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By *expertease* 16,Apr,19 13:30
My dad walked in on me one night rubbing my clit in my bedroom with my panties down.

By *expertease* 04,Apr,19 12:30
Well, my pussy hairs grow so fast that there is no use in shaving them. It's a waste of time. [deleted image]

By *expertease* 11,Mar,19 18:17
My poor old husband He is so embarrassed by this.

By *expertease* 03,Oct,18 19:16
Your doctor knew what he was doing and he chose for you NOT to have the pleasure of having that magnificent strip of skin that my husband calls his "clit".

By *expertease* 01,Oct,18 18:56
You guys are lucky b/c a lot of doctors cut the frenulum off when they circumcise a baby. Another reason not to circumcise.

By *expertease* 01,Oct,18 13:23
He is the same way when I suck him too.

By *expertease* 01,Oct,18 11:58
I really do!!

By *expertease* 01,Oct,18 11:10
Great frenulum!!

By *expertease* 01,Oct,18 11:09
This is my husband's frenulum. He equates it to a clit. I can make him cum just by rubbing his frenulum with precum and never jerk him at all! [deleted image]