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I love it!

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Please rate me

By Dover69 23,Oct,21 13:56
I have always been trimmed but have let it grow and now feel much smaller even if its just an illusion. Will be trimming tonight though

By Dover69 16,Nov,13 20:57
I'm a curious guy who likes to look but also likes to take pics for others to enjoy. Will give anything a try once. Anybody want a personalised pic?

By Dover69 16,Sep,12 02:53
What about girth then ladies. Prefer them wide or thin?

By Dover69 15,Sep,12 15:21
I agree. Such a great description

By Dover69 14,Jul,12 14:09
i had sex with an ex in a church toilet

By Dover69 14,Jul,12 14:00
i think of a big hard cock bashing a beauty from behind recently girls bum holes are the one for me

By Dover69 14,Jul,12 10:41
Thanks mate when it does I will let you all know. Lol your a top bloke x

By Dover69 07,Jul,12 21:51
Thanks sounds like a good idea to me. Just gotta find some volunteers now

By Dover69 06,Jul,12 12:48
I have always had a thing for cocks. I used to think I was going to be gay from a very early age but once I tried pussy for the first time I knew that was for me. In the last 9 years I have slept with over 75 girls but I now have the urge to see what its actually like. My partner loves making love to my ass with her bullet but I would just like to see how a real cock tastes and feels inside me. Any one have any ideas of things to try or have an opinion on the matter or just fancy a chat about eachothers cocks

By Dover69 22,Jun,12 18:37
i have to play atleast once a day or when i comes to it with the partner she gets drowned!