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By licksipsuckit 25,Jul,21 20:52
check out horsebull, his photo shopping is crappy, you can see he just crudely cut around his cock, enlarged it and plopped it back on.. and they buy into that one ??? Im not sure why either, and its not only the male pics ...
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this goes one all the time, and taking still off the porn vids to fool the viewers.. you can tell immediately from the colours and the lighting.. but with everything here, the fakes know the formula and just work with it... men dont care if its pro or amateur, so long as there is cock and cunt, thats all that matters *lix*

By licksipsuckit 25,Jul,21 00:08
not as good as horsebull. *Lix*

By licksipsuckit 24,Jul,21 16:43
yeah, I got sand in my cunt because I get laid on the beach !! when was the last time that cunt got laid??? see what happens when your cunt dries up??? you turn into bella!
hey, CUNT!!! I got a bunch of groups, and it drives you fucking crazy STILL!!! isnt it great that I still get to laugh at the crazy cunt almost every time it opens it trap.. Hey Cunt!! go run back to your aussie mate and get that deciphered, because I know you love to look DUMB .. thats one of your flaws... go get your synthetic blonde wig out and put on your DUMB HEAD ... is that your plan on how to get laid??? I see it isnt working

By licksipsuckit 24,Jul,21 05:43
I see youre taking out the crown again for 'copy, paste and twist' ???? heres CUNT GUTS twist on the sites breaking news as NONE OF YOU have the ability to read my posts without the CUNTs dissection of how IT wants you all to believe what my post is about and my inner intentions... without this piece of BULLSHIT, you might all read it wrong and not get the true story as I tell it, and thanks to the sites all knowing fortune telling CUNT, you'll all know exactly what Im thinking, as the CUNT KNOWS ALL!!!!

"""lix asserts that many members seek her out to become verified in order to enter "comps". Aussies seem to have a unique way of communicating, often times they choose to shorten words when speaking or writing. I will assume that "comps" means competitions and if I'm correct, the ONLY competition that a member needs verification for is the Pic of the Month. So why is lix moanin' and groanin'?

lix, why not verify all 2400 of your friends and blow up all the "comps"? I bet all your devotees, admirers, fans, whatever would love to be verified by you. But if you are bombarded by all these verification requests, it's going to cut into your ability to spend time searching the web for whatever you're searching for. lix, my guess is that you don't even recognize how venomous you've become and how desperate and hateful you appear.""""

PS, thanks for the heads up CUNT. Gee its great to see my friends list and those 500 groups are still gnawing at you, arent they???. and you know all about 'desperate and hateful', youve had plenty of practice..

By licksipsuckit 23,Jul,21 23:15
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By licksipsuckit 23,Jul,21 19:57
thanks admin, its only a matter of time before someone spots the video *lix*

By licksipsuckit 23,Jul,21 17:00
somethings are nicer than others *lix*

By licksipsuckit 23,Jul,21 16:44
admin I have lots of people wanting to be verified ... so they can enter comps, but it seems just like before, VERIFIED MEMBERS WITH FAKE PICTURES are entering comps yet again.. so my question is, why do we have to verify all these other honest members to enter competitions, when the reason for being verified members to enter comps, was put on by a pair of fakes who needed an edge to win, and have now returned and again are entering FAKE PICTURES in the comps and are again verified by the same people as before, fully knowing they're FAKES???..
cuntrycouple54 aka alwaysfucking returned with the same pics and are again entering into competitions.. so when these pics are found and proven that they are video stills off pro porn videos, will the members who verified them again have their verifying rights revoke this time ??? or will the rest of the site have to follow the rules while this pair of fakes blatantly use these fakes pics in the comps, ruling out other people with real shots who would like a chance to win ???

By licksipsuckit 23,Jul,21 07:51
yeah, it counts and its hot ! *lix*

By licksipsuckit 23,Jul,21 07:50
well done Leo. nice to see some real works of art!~ something hot and sexy instead of all the childish crappers filling the thread... post some more *lix*

By licksipsuckit 21,Jul,21 04:51
yeah, reminds me of a few people here *lix*

By licksipsuckit 20,Jul,21 22:10
we're still no closer to any real evidence of chinas responsibility for it or them admitting to be at fault.. humanity has paid the price for a few peoples reckless decisions that have changed the world as we know it.. I dont see any government doing anything but running for cover and making band aid responses to it from the beginning. Im no expert, but I said from the first month, that purpose built quaratine centres should be put into place, out side of major cities .. and eradication should have been the objective, why fight an invisible pathogen when you can quash it in a matter of months and keep your population safe from it in the future. But not one countries politicians did the right thing from the start, instead they played politics with the lives of their nation.. they brought economic hardship to hard working honest business owners and broken many, all the while propping up big companies to make sure they succeed while their smaller competition is being broken and taken out of the market... I cant see that being good for us all in the future.. we're being pushed into a communist society and way of thinking, we're not allowed to voice our opinions if they dont agree with what the media is forcing down our throats. No one has committed to giving any real forecast as to where we will stand in a months time, 2 months time, a year??? there are no consistent reports on the vaccines, the effectiveness??? you can all throw regurgitated web based statistics at it, yet it doesnt match what Im seeing or hearing on the ground?
when a fully vaccinated person, is still not allowed to travel freely?? or see a DYING family member, because it might be bad for their health, is just a ridiculous oxymoron to me.. we have laws thrown out at us and we're expected to believe that these puppets telling us how to live, are making the right decisions for all.. When those same people made decisions to open the door to the rich and give them special privileges over and above the common man, and again letting infectious people be trusted to stay home, when their wealth makes them feel like the law doesnt affect them.....
I hope this doesnt scar the world too much, but Im afraid Im seeing it every day in our children, and our lack of contact with friends, our lack of dancing and music and festivities, from weddings, birthdays and to the death of our elderly, not being able to mourn them or give them a proper send off. its an abomination on mankind ... brought on by bad governments and big business. yet again the pharmaceutical companies are printing money, rubbing their hands with sanitiser and filling their share holders pockets even if they fail at what they doing ... *Lix*

By licksipsuckit 20,Jul,21 02:55

By licksipsuckit 20,Jul,21 01:46

the fake fucks are already twisting the stories ... I threatened them???? ask the fake fucks how I threatened them!!! youre full of shit then, youre full of shit now.. I called your fake arse shots out as fakes from the moment I saw them, and the moment I knew it was you and 'wifes' shots, I blocked your sad losers arses ... its nice of you to warn your 'friends' that they might better off to 'unverify' you because you know youre still a pair of fake fucks.. you should warn all your 'fake friends', 'those cunts' as I remember you called them, and I dont have to make shit up and insinuate what I said, or you said, did, or pretended to be.. Im telling it how I see it.. I called your fake arses out. your fake video derived shot looks just like I say it is.... hope you changed your loser bio from 'we're new here' to 'we're a pair of old fake loser fucks, that dont have any new material'..
I dont like snakes, and I will always block people that are snakes, fakes and losers. next time you try to explain your lies, get some real people to weight in... Ive only seen you and a bunch of bitching trolls backing your 'story', keep telling it... someone might pretend to believe it *lix*

By licksipsuckit 18,Jul,21 17:10
doesnt make any difference here, shot or not, you still have to mask up, its a fucking joke. lockdown again after eradicating it, because the government here is so soft, it let a plane full of virus ridden indians back, so as not to hurt their feelings??? fucking arseholes compromised our whole country after leaving it to go back... non one seems to blame them or the government for this, theyre trying to make it a quarantine breach, yeah, they knowingly brought it back so they could fuck it for the rest of us *lix*

By licksipsuckit 18,Jul,21 16:44
they both love golden showers, and especially from a dog *lix*

By licksipsuckit 18,Jul,21 16:43
thats interesting, Biden was going to fix all the countrys problems and make america greater than trump did???? now your paying double for groceries you say?? and I have heard petrol prices are up??? sounds like the new pressie is making you all pay the price for voting him in???? no need to respond, its just an observation .. and phart, you spend 200 on groceries and 180 on breakfast for a month, so your bill is near 400 a month for one person??? sounds like youre getting ripped off, both of you would starve here for that amount of money !! *Lix*

By licksipsuckit 17,Jul,21 06:11
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oh look!!! the rat and super coward of syd pa-freddy had another of his multiple fake profiles deleted, looks like you got another one 'harpooned' ..

By licksipsuckit 17,Jul,21 02:16
sorry Phart, didnt realise this was the Hello Kitty, Rainbow farts and Unicorn Fan Club page, I thought I saw the word 'racist' in the title, I must be seeing things???? *Lix*

By licksipsuckit 16,Jul,21 00:28
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racism at its best

By licksipsuckit 16,Jul,21 00:24
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chase it cunt

By licksipsuckit 16,Jul,21 00:17

By licksipsuckit 16,Jul,21 00:16
sir-skittles would, he loves scum in his pussy

By licksipsuckit 16,Jul,21 00:16
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pa-freddys mother
--------------------------------------- added after 21 minutes

hes a bit retarded too.
hes making a new profile
while Im writing this.
because morons need
many profiles to make
them feel more important
than they really are *lix*

By licksipsuckit 16,Jul,21 00:14
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By licksipsuckit 10,Jul,21 07:15

heres one with a hogtied theme to it *lix*

By licksipsuckit 08,Jul,21 02:16
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heres another loser to add to that list, check out this bullshit artist ... another of the bad hombres ??? or just another wanker with a tiny dick??? or both ... Krueger
I see youve already had a visit *lix*

By licksipsuckit 06,Jul,21 20:19
IT 'bought' them I believe, if you cant make friends, buy them for a few points or a pretend gift *lix*

By licksipsuckit 05,Jul,21 21:52
I wonder if she knows where her head ended up ??? *lix*

By licksipsuckit 05,Jul,21 16:50
[deleted image]
more from the frankenhead files *lix*

By licksipsuckit 05,Jul,21 16:47
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 35 minutes

Nivzshank is another that fakes shots

By licksipsuckit 03,Jul,21 02:44
yeah, the nappy thing was ridiculous to me... why are children still in nappies at an age when you make that kind of conversation with them??? they should be out of nappies by 2. not this 5 year old thing, where their parents are too stupid to make them even use the fucking toilet!!! I guess androids and phones cant tell them to use it either...??? yeah, we're a smart lot, and getting 'smarter' by the millions... *Lix*

By licksipsuckit 03,Jul,21 02:34
yeah, 25 years !! and pushing vaccines into people as fast as they can now .. how much testing on the next gen has been done?? I havent heard one thing about women who are pregnant?? or want to get pregnant?? untested.. it will take years to get over the ripple effect, and then there is the fact that there will now always be new variants ??? outsmarting the vaccines and becoming resistant ??? I cant see this ever ending in my life time... *lix*

By licksipsuckit 02,Jul,21 17:02

2 pussies, not even the same ... COUNTRYCOUPLE, posting fake cunt shots then and still posting fake cunts now as ALWAUYSFUCKING.
yes, countrycouple left on their own because of the embarrassment they brought on themselves by posting WEB SHOTS IN CONTESTS AND GETTING CAUGHT DOING IT... and admin took their verification from them ... so they chucked a huge tanty like a pair of losers cunts, called all their FRIENDS cunts, and left spewing lies with their tail stuck up her fake cunt pics, JUST LIKE THE ONE YOU HAVE NOW... showing someone elses cunt and trying to pass it off his wifes cunt... these cunts arent even the same.. you can cry about being fakes all you like, but your attitude and your ways are still the same, the only way you can win anything here is to cheat and lie, and post video derived shots ... "gee look at us newbies, we have never been here before, we were such a pair of losers on the big web, we had to come here because the big web swallowed us up and spat us out again here.." were the trolls are welcoming to fakes and you fakes love to pretend they were asked back ???? for what, to SAVE THE SITE FROM THE TERRIBLE AUSSIES only wanker fakes would say something like that... the site went on without you, it didnt need your fake pics, and still doesnt, its you who needs fake appreciation to make you feel better for being losers at everything, you cant lie well, you cant fake well and youre not at all sexy ... your cock is probably as limp as the reasons you say youre back... youre back because youre losers. an you know you have a bunch of fakes here to back up your loser life story...
BEWARE OF THE FAKES..... alwaysfucking

By licksipsuckit 01,Jul,21 23:10
the cunt stuck her nose out and got it got it cut off, serves herself right for being a cunt to others, which is her usual self. It had to take a week off so she didnt blow an aneurysm.. it lacks integrity, judgement of the truth, is a really bad judge of character, is a hypocrite, and a list of bullshittery that goes back from the day I got here, Ive seen it do the same thing over and over again...
its fake friends and fake attitude of back flipping and blaming others here is a true testimony of what a fucked up unit it is... hasnt been able to pull a fuck for a decade or more, and hasnt got a nice thing to say about anyone real here. just criticism and bullshit. it needs to dial up amazon and buy a fucking huge dildo and stuff its cunt till its cracks a smile.. because with its attitude, its never going to get laid in this life time.. and I know why !!! *lix*

By licksipsuckit 01,Jul,21 07:06
yeah,'the cunt' just verified another pair of long running fakes too. alwaysfucking the ones that called her a cunt too!!! she is so hard up for 'real friends' she'd rather back old fakes, than get her head out of her arse.. they had their verification taken for using their fake pics in contests and now theyre back with the same video snaps, trying to pass them off as their own. I hope next time they go down, admin takes out the ones that back them too. *lix*

By licksipsuckit 01,Jul,21 07:02
the people you verified.. and the ones I believed called you all a pack of cunts??? *lix*

By licksipsuckit 28,Jun,21 20:29
Ive already proven you fake once, Admin also agreed, I still dont see a REAL verification pic, and most the guys here dont care if its fake or real, so long as its a cunt. youre showing how badly you need attention, your wife is at least 10 years older than any of your pics, those saggy sun spotted tits are showing their age in your OLD PICS... get her cunt out, draw your name on it, or youre still just the a fake, trying to divert attention from your own truth...
STILL FAKE, why not try the name, 'ALWAYSFAKINGIT'. that would suit your better *lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

oh and dont see my favourite shot, the award winning cum shot??? why not bring back all your OLD PICS, your adoring crowd loves their fake cunt biscuits for breakfast.. and Id love to see that up again for your crown of faking it..

By licksipsuckit 28,Jun,21 16:54
looks like the same FAKE couple with the same fake pics that had their verification taken from them for using fake pics here before..... and you chucked a huge tantrum with other members, telling them to all fuck off and youre them arent you??. same fake cunt shots as before. Are you still using the same asian porn star as your cunt??? Candy Love I believe was the one you got caught using??? if youre so confident of your wifes cunt, put a pen on it and draw your name, its called verification..
and your profile said youre new here??? you started with a lie and put up your OLD FAKE pics, nothing new, only a few more video derived pics to share... youre the one looking desperate and fake, my pics are mine, all untouched, your pics are so fake, you can see it clear as day on the thumbs, video stills, over touched and so fucking fake, you might as well add cartoon pics...
welcome back scum bag, you'll fit in well with the other fake women profiles .. *Lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes


By licksipsuckit 27,Jun,21 21:47

heres a couple of FAKE pictures. Ive seen this porn star before *lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 81 hours

once a fake, always a fake.. seems the friends you called cunts before you left are really hard up for someone to talk too. glad they still support fakes, someone has to stand up for pro porn posters and fake fucks like this couple *lix*

By licksipsuckit 26,Jun,21 00:52
I didnt search, I just know that kangaroos can have 2 to 3 embryos going at a time, and can hold off releasing them till times are good, and the one in the pouch is ready to leave.. they only give birth to a peanut size joey .. I guess its pretty common knowledge to australians, how marsupials are different to other mammals .. some have backward facing pouches, some can fly, pretty incredible diversity .. *lix*

By licksipsuckit 25,Jun,21 04:43
XXXWETXXX is one for this thread *lix*

By licksipsuckit 24,Jun,21 01:01

By licksipsuckit 23,Jun,21 22:45
yeah, same fake tits on banner today, look at all those sun spots, you cant change the damage to your skin and I seen these same tits again today *lix*

By licksipsuckit 23,Jun,21 22:18
THE FAKE COUPLE have returned, and already making fake claims about where theyve been and posting fake pics... His wife must be a real beauty??? since he posts video stills of other womens cunts and claims them to hers *Lix*

By licksipsuckit 19,Jun,21 18:07


By licksipsuckit 19,Jun,21 18:04
Go back the beginning.... and change UCA for the cunt, and Kristin for Uca,

@@@@@Looks like our resident "lizard of forum", "THE CUNT" aka BELLA! made an effort to meet ANOTHER member, Undercoverasian. UCA must not have made a good impression on our 'cranky old cunt' and the cunt has given her a mouth full of shit. Telling her to fuck off...

I think our bella! really seems to dislike women, perhaps she feels threatened by them.@@@@@@

now is someone like me, wrote something like that, about another 2 members, as just an observation, and wasnt out to start shit??? than I guess the 3 days of shit slinging that the "THE CUNT" started, was just someone being the usual nice and cheerful woman, that spreads joy and happiness to all here???

I did notice it showed just how wonderful a person is when she's quoting facts about others. Undercoverasian IP address and my own web stalker, 'scentofbella' whose profile she created and then fucked up in the forked tongued lizard forum court, by trying to be a victim and that the horrible *LIX* had been given saggy titted shots and was told to spread them everywhere??? but the horrible *LIX* didnt, and the CUNT knew, word for word, the message that was sent to *lix*????
yeah, shes a real gem.... PRECIOUS I would say... cant wait for their next public display of affection, as the serenity here doesnt last long *Lix*

By licksipsuckit 17,Jun,21 02:00
he's just making sure he still has a pulse *lix*

By licksipsuckit 17,Jun,21 01:59
I havent seen a male grow up yet anywhere, youre all big kids at heart *lix*

By licksipsuckit 17,Jun,21 01:57
sounds right to me *lix*