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By tallon77 19,Nov,21 16:24
I'm on the north coast of Oregon and would love one to suck on a regular basis

By tallon77 17,Oct,20 16:41
I really love cock spurting in my mouth

By tallon77 16,Feb,19 12:52

By tallon77 16,Jun,18 18:57
Think I'd be there

By tallon77 17,Apr,17 16:06
Ladies First always

By tallon77 15,Apr,17 18:16
I'm ready for sucking that's for sure

By tallon77 02,Mar,17 15:13
When I was 15 I was putting together a 56 chevy and there was a married guy in his 40's who lived down the road who knew a lot about welding and cars engines etc. who offered his help. I had a girlfriend at the time but one day he showed me a fuck book he had and it got my attention to say the least.It was hot as hell and we both had only shorts and tee shirts on and it didn't take all that many pages before my cock was poking out the bottom.His too and we both laughed about it and he said when his wife got home he'd ask her to suck it.Then he asked if my girl was sucking mine and I was honest and said no but on occasion she'd let me feel her up then I'd go home and jerk off.Around lunch we went into the house ate and he was sitting in the living room chair a wing back chair with his legs stretched out on a foot stool and he kept rubbing his cock in his shorts till it was sticking out the leg plainly in view. Then he stood up and just dropped his shorts and began pumping his cock!He sat back down and said to me"grab my cock and pump it for me" it was if I was in a trance but I sat on the footstool and did just as he asked.I had real long hair at the time and he grabbed my hair and said suck it! I kinda balked at the idea but at the same time it seemed sexy. So I took the head in my mouth and he'd pump his cock while holding my hair with his other hand.It didn't take long and his ass began to lift off the chair and he was fucking my mouth. I could hear his breathing as he'd push deeper in my mouth and then the squirting began he was cumming hard and holding both sides of my head as he filled my mouth and throat.It happened many times after that and many times he'd do me as well. Fond memories of growing up....

By tallon77 06,Jul,16 12:55
North Coast Oregon

By tallon77 11,Jun,16 13:14
Coconut oil works for me!

By tallon77 14,May,16 14:38
I've never had an uncut cock but would love to try one.

By tallon77 20,Apr,16 16:56
I like it when the head begins to throb and I hear him moan

By tallon77 10,Jan,16 14:36
I'd really like to find a Good Buddy

By tallon77 22,Dec,15 14:21
I'd love to have a Buddy for jerking and more!

By tallon77 04,Nov,15 13:08
Coconut butter works for me

By tallon77 28,Oct,15 15:19
In a heartbeat

By tallon77 30,Aug,15 17:02
I really would like sucking a small cock. I like the thought of feeling the entire cock in my mouth throbbing and swelling. So if you are in Northwest Oregon or
Southwest Washington and desire a good sucking get hold of me....

By tallon77 17,Jul,15 20:07
The thing I like about sucking cock(or being sucked for that matter) is when it
gets so intense one loses control. When I'm sucking a nice hard cock and the hips start to rise up kinda thrusting. Hearing the breathing change and feeling the guys hands on my ears then the beginnings of long groans and his legs are starting to shake.Now he's telling me he's about to cum being polite but my mouth and lips lock tightly around that throbbing cock and the first squirt hits my tongue and I'm making a mmm sound as spurt after spurt slides down my throat my index finger deep in his ass feeling him rising up higher unloading as I grasp the base and work every last drop from him. Ever so slowly I withdraw my finger and as his legs trimble I feel his cock begin to soften

By tallon77 23,Jun,15 11:46
I'd really enjoy finding a cock to suck on here in Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington. It wouldn't have to be big just a guy who enjoys getting sucked and
then going our separate ways.....

By tallon77 23,May,15 13:47
I've only had three different guys,the first couldn't get hard and it turned out very boring. The second guy was OK but came very quickly but the third was
outstanding! I placed an add on CL and got several responses and finally chose a married guy in a near by town. I went over early one morning after his wife had gone to work and he met me in a robe with sweat pants being nervous I talked him into smoking a bowl then he sat down in his computer chair. I pulled down
those pants and found a semi hard cock mostly shaven pubic hair and knelt down between his legs and began by licking the length of his shaft feeling it harden and swelling quickly he was rising up just a bit so I began to suck just the head then his hands were on my head gently pushing himself deeper into my mouth. His cock wasn't all that long but was quite thick and was oozing pre cum like crazy,he'd dropped off the robe and his ass was rising higher off
the chair and his breathing labored. I pulled his cock from my mouth and began to stroke him with my right hand reaching up with my tongue and licking that pre cum from the swelling head. Then I began licking his balls and hearing him moan feeling his pulsing cock in my hand I probed more with my tongue and felt his ass rise even higher and began flicking his rose bud suddenly his hand was against the back of my head pushing my tongue deeper in an ever opening ass. He was reaching down now with both hands pulling my lips and mouth to his ass his cock hard in my hand. His moaning turned to deep groans and then he was saying he was ready to cum so I put his throbbing cock back into my mouth just in time to feel him spurt on my tongue his legs vibrating his ass off the chair as i took that spurt and many more! Made my cock hard as hell

By tallon77 09,May,15 15:47
My preference is to sit a guy down in a comfortable chair and work his cock with my hands and mouth. Then when his ass starts to rise up off the chair he can hold the sides of my head and fuck my mouth if he likes as he unloads.

By tallon77 04,Mar,15 13:16
I like them because feeling the entire cock throb in my mouth makes me hard

By tallon77 10,Feb,15 14:18
I sucked my first one several months ago but it's the second one that stands out in my mind. It happened just a couple of days ago. I live fairly close to a boat ramp and camping area on the columbia river,it had been raining for several days and I was taking my dog for a walk when I struck up a conversation with a guy who was camped there. Small talk of weather and fishing lead to him asking me if I'd like a cup of coffee. We got into the the camper and he was wet from the last shower and removed his coat and then his pants right down to his long johns. As we sat at the table drinking the coffee he was wiggling a bit and I noticed his cock outlined through his long johns. He was telling me how much he enjoyed camping but how it always made him horny and with that he rubbed his cock! It hardened up almost right away and as he stood to get more coffee it was almost poking out and there was a wet spot at the head clearly visible. When he sat down again it was clearly hard every once in a while he'd kind move it about. I told him maybe he should take it out and give it some air,he smiled and pulled it out head glistened with pre cum already. A very nice thick 7 inches pretty thick and swelling. He gave it a quick stroke and I watched as another drop of pre cum formed on the tip. I dropped to my knees and took it into my hands and began stroking it watching the head swell and throb then I put my lips around the head and ran my tongue around it while pulling off his long johns. He'd shaved his pubic hair and it was smooth as could be his balls too. I worked it deeper and as I did his ass began to rise and his breathing became labored. at this point his hands were covering my ears but I could hear him breathing heavily. I pulled my mouth away from his cock which was throbbing like crazy and began licking his balls which were tightening up and he lifted his ass giving me better access. I was licking the base of his balls him lifting his ass and I decided to poke his ass with just the tip of my tongue. When I did this his body shuttered and on the second poke I felt my tongue go deeper into his butt he gasped and pushed his butt firmly against my firm tongue while he stroked his throbbing cock. Please! a finger he said and i pushed my index finger slowly into his bottom and returned to sucking his now pre cum covered cock. It was just as hard as could be be and so was I when he said he was going to cum! I didn't pull away but took his hand and placed it on his cock and he began to pump,my finger in his ass my mouth around his cock and him groaning as his cum began to spurt into my mouth spurt after spurt it was amazing how much cum this guy came. I took it all and he obviously was spent his cock limp and legs quivering.

By tallon77 13,Jan,15 10:31
Northwest corner of Oregon

By tallon77 03,Jan,15 14:21

By tallon77 30,Dec,14 19:54
I'd be happy to find a cock close by me that needs a good sucking

By tallon77 02,Aug,14 16:38
I wanna be your friend!

By tallon77 26,Apr,14 12:35
I'd love to have a Buddy,here in Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington

By tallon77 17,Oct,13 15:47
I like both,it's all about pleasure!

By tallon77 05,Oct,13 13:22
North Oregon on the Coast

By tallon77 11,Sep,13 09:39
Oregon,Northwest Coast

By tallon77 09,May,13 15:30
That's why I'm here

By tallon77 02,May,13 22:44
I love the entire scene. Feeling the cock stiffen and begin to pulse then those hot spurts hitting my tongue and filling my mouth. The change in breathing the hips
thrusting forward and the legs giving way to spasms and squeezing and pumping out the last few drops....

By tallon77 25,Apr,13 21:30
Bring up to Oregon,I'd love to give her a going over...

By tallon77 25,Apr,13 16:41
To be upfront,I'd like this site a lot more if it were easier to make a hook up. I
always get horned up looking at all the meat but it seldom goes any place...

By tallon77 21,Apr,13 20:43
Free massage any way you want it. For those in nortwest oregon or southwest

By tallon77 20,Apr,13 12:09
Great Ass,perfect for playing

By tallon77 07,Apr,13 14:09
Funny I got hard looking at your photos

By tallon77 05,Apr,13 10:31
If your pussy is as nice as your tits I love to see it!

By tallon77 04,Apr,13 15:25
Love to work my way through the hair,finding the clit and lips

By tallon77 29,Mar,13 17:46
What I really enjoy is the prelude. Feeling it grow against my tongue and mouth
and the pre-cum beginning to ooze. Then hearing the change in his breathing
the hands against my ears and the hips thrusting forward almost uncontrollably
and finally the pulse of hot cum coming in spurts along with the grunts and groans feeling the legs shutter and squirm. I like it all

By tallon77 06,Mar,13 09:56
I've sucked a few,don't know what the big deal is? I'm pretty sure men have been
sucking cock since the beginning of time...

By tallon77 17,Feb,13 16:32
I'd love to do your ass and you wouldn't soon forget it

By tallon77 16,Feb,13 13:31
At 5'8" and 144 lbs I got to say many both males and females are surprised to see a 9" cock between my legs. Not huge but it gets the job done

By tallon77 03,Feb,13 15:03
Without a doubt, I'd ride it any way you'd like

By tallon77 01,Feb,13 18:33
Brings me great pleasure and makes my cock very hard if it's my cream or anothers!

By tallon77 01,Feb,13 18:31
I'd have to say top

By tallon77 31,Jan,13 18:29
Love to fuck a nice loose pussy and love to eat them too. Not much better than a pussy you can rub your face into where the cum spills easily out....mmmmmmmmm

By tallon77 28,Jan,13 19:35
While rafting on the Rouge river in Oregon!

By tallon77 26,Jan,13 17:27
Northwest Oregon or Southwest Washington and I'm game

By tallon77 25,Jan,13 19:52
Northwest Oregon or Southwest washington, I'm up for sexual things