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By alittletotheleft 11,Jan,24 18:11
Enjoy my pre cum and cum. I sqeeze out every drop and lick my fingers. I also love inserting anything I can in my cock, Up to 14MM plus.

By alittletotheleft 11,Jan,24 17:57
Sucking cock is sweet. Years ago my room mate and I would 69. I always want to suck a sweet dick. I love the taste of pre cum and cum. I taste my own and enjoy it. I'm bi and have a girlfriend. All good and hope you find your right cock.

By alittletotheleft 27,Jul,23 18:08
I've gotta say you do have one beautiful cock. Super sized and erect. Would love to work on it for you. Pic's are appreciated.

By alittletotheleft 08,Sep,18 07:42
When we moved to Florida at 7. Using the bed sheets I would masturbate. I was told by mother that it was wrong. Sorry, didn't stop me.

By alittletotheleft 13,Jul,18 23:14
Precum and than cum - love the taste. yours or my own.

By alittletotheleft 06,Jul,18 21:37
I cum watching videos of myself cumming. Started eating my own cum also. Really good. Should of started years ago.

By alittletotheleft 06,Jul,18 21:26
I get hard watching guys jerk until they cum. I enjoy watching myself on video cumming. Really makes me wet.

By alittletotheleft 02,May,18 22:55
Been sounding for years. Love the feeling more and more. At a point of inserting my little finger almost all the way. Love to cum with sounds. Can't say how many different things have been inserted, just know it keeps getting better and better.