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19,Jul,23 16:17
Ich wette, die beide passen gleichzeitig in meinem Mund. Wollt ihr herausfinden ob ich es schaffe?

15,Mar,23 03:49
thanks man

14,Mar,23 18:07
Been admiring this cock for years, never get tired of it. Truly one of the earth's greatest.

06,Feb,23 06:39
Thanks for the visit. Wish your slapping my face with that cock.

03,Jul,22 16:24
I didn't know they even made cockheads that big!

23,Oct,21 17:51
Dang check out that giant swollen cockhead!

23,Oct,21 17:51
love the thick swollen ridge around that head, want to run my tongue around it

23,Oct,21 17:50
god I love this cockhead so much. I could stare at it all day.

23,Oct,21 17:14
I want to just park myself there and worship this cock for a solid week

23,Oct,21 16:59
Ah finally! I've been desperately waiting to see this view where it shows your cockhead from the top/side

23,Oct,21 16:57
Nice view here. Would love to see more from this angle, frontal etc.

07,Jul,21 04:49
Ich mag alle deiner Ganzkoerperbilder bzw fast-ganz. Da kann man gut sehen, dass dein Penis ziemlich gross und schwer ist - besser eigentlich als bei den Nauaufnahmen.

07,Jul,21 04:45
Ich liebe Paternoster! Ich kenne davon mehrere und koennte gerne da Fotos von dir machen

09,Jun,21 03:34
mmm can I suck on those nipples for an hour or ten?

18,Oct,20 18:41
Nice helmet head on that cock!

08,Sep,20 04:57
Too bad the voting's not based on "amount of jizz squirted while jacking to pics" because I could fill a swimming pool with the loads I shot while looking at yours

01,Sep,20 16:44
Love these pics where your giant head is exposed!

28,Aug,20 04:42
Want so bad to suck on those huge nipples!

28,Aug,20 04:37
Those are quite the big suckable nipples you've got there

28,Aug,20 04:27
One of the hottest cockheads on earth!

28,Aug,20 04:18
Wow that is one fat cockhead you've got there

28,Aug,20 02:53
That is one beautiful penis there Nice veiny shaft and big bulging head... amazing!

19,Aug,20 17:48
nice big cock head you've got there!

18,Aug,20 03:53
Ich wuerde ganz gerne gerade dort sein

10,Jul,20 10:07
Check out those huge thick nipples!; So freakin hot.You gotta post more pics of them

10,Jul,20 10:06
Feed me that big swollen helmet

10,Jul,20 10:04
Wow get a load of that big fat head

04,Jun,20 05:55
Love those huge nipples

03,Jun,20 07:47
Danke dir, freut mich, dass es dir gefaellt!

02,Jun,20 03:35
geile behaarung!

02,Jun,20 03:34
LOVE the huge thick nipples!

31,May,20 17:06
left - has some hair and pic is clearer

31,May,20 17:00
Dein Penis ist ein echtes Kunstwerk!

31,May,20 17:00
unglaublich geil