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By lawrenceo 04,Feb,23 05:39
At my age horizontal erections are in fashion!

By lawrenceo 25,Jan,23 04:41
Black and white contrast

By lawrenceo 25,Jan,23 04:34
I haven't had the opportunity of wanking an adult cut penis but I am sure that I would enjoy it as much as doing it with an uncut one.

By lawrenceo 25,Jan,23 04:32
I had one or two with older lads and they were a good experience.

By lawrenceo 25,Jan,23 04:31
11 but someone else did it for me.

By lawrenceo 25,Jan,23 04:31
I was camping with another boy who I knew from scouts. He was cut and he wanted to see my uncut dick. As soon as he saw it he wanted to wank it as he hadn't done it with an uncut dick before. It didn't take long before he brought up my spunk. He then lay on his bedding with his hard dick upright. I took the opportunity of returning the favour. His dick was smaller than mine but he was happy with the way I rubbed it (I had only wanked one cut dick before and it was too sensitive to do it for long.) He quietly enjoyed what I was doing and my hand was soon covered with his spunk.

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:35
I like to start off soft on Skype and have a play whilst seeing you

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:20
All my experiences of oral have been with females. Time to change gender

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:19
Sounds to be an interesting policy but any dick to hand is good

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:16
Seeking the photos of dicks that I would like to wank

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:15
Well you have come to the right place

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:14
Had the experience many years ago and it is well-past the time for another.

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:12
If you have had an ice lolly, then you have made a start

By lawrenceo 21,Jan,23 04:09
Two good photos - I would like to investigate the opening

By lawrenceo 31,Dec,22 05:55
Seems an expensive way of doing it, unless you had a companion

By lawrenceo 31,Dec,22 05:51
Well anything that vibrates, but putting you dick into a vacuum tube could end up painful or worse.

By lawrenceo 31,Dec,22 05:46
Some studies have suggested that vasectomy is associated with the increased risk of prostate cancer, however, this conclusion is not supported by all the published studies.

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Other studies don't support the connection.

If you want to learn more check it out on Google.

By lawrenceo 31,Dec,22 05:39
I remember passing a boarding house in north Wales many years ago. It had those big bay windows with the large central pane.

A couple were very close to the window with the girl sitting on the lap of of the man, facing him with his dick inside her. They were kissing but I dared not have stood and watched - it was just the vision of the mutual pleasure that has stayed in my memory.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:45
Premature ejaculation will pass in time. Till then enjoy it.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:43
Well, the foreplay can be very exciting. Not every one wants a quick toss-off.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:41
I did this at one time using casting base, The problem was keeping my dick in position and erect. I did manage a passible positive. Lost it ages ago.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:38

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:38
You will have to find them on the internet

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:32
I had mine at 50 and it was completely satisfactory (after the six week's wait for the no signs test).

I had many years of bareback fucking with my wife and later girl friends.

However, about 2 or 3 years ago, I could see that there was sperm in my spunk. The tubes must have renewed a partial reconnection.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:26
I always recognise mine if I see it on a site.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:23
At my age touch is the main thing. Some visuals will bring on a semi. Full erection only at orgasm.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:19
I have to admit that I like to see a smooth, long, slim dick without a vein in sight. Especially when hanging, soft.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:17
I always look for a 5-6 ins dick when I am cruising the internet

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:15
Love to see a pool of spunk but on a table top

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:14

Waiting for your touch

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:13
Here is mine; ready and waiting

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:11
It is a long time since I gave another male a wank and it would be good to find someone who would visit me and become a regular wank buddy. I do so want to have again another male's dick in my hand.

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:07
Having a wank

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:06
Much prefer to see amateur and as-you-are photos

By lawrenceo 29,Dec,22 06:05
Always attracted to twinks; especially hairless and with small - average dick.

By lawrenceo 24,Dec,22 08:55
Only been examined by two doctors, both male. Although I didn't know it at the time one of them was homosexual.

By lawrenceo 24,Dec,22 08:53
Always ready to wank a dick if it is on offer

By lawrenceo 24,Dec,22 08:51
Depends upon whose scale we are working! Average when fully erect, small when soft.

By lawrenceo 17,Dec,22 09:58
At that age the time it took to masturbate to orgasm was not long.

By lawrenceo 17,Dec,22 09:56
Some cocks that are soft small can become 3-5 ins when erect and it is nice to feel them growing

By lawrenceo 12,Dec,22 08:41
Each to his own. You wear what satisfies you and gives you pleasure.
I wouldn't do and I am not excited by seeing them on other males.
There are many ways of presenting a dick using male clothing or none.

By lawrenceo 12,Dec,22 08:35
I would be happy to have both. BJ to bring on the pre-orgasmic thrills and the full penetration for release of the build-up.

By lawrenceo 12,Dec,22 08:31
I love my foreskin and use it.

By lawrenceo 12,Dec,22 08:30
When it is poking out of any clothing, it has to be an invitation to interact.

By lawrenceo 09,Dec,22 08:51
Well, if all the photos that you have posted on your page are of your penis, I wouldn't worry about size. Just lie there and wait for someone to join you and ask them what they are thinking about.

By lawrenceo 09,Dec,22 08:37
Many couple must kiss and cuddle when they are on a beach and clothed. How far does the Australian system go when the couple are nude?

By lawrenceo 09,Dec,22 08:34
Nude beaches must be better. I have never been able to visit one, but it would have been good to have done in my youthful days.

By lawrenceo 09,Dec,22 08:19
Mine was 6" from 19 to about 55; then it began to loose some of it's stiffness. Still gives me pleasure.

By lawrenceo 09,Dec,22 08:17
I am uncut and will remain so. One of my friends in the forces had his done when he was about 25. It looked good when all back to normal and he got plenty of activity with it - the size and shape would be attractive to the girls.

By lawrenceo 03,Dec,22 08:42
As you get to be really old, it is nicer to have someone else's cock in hand, especially if younger and more virile.