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By soharditspurple 11,Aug,22 04:25
All I asked was a simple question. Your reply was "figure it out". I'm trying to "figure it out". I edited my original question to clarify better and your answers weren't helpful, just clutter. That is why I deleted them and will continue to do so

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By soharditspurple 10,Jul,22 02:50
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who's dick was so long he could suck it
He said with a grin
Wiping the cum off his chin
"If my ear was a cunt, I could fuck it!"

By soharditspurple 10,Jul,22 02:40
Find out what the female orgasm feels like

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By soharditspurple 06,May,22 16:07
I do. Imagining and fantasizing what it would be like to service my cock from the other side given the opportunity. Jerking it , licking it, blowing it lol

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By soharditspurple 21,Apr,22 14:58
Haven't uploaded any new pics in a little while but here's my most recent

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By soharditspurple 26,Nov,21 22:51
LOL I guess it could be considered that

By soharditspurple 23,Apr,21 15:32

By soharditspurple 31,Mar,21 20:09
I don’t use any. Just one more mess to clean up and it makes taking pictures a pain having to wipe your hands constantly before handling the camera

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By soharditspurple 31,Mar,21 04:23
A few weeks old but still my newest photo

By soharditspurple 11,Oct,20 18:58
I haven’t other than talking with others about how I think it would so exciting to grow up in that lifestyle and carry it on

By soharditspurple 13,Feb,20 01:44
That’s fucking hot!

By soharditspurple 13,Feb,20 01:43

By soharditspurple 31,Jan,20 03:34
I have found pics of my wife and I from xhamster and imagefap reoposted but never anything with the SYD watermark. Xhamster seems to be the hotspot for this and that’s part of the appeal. Knowing someone has enjoyed your content enough to download it and repost in their galleries.

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By soharditspurple 09,Jan,20 02:13
Been using them for years. I rarely jerk off or fuck the wife without them. They feel great and keeping the balls pushed out really lets them slam her ass hole in missionary and clit good during doggy. I also think it makes for a wonderful display of penis and testicles

By soharditspurple 08,Jan,20 21:22

By soharditspurple 11,Nov,19 21:10
Thanks man That’s my wife

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By soharditspurple 03,Aug,19 18:44

By soharditspurple 29,Jul,19 01:20
I would be ok with it. I think it’s hot. Love to film She gets propositioned frequently but I just can’t seem to get her to come around to the idea

By soharditspurple 27,Jul,19 14:45
Wife and I do frequently. It’s part of our playtime. I’ll cum on her phat pussy and big wobbly belly or she’ll finish me off there

By soharditspurple 26,Jul,19 04:15
I keep my balls shaved cause the wife likes sucking on them. Still have pubic mound bush. Gives her a good clitty tickler when fucking

By soharditspurple 26,Jul,19 04:03
Yes I agree. I think part of the appeal is we all know what the other is experiencing and how good it feels. I try to cum at the same time as they do imagining we’re jerking together and we just coated each other’s cocks with hot cum!

By soharditspurple 26,Jul,19 03:50
I jerk to my own pics and videos all the time. Usually get so turned on taking them knowing others will be getting off on it I have to rub one out “reviewing” them, imagining what it would be like to service my own cock “from the other side” I love my cock and get turned on reading the comments from others and so the cycle continues

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By soharditspurple 19,Jul,19 04:03
Post and jerk here, xhamster, zoig, and imagefap.
I jerk to BBW’s, cock, stuff the wife and make, pics and vids of myself, and recently some gay stuff

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By soharditspurple 13,Jul,19 00:14
To each his own. I keep my testicles and shaft shaved but pubes on mons. Wife likes the clitty tickler and I think it makes good photos, you can see the nuts

By soharditspurple 12,Jul,19 23:49

By soharditspurple 07,Jul,19 23:44
That the wife and I’s pics are all over the www

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