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By cody8789 09,Dec,22 07:18
No matter what he did, he will never see a prison, the u.s. Doesn't make a habit of putting a past president in jail. The most he'll get is fines and won't be able to run for pres. Again. If found guilty

By cody8789 08,Dec,22 20:57
The arms dealer was about to get out of prison amyway, they stated he was in for 14 years, he served 11 and was soon to be released for good behavior. So I think it was a good deal, but the original deal was 2 for one, what about the other American that was supposed to be released, he's still being detained.

By cody8789 06,Dec,22 21:27
I had purple and blue balls and never went blind

By cody8789 05,Dec,22 20:02
, dev

By cody8789 03,Dec,22 04:11
I will never own an electrical vehicle, what people don't understand is salt ruins the batteries of the elect. Car. I've been told try replacing the batteries for under ten grand, also warranty is void if you try to get anyone else but tesla to fix any problems that may accur so they can make all the money servicing the cars. Also, remember,if your going to take a long trip in your electric car, the charge is only good for about 300-350 miles and good luck finding a recharge station and also hope there's no waiting line because not only will there be a line to wait but a 30-50 minute charging time. I can go on. You better read about all the disadvantages b4 you buy one unless you just want to use it for local driving.

By cody8789 01,Dec,22 20:38
Freddy does the killing for admin he's like a buffer

By cody8789 01,Dec,22 02:56
If your going to be in ft,lauderdale area, let me know, dinner is on me. I'm 200 yards from I75 in Weston fl.

By cody8789 30,Nov,22 21:55
Admin should be looking at the comments made in the abuse panel and take away the ability of a member to vote that makes comments that are immeture or stupid. These members do not have the intelligence to vote in this panel.

By cody8789 30,Nov,22 12:47

By cody8789 29,Nov,22 21:45
He does that to get a look at ALL your pictures

By cody8789 29,Nov,22 01:50
Whatever it takes to get in office, go for it

By cody8789 29,Nov,22 01:49

By cody8789 28,Nov,22 19:28
Wrong, monkey pox is not spread by gays, the majority is spread by gay and bisexual men but can be given to anyone, by saying it can only be spread by gays is indeed a racial remark. Try googling who can get monkey pox befor you make inn accurate statements.

By cody8789 28,Nov,22 18:09
Peeslave is still here under a diff name

By cody8789 28,Nov,22 18:05
I voted, it was a simple choice for me

By cody8789 28,Nov,22 18:01
I don't know why he would do that, but I do understand why oz said he would do the same for small minor criminals which will free up space and tax payer money. Fett looks like a thug and oz just don't do it for me neither. I think they found the worst two individuals in the state to run.

By cody8789 28,Nov,22 12:56
Why, you ask, I was talking to fetterman yesterday and he told me he was only releasing criminals into the republican areas

By cody8789 28,Nov,22 00:10

By cody8789 26,Nov,22 18:43
I agree

By cody8789 26,Nov,22 18:40
The symbol means that some members just want to keep this post alive and post a symbol to move it to the top

By cody8789 26,Nov,22 03:54
I'm with you, Jamie is loved by many on this site and I will be there to defend him all the way. I will not stay neutral on this matter.

By cody8789 26,Nov,22 03:44
Jamie was in chat yesterday and ken31234 was giving him shit, wasn't sure what Ken was saying because I've been blacklisted by Ken six years ago, but I think that might be part of it. Kens a piece of shit

By cody8789 24,Nov,22 19:09
Here in Miami I hear about blacks killing blacks EVERYDAY, but does it make the national news, of course it doesn't.

By cody8789 22,Nov,22 22:19
i think you should try trimmed first b4 you shave, I think you will prefer the look and feel of trimmed over shaved. Do what you like and not what others like, it's all about how you feel about yourself

By cody8789 22,Nov,22 18:50
Cat, what your saying about mcduffy is not the facts, I know the four police officers and the one that try to cover it up. The fact is, mcduffy was a major drug dealer and a theif, and also, the fact came out that mcduffy died in the presents of the four police officers hitting him with there p24s because he was resisting arrest, and people say, why four police officers, because if it was one police officer, he would probably have gotten hurt, that's why four, and also, it was a fact that mcduffys skull was cracked in a pool room fight just minutes b4 police chase, that's why murder charges were not filed, only police brutality.

By cody8789 22,Nov,22 18:37
Accually, the Japanese are little, the Chinese are a bigger chinks

By cody8789 22,Nov,22 01:32
Remember when China put lead in baby toys that babies chewed on, they knew what they were doing, making Americans more brain damaged

By cody8789 21,Nov,22 14:21
I've hated Jane ever since that conflict began and she sided with them

By cody8789 21,Nov,22 11:17
Freddy said it right, everyone should just move on instead of making it worse then it is.

By cody8789 21,Nov,22 11:15
The way you say it is wrong, Ukraine was trying to shoot down missiles fired by Russia and two went into Poland, this happens all the time, don't make it sound like Ukraine is shooting at Poland. Ukraine wants there country, there not bombing there nuclear plant, I wouldn't put it past Russia shooting at the plant just so they can say the Ukrainians did it

By cody8789 21,Nov,22 02:13

By cody8789 21,Nov,22 01:27
There's been name calling on both sides, Bella as well has been offended by comments said to her. She has apologized and I think uca should apologize as well and both parties should go there own seperate ways and not comment about each other. That would be the right thing to do, me on the other hand, if someone started with me I would make there life so missurable, then again, Bella did apologize and she's a better person then I would ever be.

By cody8789 21,Nov,22 00:53
Fake news by Putin

By cody8789 21,Nov,22 00:23
I had to google what this meant and I personally had thought it wasn't much more then laughable name calling. It's understandable that you didn't know how offensive it might have been, gee, I've heard many othe members say what I would think was over the top shit. I think your apology is sincere and would expect an apology from the other involved. Because the other involved is no angel like most of us have been one time or another including myself.

By cody8789 20,Nov,22 19:17
Phart, I was talking with Biden yesterday and he told me he was going to ask pelosi to be his running mate

By cody8789 20,Nov,22 00:48
I get a hard on just knowing someone is getting a hard on looking at me

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 17:43
Cause you use them too much

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 17:39
I would vote for the devil if he gave me what I needed, well maybe not the devil, but you know what I'm saying
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What's going on with the double postings

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 17:38
I would vote for the devil if he gave me what I needed

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 17:32
Not mine

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 03:23
Yes, I never felt the need to have to "man spread"

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 00:47
Never heard of that saying, I guess because my balls are not huge, I've never had any so called problems like that if any, I don't even know ther there unless I pull my pants down
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Wow, never knew that even existed

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 00:11
I have so many other things to do with my life, I hate politics and if I am going to do my so called job to vote, I want it to be less time consuming. I've voted for both democrat and republican. I don't like whose running on either side. If I can get someone who will keep social security, and Medicare strong, they will get my vote, that's all I care about. I care about me and only me. It's what I need. Not what's better for everyone else. Seems like there are several republicans that want to cut these two, yes, I've heard them say it, I voted for reagon, George h bush Obama, and Biden only because I don't like trump even though he had some good ideas, his mouth was the clincher. Now I don't know who to vote for, what we need is new younger with different ideas, strong defense, start building things here in the u.s. And help our own people here first. Stop sending money, aid and food that we need for our own to other countries, well you get the point. Space force. Oh, what I forgot, most people don't know this but the u.s. Has more oil under our own ground then anyone including Saudi Arabia, it's a FACT. let's start drilling our own oil and were down to three refineries when we used to have seven producing oil refineries that were shut down because it was cheaper to get oil overseas. Stop the greedy fucking Americans who just want to overcharge us for there own benefit. I can go on, don't get me started,,, I've said too much already.
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Sorry for the half reprint, I guess technical problems

By cody8789 18,Nov,22 00:04

By cody8789 17,Nov,22 19:04
I change my own oillol, anyway, I've never been to a polling place because I've always voted by mail.

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By cody8789 15,Nov,22 18:35
It was 85 here today

By cody8789 15,Nov,22 18:35
Nooo, I'm not running for president

By cody8789 14,Nov,22 21:27
Everyone I knew when I was young that smoked pot have perfect and professional lives now, I don't know of any who don't. I never smoked in my life and don't want to, when I hear you say "pot is an entry level drug" my googling of this subject, I hear those same words on the Internet. Maybe they should say, it may be a level drug... Just like every drug on the market has so many side effects that anyone can experience.
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Also, in googling about pot, I never said anything about pot being open to anyone, I stated for medical reasons just like our government believes. I also found while googling that pot helps people that have hiv, it helps them in many ways. And other medical issues that have been proven to help,,, yes it can also be bad for the lungs but when someone is dieing or had such a bad medical issue pot can help give a person with little time to live a better time left.