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13,Nov,23 22:27
Do you need a slave!!!!

28,Oct,23 10:19
I would be your cuckold

21,Aug,23 04:53
Life would be orders of magnitude better if I were only able to worship that massive dick

21,Aug,23 04:50
The kind of cock that makes others bow down

21,Aug,23 04:48
An ALPHA MALE, in capital letters....I bow before you, sir

20,Aug,23 16:08
With that big dick that man is the boss

16,Aug,23 06:28
nice cock. I love the foreskin

16,Aug,23 06:27
This might be the perfect dick! Thick, good length, nice curve for hitting g-spot (or prostate) when taking from behind.

06,Jul,23 13:23
Thank you, Master, for showing us your beautiful, strong man penis. I will worship it

03,Jul,23 19:46
The kind of dick that enslaves

03,Jul,23 18:15
Nice nuts