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01,Mar,24 09:57
Does size really matter?

29,Feb,24 21:38

27,Feb,24 20:38

27,Feb,24 20:31
Nicely done! And, I recognize that "ridge" all along the sides.

27,Feb,24 20:25
A nice li'l one!

27,Feb,24 14:19
I adore wrinkled sacks! The more wrinkles the BETTER!!!

27,Feb,24 10:30
Great self-contradiction!

26,Feb,24 19:03
I don't need a battery to get a charge out of this!!!

26,Feb,24 19:01
OMG! Could hardly be any better...

26,Feb,24 18:56
I totally AGREE!!!

26,Feb,24 16:52
Nice fit... for now. Next time go to a smaller cage and work your way down.

26,Feb,24 16:51
NICE! Now, remove the ring let's see it fully relaxed!

26,Feb,24 16:48
A DELIGHT to see ya on the first page here!!!

26,Feb,24 16:46
That li'l cutie would tickle all the right places in my wife!!!

26,Feb,24 16:38
FANTASTIC... skin and precum! Just can't get any better!

26,Feb,24 16:37
LOVE precum, the more the better!!!!!!!!!!!!

23,Feb,24 13:40
GREAT knob!!!

22,Feb,24 23:31
Softies are always my faves!

21,Feb,24 15:02
My wife would LOVE that knob... over and over and over and ov...

21,Feb,24 14:39
Is that your stiffy, by any chance???

21,Feb,24 14:37
Perfect size for my wife's G-Spot... I was always too long and had to refrain from going fully into her to work it for her. YOU, would be her ideal... length AND knob, of course!

21,Feb,24 14:35
My wife would LOVE your knob... over and over and over and ov...

21,Feb,24 14:34
GEEZ, but I ADORE these like yours!!! My all time FAVES... ever!

20,Feb,24 09:54
The MORE foreskin, the BETTER!!!

20,Feb,24 09:53
I'm not really into boners, but THAT is such a sweeeeeet li'l stiffie!!!

20,Feb,24 09:50
What a cutie!!!

18,Feb,24 14:00
Too, TOOOOO sweet! Trade ya!

18,Feb,24 13:58
Such a nice sized boner... if it must get hard.