13:22
I had one once with my gay friend and his boyfriend. He fucked me on the couch from behind and jerked me off while I sucked his boyfriend. I had cum in my ass and on my face

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By Hrnyboy90 25,Oct,22 17:07
My first time being aroused and exposed to someone was with my best friend from school. I was 14 at the time. He was spending the night at my house and we were up late and found porn on TV. One thing led to another and we ended up daring each other to get naked. I was already having bi curious thoughts by then, I'm not sure if he was.. but getting naked with him had my penis like a rock. I was expecting him to laugh but he was rather intrigued. We ended up jerking each other off and became closer buddies after that

By Hrnyboy90 20,Oct,22 17:21
I was about 8 when I first discovered masturbation. I was laying in bed one night and realized it felt really good to rub my blanket on my penis. After a min or so of doing this I got super good intense sensation. I didn't know what it was just that it felt really good. I did it just about every night after that. As I got older over the next few years I started to associate it more with sex. I couldn't ejaculate yet only dry orgasms. My first actual ejaculation came when I was around 11 or 12. I had changed my technique some by then.. Since my penis had gotten bigger I found it easier to lay on my stomach and hump my blankets or pillows.. And I could pretend I was having sex that way. I remember the first time I had a wet ejaculation I was trying my old method for awhile but couldn't get it to work for some reason. So I layed on top of my pillow and started thrusting my erection into it. It took a good while but I finally felt it coming and when it did it seemed really drawn out and somewhat more intense and different. I was shocked when I looked at my pillow and seen the huge wet spot I had left behind. After that I realized that every orgasm I had was accompanied by lots of wet stuff coming out. This lead to me only using one smaller blanket for my play time so I wouldn't get cum stains all over everything. I eventually transitioned into using tissues.. And finally just my bare hands and jerking off in the traditional style that I still do today. I still love masturbating and being sexual with myself.. Even if I'm getting sex regularly masturbating is something I'll always love.. And always trying new ways and places to do it

By Hrnyboy90 19,Oct,22 09:29
I've played in the car several times several different ways. My favorite is late night driving during the summer. Sometimes I'll even get completely nude and go driving around in the dark. It gets me so hard sometimes it even makes me cum just from the excitement

By Hrnyboy90 07,Oct,22 08:30
I like to feel like a girl and have guys do as they please with me

By Hrnyboy90 27,Sep,22 17:36
When I was in my early 20s I had sex with a woman that was 47 or 48. I loved it she was amazing and really liked to take control. I remember her pussy would be soaking wet every time.. She was really into it and that turned me on. She was also a mom of 3 kids.. And the oldest was somewhat close in age to me.. Which I also found a turn on

By Hrnyboy90 19,Sep,22 17:23
I've never had one though I always wanted to. I guess I just started too early and often with masturbation

By Hrnyboy90 14,Sep,22 10:13
My first time was with a gay friend and his boyfriend. He fucked me on the couch first then we went on the floor and I rode on top of him until he came in me. Then he watched while I sucked off his boyfriend and he jerked me off onto the floor

By Hrnyboy90 19,Aug,22 17:28
That's good to know cause I know I would for sure be getting one

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By Hrnyboy90 18,Aug,22 20:34
Always wanted to go but no way I could control my erection

By Hrnyboy90 11,Aug,22 17:33
My very first experience was with my first girlfriend at her mom's house. Her mom left us alone for a few min and soon as she left we went into the back room and started making out. We were both getting pretty into it but knew we didn't have much time. Our hands found there way into each other's pants and we played with each other for a min. Then to my surprise she undid my pants and pulled them down and got to her knees and just started sucking me. It felt pretty incredible. She kept at it and I said I was gonna cum and she didn't stop and I came in her mouth. Her mom got back home just seconds after it was hot

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By Hrnyboy90 05,May,22 17:51
Guess it's not a bad way to find out long as it was an accident. I didn't know what was happening with my first one I just knew it felt amazing and I was hooked

By Hrnyboy90 04,May,22 08:13
Did he talk about it afterwards? I remember it was really sensitive it def didn't take me long to get there