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By biggripper1 27,Jun,21 13:24
I do not produce any pre cum. It has not held me back and sexually no complaints.

By biggripper1 28,Oct,20 12:56
I am not sure where the nick came from, but you are at least average size.
You have a great looking body look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

By biggripper1 17,Jul,20 18:45
If it happened I wouldn't say no.

By biggripper1 16,Jul,20 18:31
I am the same. Sex is out of the question and this and web cams are a good alternative. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. Need relief somewhere.

By biggripper1 08,Jul,20 14:24
I think you know what reaction you will get, and it is not the one you want. If I was to go to my wife and say that think she would divorce me. She doesnt know I am on here and cam on skype and other cam sites. I know what her reaction woud be. You dont say how long you have been together. Be careful.

By biggripper1 01,Jul,20 04:23
I am not sure any amount of money would make me want cock.
What I am hoping , it will never happen, is to be with a friend(s) and get into a situation that we would get naked and then let things develop. Money would not be an issue.

By biggripper1 08,Jun,20 04:16
As long as you are both happy then that is fine. You are both consenting adults. As someone else has said get another guy and both have a bit of fun at the same time. BUT remember to have only you to in bed the majority of the time.

By biggripper1 01,Jun,20 04:34
Behind the hot water tank.

By biggripper1 24,Apr,20 09:20
If I have to choose sex woud be the one. Playing with someone's body and even just seeing them naked is wonderful. Sadly masturbation is now the norm as my wife's libido is also nil.

By biggripper1 23,Apr,20 06:05
I think I would be like you.
You want the attention but like me are scared what would happen if you took it further.
I am presuming looking at your page, you have a female partner.
You are scared like I would be if she found out what would happen.
I would go for it ,but only if it 'accidently happened 'Is there any way you can be on your own with him without it looking set up.?
If so then I would happily but scarily go for it.
Have fun .

By biggripper1 13,Apr,20 17:34
sure would

By biggripper1 13,Apr,20 11:07
Interesting if the Police do a line up of suspects. The guilty party and a few others stripped so some one can identify who's cock it is lol.

By biggripper1 13,Apr,20 11:04
I always thought of myself as average...………… a 7 you have large, not sure.

By biggripper1 11,Apr,20 12:00
Hope you like

By biggripper1 02,Mar,20 08:41
I have masturbated all sorts of ways, but prefer lying down and taking my time. Its also safer when I do blow as legs tend to turn to jelly.

By biggripper1 29,Jan,20 08:27
I was 22 when I lost my virginity. I was rather shy when it came to my body.A girl when we were 15 wanted to see me naked but I wouldn't because I was scared her parents would come home, I was wearing trakky bottoms at the time. It may have gone further who knows.

By biggripper1 28,Jan,20 18:00

Think I am C1-9

By biggripper1 28,Jan,20 11:14
that would be good never thought of it...mmmmmm

By biggripper1 28,Jan,20 09:11
When I was 12 years old this guy of mid 20's stripped me naked. I was so scared and embarresed as never had anyone seen me like this. He held me down lying across my chest and started to play with my cock. I couldn't see what he was doing but obviously felt his hand and the feeling through my cock. I had never cum and did not understand what my cock was for apart for going to the toilet. I was very naïve at that age. I felt this feeling happening and was so embarresed when I spurted. He did this for many years and I think he must have sucked me off as well but again wasn't sure about what happened except I knew my cock and body liked it. He also showed me his cock but I did not like it as I was to realise later his was cut and looked odd, now I know better. He did try to get me to suck his but again I refused so never saw his again. This went on until I was around 16 and I think there is a polaroid of me going around . I would love to see it but haven't a clue where he is or if picture is still around.

By biggripper1 28,Jan,20 08:56
yes and after I play for a while, I get hard and stay pretty much that way until I cum.

By biggripper1 28,Jan,20 08:54
I like to be equal but on occasions I cam and have a person who tells me what to do. My fantasy is to be tied to a bed and played with for hours.

By biggripper1 23,Dec,19 13:29
hers mine by a big margin

By biggripper1 22,Dec,19 09:24
heres mine..... I know you like

By biggripper1 22,Dec,19 09:22
down looking and hard

By biggripper1 16,Dec,19 17:18
I love watching guys masturbating. Prefer watching guys being masturbated by someone.

By biggripper1 16,Dec,19 17:11
Sure have Mind you all porn does that to me.

By biggripper1 12,Dec,19 17:42
I have a hairy chest, pubes legs and arms. Cant be bothered getting rid of all but do shave ball sack and trim pubes and chest.

By biggripper1 11,Dec,19 18:53
I am now more confident to stand naked in front of folks at swimming. Love seeing others naked as well. I'm 56 and would not do it until recently. A great feeling.

By biggripper1 04,Dec,19 09:22
hope this is okay

By biggripper1 03,Dec,19 12:06
a straight on view

By biggripper1 29,Nov,19 20:50
hope you like this

By biggripper1 29,Nov,19 20:48
a close up of my cock.

By biggripper1 02,Oct,19 18:21
Now boxers. Have worn them for around 5 years used to be briefs.

By biggripper1 23,Aug,19 11:47
Have not really been naked in front of anyone for a while, until last week. Was at swimming and came to get dressed. A guy , around 30 was totally naked, a few others in changing room but they had swimming trunks on. I decided to get naked as well. Have never felt so good for a long time naked. It is a weekly swim so hoping he will strip every week but no chance of anything else happening.
--------------------------------------- added after 96 hours

saw his cock again mmm but sadly he is not coming back so thats it for a while anyway

By biggripper1 22,Jul,19 18:26
Depends what the rest of the body is like. Nice breasts and either shave/hairy is fine by me.

By biggripper1 21,Jul,19 19:17
I love getting naked. Have never done it in public. Last year we were in Canada and came across a nudist beach but sadly went the wrong way. I would go to a sauna if one was near.
You have a great dick go for it .

By biggripper1 15,Jul,19 19:07
It must be and age thing, lack of masturbation. I am 56 and jack off as many times as I can but thats not that much these days. Wife has no sex drive and is here a lot so masturbation is limited.

By biggripper1 03,Jul,19 16:41
Love the cock pictures. The cock and balls picture with starwars t sets the whole package off.Very nice

By biggripper1 18,Jun,19 08:22
mmm just found this today Posted on my birthday Thank you

By biggripper1 14,Mar,19 08:32
I wish my wife was more outgoing and would let me take pics like this...….love the human body

By biggripper1 22,Feb,19 07:30
I use chatterbate and and menchat………….all have their different experiences. Nic is biggripper1 in all

By biggripper1 22,Feb,19 07:29
Hope these are low enough

By biggripper1 22,Feb,19 07:26
I know you like it ………..

By biggripper1 17,Feb,19 16:10

I know you will like

By biggripper1 14,Feb,19 14:18

Hope this is what you want

By biggripper1 12,Feb,19 05:30
I am into women and am married. However I am on here and love looking and showing. When I am out and about I will look at both sexes and all age groups. Nothing better than seeing a buldge on the street.

By biggripper1 05,Feb,19 12:00

By biggripper1 31,Jan,19 06:19
You have a great hard cock mmmm

By biggripper1 31,Jan,19 06:17
I would love to fuck your wife . She has a beautiful juicy pussy and good for sucking first. Hopefully you would be there as well watching naked with a big hard cock .

By biggripper1 31,Jan,19 06:07
I remember showing to a few guys when I was around 9. We would fid a quiet spot and drop our pants. Wasn't sure what to do so never touched them but liked looking. I also went to a night there were 4 females and 2 males. We were about 15 at time. We started playing strip pontoon and obviously if you lost, an item of clothing came off. Unbeknown to us 2 males the females went and put on more clothes so it was obvious who was going to loose. We both ended up in our underware but sadly neither of us would remove them. Girls did not even get close to naked. Sadly didn't see anything and never did it again with them.