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02,Apr,24 02:21
It’s so amazingly huge!

28,Jan,24 09:03
God, you’re so HUGE!

25,Jan,24 10:52
How big are you?

25,Jan,24 10:15
Aww thank you! Mmm…good! Cuz you have exactly the kind of dick I like

31,Dec,23 11:55
And then we could do whatever you want!!

31,Dec,23 11:31
And your balls

31,Dec,23 11:31
I know you don’t like oral, but would you let me suck just the head? For a minute?

25,Dec,23 03:21

19,Dec,23 09:42
Left! I have no use for teenie weenies

19,Dec,23 09:42

15,Nov,23 06:01
I want you to rest your big nuts on my forehead & have your cock lying down my face!

09,Oct,23 19:43
Even better!

09,Oct,23 02:07
Would you mind if I followed you into the stall?

08,Oct,23 13:43
At work?

05,Sep,23 20:42
Thank you! I’d love it!

05,Sep,23 20:38
Wanna kiss it all over! 😍

15,Aug,23 01:43
Wish you were resting it on my head while I sit like this!

02,Aug,23 17:11
You’re welcome tiny!

02,Aug,23 17:07

18,Jul,23 11:42
Mmm…rest in on my face!

13,Jul,23 12:42
Even better!

13,Jul,23 09:33
Can I hold it too?

03,Jul,23 23:46
I want you to lay it on my face

03,Jul,23 23:45
God, that is SO hot!

03,Jul,23 18:43
Looks so heavy!

26,Jun,23 23:12
God, I’d love that!

26,Jun,23 22:54
Colossal! 🤤

31,May,23 05:04
Yw! And amazing cock ofc

30,May,23 18:04
Nice body!

12,May,23 09:26
You’re welcome! Happy to hear that

11,May,23 00:32
Lucky lady! She should be proud

09,Apr,23 14:09
And you have big hands too!

09,Apr,23 13:57

09,Apr,23 13:49
Looks like the size of a lemon/lime! 😱

09,Apr,23 13:47
Can never get enough of your majestic cock!

30,Mar,23 02:23
I’d love to!

30,Mar,23 00:09
Love a man in a suit! Specially with a huge one like you

07,Jan,23 09:15
I’d love that too!

05,Jan,23 03:51
Like your big thang!