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By donkeyuncut 09,Apr,22 07:47
Hard to give a good answer. Anyone uncut doesn't know the other. Most who get cut late in life do so for tight or sore foreskin, so will say cut is better. Saying uncut feel more, in more sensitive is correct, however the cut cock still feels the best it has ever felt.(not a feeling cut ever experienced) Less lube and not drying out is probably on uncut favour. My knob dries out if my skins stays back overnight. Statistically more foreskins are in the world now and less are being cut on newborns

By donkeyuncut 24,Jul,21 23:19
Bigballeyboy18 is 100% 6" not bigger mirror images on cock he blocked me

By donkeyuncut 04,Jan,18 21:29
Oddly cut cock always look older and uncut looks younger

By donkeyuncut 06,Jun,16 17:22
Cut cock ia hard to tell age
Seen on here some are 20 and look 40 and other way around

By donkeyuncut 05,Mar,16 17:13
Regular doms small 49mm regular 55mm large 59mm
So u would assume
Small is 4" girth
Normal 4.5"
Large 5"

By donkeyuncut 20,Dec,15 16:08
Very tight snip
Looks scarless to

By donkeyuncut 20,Dec,15 16:05
Most claim 8" but in reality 8" is very large
Less than 5% r over 7" , 1% r 8" or more
So most claimed 8" would probably b 7.5"
Stats says 5-7" is 90% of all men.

By donkeyuncut 30,Oct,15 05:16

By donkeyuncut 15,Jun,15 17:59
They call it jerry n its big

By donkeyuncut 10,May,15 21:04
Same as some people r 7' tall

By donkeyuncut 08,May,15 08:20
How big does it get hard

By donkeyuncut 04,May,15 06:48
How long did u take until u got use to the feeling ir lack of

By donkeyuncut 25,Apr,15 08:21
Replaces screen then back hoes to syd

By donkeyuncut 25,Apr,15 08:20
Ok mine says u have so many seconds to upgrade ur system
On android
Doesn't do it on any other sites
Makes a noise if media is on

By donkeyuncut 22,Apr,15 17:25
Does sex get better? Tried it once after 10 days retracted and it wasn't any good
Anyone else experience this
Gave up retraction and sex went back to normal

By donkeyuncut 22,Apr,15 17:23
Says about upgrading ur cpu on mobile with a counter

By donkeyuncut 13,Apr,15 17:23
When I open site and sometimes randomly if I open pics

By donkeyuncut 11,Apr,15 19:01
When u open site not just logon page. I stay logged in

By donkeyuncut 11,Apr,15 05:06
On mobile? ?

By donkeyuncut 05,Apr,15 19:06
Well I liked idea skin back
Had retracted for day or so in past no big deal
Retracted for 7-10days knob changed texture but sex was so dull
Will I get use to that I have kept full cover and recovered te normal feeling

By donkeyuncut 05,Apr,15 18:59
A genuine 9" 23cm cock is very very rare think how many people r 6'10"
Im sure some larger may exist same as people r 7ft tall

Im sure uncut 7" is average of younger generation

By donkeyuncut 31,Mar,15 04:41
I can't aim its a flood not stream with skin

By donkeyuncut 26,Mar,15 22:19
Well larger condoms r 59mm normal 54mm small 49mm
All around the 7" long
So thats un stretched so thats condom companies say
Smal 4"
Avg 4.5"
Big 5"
Think u can get xl 65mm
So xl 5.5"
So of course that's min size they fit
so a 7" girth would b very tight in extra large

By donkeyuncut 26,Mar,15 22:10
Looks like average uncut cock u need more pics

By donkeyuncut 13,Feb,15 19:21
Only clean measure pics will b considered

By donkeyuncut 13,Feb,15 19:20
Post ruler pic

By donkeyuncut 07,Sep,14 17:51
R still as many 4" ?? N just more 8"??

By donkeyuncut 23,Jun,14 04:09
Yeah once ur over 14" if held in

By donkeyuncut 22,Jun,14 18:57
U tell if girls moan

By donkeyuncut 13,Jun,14 18:33
8" at 11 pubes just b4 never got bigger thought id b huger

By donkeyuncut 13,Jan,14 16:31
Probably slightly but remember if a young guy is hung like field mouse he isnt going to upload pics. Where as older guys are comfortable with their size