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12,May,24 16:08
Your long legs are so sexy! And your cock

18,Apr,24 14:38
Le David de Michel-Ange peut aller se rhabiller

04,Feb,24 12:52
Such a delicious looking cock!

03,Dec,23 11:29
Your foreskin restoration is really successful.

01,Oct,23 14:17
J'adore l'accostage. Ton prépuce est vraiment parfait pour ça

05,Sep,23 12:37
Quel beau pénis! Vraiment appétissant

11,Aug,23 15:25
Quite lovable indeed

24,Jul,23 14:21
This looks quite delicious

24,Jul,23 10:09
Highly suckable

18,Jun,23 10:07
Mmmmmmm delicious looking

08,Jun,23 20:00
2022 was an horrible year for me, my lover was diagnosed with lung cancer in April and he passed away on December 2. I miss him so much it's hurt!

28,Jan,23 23:38
Tu as un beau jouet aussi!

21,Jan,23 16:03
Such a hot pic!

08,Jan,23 21:08
Mmmmmmmm, c'est beau

10,Oct,22 09:10

11,Jul,22 20:27
Quel joli popotin!

06,Jul,22 22:54

10,Jun,22 22:30
Sooooooooo sexy!

27,Apr,22 19:07
Tiens y aura du zizi miam, miam, miam

27,Apr,22 19:05
What a delicious treat!

02,Mar,22 13:48
Delicious looking skin

01,Mar,22 23:10
A good 69 would be great!

28,Jan,22 22:58
Sure would love to insert my tongue in your foreskin

30,Dec,21 11:09

24,Dec,21 11:24
Delicious looking uncut cock

19,Dec,21 16:18
Yes I did. Thanks again.

19,Dec,21 10:44
Love your mugs!

19,Dec,21 10:37
Very hot!

05,Dec,21 10:34
Yes and very sexy!

01,Dec,21 19:56
I want you to suck my cock!

25,Oct,21 14:27

22,Oct,21 09:35
My kind of friendship

21,Oct,21 10:46
Very nice montage of your beautiful cock

16,Oct,21 11:39
Docking is great fun. Being in another man's skin is such a great feeling as well as receiving another man's cock in your own skin. Ejaculating inside skin is such a thrill!

13,Oct,21 18:26
He sure is!

04,Oct,21 14:34
Very nice! I'd love to feast on that cock

03,Oct,21 12:31
I'd love to play with your nice cock and suck it till you cum

01,Oct,21 00:32
This leak is for me!

01,Oct,21 00:13
May I suck it please???

28,Sep,21 09:17
Well, good morning beautiful!

28,Sep,21 09:14
Ce serait avec gourmandise que je dégusterais ta belle queue mmmmm

23,Sep,21 12:19
Oh yessssss