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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 70

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&#128247; &#10173; syd-photo-model  ««««

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 70


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By Chrissmith 01,Feb,22 01:01
Hot cock mine next
By Vita 01,Feb,22 01:17
ooookaaay many thanks and best regards !

By Barni 01,Feb,22 01:28
Nahaufnahme näher geht´s nicht ....
By Vita 01,Feb,22 01:51
Manche wollen JEDES Detail !!!

By stefan123 01,Feb,22 01:44
man muss sehr nah sein, um ihm zu sehen
By Vita 01,Feb,22 01:52
Er nu´ wieder mit seinem Neid !!!

By wallyw1998 01,Feb,22 01:51
Lovely close up of your knob and slit. Don’t sprat your jizz into that lens. It will gum up the AF for sure.
By Vita 01,Feb,22 01:52
yes thanks for the tip !!
By wallyw1998 01,Feb,22 01:58
I could give you lots of tips but my swollen cock tip would be great.
By Vita 01,Feb,22 02:04
yes i see soo hot !!

By portman 01,Feb,22 02:05
Could be fun
By Vita 01,Feb,22 02:06
T H A N K ⇔ ✌ ⇔ Y O U

By billiboy 01,Feb,22 02:15
Da will aber jemand alles ganz genau sehen!
By Vita 01,Feb,22 04:02
Jedes Detail der Nachwelt erhalten !!

By Viers32 01,Feb,22 02:17
I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeVille.
By Vita 01,Feb,22 04:03
nice of you … thanks a bunch from berlin !

By alanhuk 01,Feb,22 02:36
He looks very good!! Very photogenic
By Vita 01,Feb,22 04:03
ღღღღ 》》》》 THANK YOU ! 《《《《 ღღღღ

By Steffen15 01,Feb,22 03:40
Da habe ich schon darauf gewartet
By Vita 01,Feb,22 04:05
► D-A-N-K-E--D-A-N-K-E ◄

By balticsea 01,Feb,22 03:43
Die will's aber aus nächster Nähe wissen
By Vita 01,Feb,22 04:05
Kann man doch verstehen, oder ?!

By #644817 01,Feb,22 04:05
A Beautiful big thick cock
By Vita 01,Feb,22 04:06

By #747 01,Feb,22 04:25
By Vita 01,Feb,22 04:31
Scheint anzusprechen ... Danke-Danke !!

By steve500 01,Feb,22 04:39
great photo
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:41

By bustyman44dd 01,Feb,22 04:53
That's a close up to lick one's lips over!
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:43
beautiful remark, i am thankful !

By shorty 01,Feb,22 05:32
Sehr schön! Aber nicht aufs Objektiv spritzen
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:44
... aber wenn Vita doch so aufgeregt is´!!!

By Gary5 01,Feb,22 07:51
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:45
thank-you thank-you thank-you

By Flowo 01,Feb,22 08:20
Jaaaaaa, noch etwas mehr lächeln und die Falten von der Vorhaut noch etwas glatt ziehen und Schuss.
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:46

By trim1963 01,Feb,22 12:11
I would not be able to resist giving it a sucking
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:47
... it is always my intention !!!

By BirdDog 01,Feb,22 13:03
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:48
thank you for the encouraging assessment !

By Kwann 01,Feb,22 13:10
I want it
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:48
no problem ... come here !!

By tb1 01,Feb,22 13:46
👀 hot, bloody hot 👍👍
By Vita 01,Feb,22 13:48
nice of you … ... thanks a bunch from berlin !
By tb1 01,Feb,22 13:54
You’re welcum stud
By Vita 01,Feb,22 14:04

By PeterPeter 01,Feb,22 15:13
Great picture
Great head
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:17
nice to hear from you ... thank you !

By zatock 01,Feb,22 15:45
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:18
► D-A-N-K-E--S-C-H-Ö-N ◄

By probowler298 01,Feb,22 16:07
That is what I call a closeup!!!!!
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:19
thank you

By Skinslim 01,Feb,22 19:11
Great looking penis
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:19

By surferharry 01,Feb,22 20:49
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:20

By Redworm1963 01,Feb,22 21:07
Interesting development!
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:25
oooh yes thx & greet !!

By slipper 01,Feb,22 21:48
Yeah, always go for the close-up!
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:26
thank you very much for your statement !!

By #33787 02,Feb,22 00:16
What a lovely model to photograph
By Vita 02,Feb,22 00:27

By Robben 02,Feb,22 00:31
Soon on the front page on the paper
By Vita 02,Feb,22 02:37
yes i hope it makes it to the leading title pages !!

By Fritz 02,Feb,22 03:58
So und jetzt noch abspritzen
By Vita 02,Feb,22 13:59
Kommt noch ... keine Angst !!

By DJS 02,Feb,22 06:49
The Berlinner David Bailey
By Vita 02,Feb,22 14:03
at least !!!
By DJS 02,Feb,22 14:18
Prefer a 🎩 at least
By Vita 03,Feb,22 00:42
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By arend65 02,Feb,22 13:33
Schaue direkt in die Kamera mit dem einen Augen bitte!
By Vita 02,Feb,22 14:04
Okee !!

By Spencer59 02,Feb,22 15:29
I really want it in my mouth!
By Vita 03,Feb,22 00:43

By SammyBW 03,Feb,22 08:46
Beste art von Nahaufnahmen
By Vita 03,Feb,22 12:22

By HotFuckerBoy 03,Feb,22 10:22
By Vita 03,Feb,22 12:22
thank you

By Walker 03,Feb,22 17:04
I have posed for some nude close up photos for some “ art “ photo for a few girls back in college.
By Vita 04,Feb,22 00:28
show the photos please !!
By Walker 15,Jan,24 11:28
I enjoy seeing your cock head fully exposed and close up.
By Vita 16,Jan,24 00:15
thank you ... nice of you !

By medir 05,Feb,22 03:19
C'est de la photo en macro !!
Bel appareil !
By Vita 05,Feb,22 12:38
merci-merci salutations de berlin !!

By Jepp 06,Feb,22 09:25
Unter kritischer Betrachtung....Olympic Gold
By Vita 06,Feb,22 12:37
Mindestens !!!

By Jepp 09,Feb,22 06:39
Grosses Teil vor scharfer Linse....
By Vita 09,Feb,22 12:49
... er mag das ... voll eitel !!

By marc66 06,Mar,22 13:49
By Vita 07,Mar,22 00:20
Voll fotogen, oder ??!

By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 12,Mar,22 22:21
🤾‍♀️🙋 may I take a picture of your beautiful, thank you
By Vita 13,Mar,22 00:22
okay !!

By pascalle 26,Mar,22 12:37
I wish that I was that close to your beautiful cock
By Vita 26,Mar,22 15:06
come here come to berlin !

By JustWondring 10,Aug,22 15:32
I hope that's a wide-angle lens.
By Vita 11,Aug,22 00:04
► Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley - Smi ley ! ◄

By Tommotino 05,Sep,22 12:13
Love it
By Vita 05,Sep,22 12:18

By ectoboy 12,Oct,22 03:51
I just got a camera to try out photography, and taking pics of dick was one of the first things I used it for 😅
This is a great pic, and really hot cock too.
By Vita 13,Oct,22 13:20
you (he) a top photo-model too ??!
By ectoboy 13,Oct,22 14:51
I’ve not had many opportunities to take photos of other guys, so I’ve been mostly taking them of me 😅 But it’s very hard to get it in focus when I can’t see the screen 😆
By Vita 14,Oct,22 09:59
"practice makes perfect" ... old german proverb !!

By probowler298 07,Feb,23 23:46
By Vita 08,Feb,23 00:47
》》》》 《《《《

By PenisPlayer 14,Jan,24 12:32
Bitte recht freundlich
By Vita 14,Jan,24 13:59
Er lächelt gerne in Kameras !!!

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