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17,Jan,24 20:58
Thatís a beautiful cock I would like to get it right next to mine and feel how stiff it gets when we are rubbing together

17,Jan,24 19:38
Thatís one of those penis that are just so beautiful to look at and appreciate everything about it staring with how smooth the balls look going towards the shaft that looks just amazingly hot and gorgeous the way youíve got it fully erected and itís so hard that we can see a few veins popping out on the entire length of the shaft. And letís not forget about the shape of the head hiding just under your foreskin.
Iím sorry for being so explicit and detailed about this photo, but this is one penis that I wish that mine was more like yours

17,Jan,24 18:31
What a beautiful head! Looks so hot and sexy

17,Jan,24 18:03
This is a great looking shaft you have. It definitely looks longer and thicker than mine

17,Jan,24 17:55
Thatís a great photo showing the whole beauty of your body and how awesome your penis looks. Itís so hot to see it when itís fully erected and how nicely shaped it is too

17,Jan,24 17:29
This is a great looking penis youíve got there my friend. The shape, size, starting at the base of the shaft all up to the tip of the head is awesome! If I would found a lamp that had a genie in it, one of my wish would definitely be to have mine to look just like yours.

17,Jan,24 17:14
Wow thatís a great looking penis you got there my friend. Everything looks just perfect about it. Starting with the size and shape of the shaft and the way the head with also a beautiful helmet shape and letís not forget to mention how it is showing how much texture it seems to have too.
Let also tell you that when Iíll be at the same age as you are, I want to be able to be getting my cock to get as hard as the way yours can get hard.

31,Oct,23 23:19
I got to say that I love everything about your shaft. But your head, It has a perfect shape and size to be envious of!

31,Oct,23 23:10
What a great looking shaft. I love how good itís shaped from the base of the shaft all the way up to the head.

17,Sep,23 01:52
What a great view of your beautiful penis when itís fully erected. What I enjoy the most is that youíre uncut and that the head looks awesome just the way it is shaped.

09,Sep,23 20:29
Your body looks so beautiful and sensual. Iím sure that itís must be really hot to play with you.

27,Aug,23 20:49
There should be more pics of your beautiful shaft showing the head when youíre pulling your foreskin all the way down. Looks so tasteful

27,Aug,23 20:48
What a great uncut thick penis!

27,Aug,23 17:01
Iím loving how strong your penis looks when itís fully erected! Iím sure that it has to be awesome to be playing with it

27,Aug,23 16:50
Thatís such a great close up photo showing how beautiful your head looks and that it has a perfect shape too! Like it too how thereís a little bit of precum coming out

27,Aug,23 16:35
What a beautiful penis! Iím loving everything about this beauty and how hard it looks.

27,Aug,23 16:26
What a great looking penis. It has such a beautiful shape and size.

27,Aug,23 15:27
Beautiful strong erected penis!

27,Aug,23 14:39
Iím definitely voting for this beauty! You got a great looking penis with a good foreskin covering the head! However, got to say that I love it more when youíre pulling it down to show how good the head looks

27,Aug,23 13:32
Thank you! I love how yours looks too.

27,Aug,23 12:33
Love the frenulum piercing! I got the same on mine and I just love it.

27,Aug,23 12:05
What a beautiful looking penis! The shaft and the head got such a perfect shape!

21,Aug,23 03:34
Your head looks so hot and tasteful

20,Aug,23 23:35
This cock has a great size and shape. The head looks so hot too!

20,Aug,23 23:29
This is one awesome photo of your hard penis. It looks so hot to be able to see how stiff it is, and how the veins are showing up entirely from the base all the way up on the shaft.

20,Aug,23 23:04
Beautiful uncut cock!

20,Aug,23 22:51
Hey salut, let me tell you that you have a great looking penis buddy. La taille ainsi que la grosseur de ta queue est tout-ŗ-fait resplendissante et tellement appťtissante en mÍme temps. Iím looking forward to see some more pictures of this beauty.

20,Aug,23 22:35
What a great looking penis mate!

20,Aug,23 20:56
My friend, let me tell you that you have a beautiful looking penis! It has a great shape and size from the base of the shaft all the way up to the head. And one of my favourite feature about it is how great the head looks with this awesome shape.

14,Jun,23 20:46
This cock looks so awesome! Everything is so hot about it!

04,Jun,23 02:06
Tu as vraiment une trŤs belle queue

12,May,23 03:47
What a fantastic looking penis