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How about a 4skin blog???

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By slipper [Ignore] 19,Oct,09 20:47   Pageviews: 252

I've never seen a site with so many uncuts. I love seeing all variations of the natural cock! Can we uncut and serious skin fans get it together?

I'd be happy to ramrod (no pun intended, of course) this if that would help get things going.



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By alanhuk [Ignore] 11,Nov,21 07:16
Go for it...nice to have foreskin!!!
By slipper [Ignore] 12,Nov,21 02:11
The MORE the better!!!

By ChanelMan [Ignore] 29,Oct,20 14:38
Hello Slipper. Thx for your friendship and I would join your foreskin group. And thx for the gift....
By slipper [Ignore] 30,Oct,20 14:31
ALL my pleasure... of course!!!

By #570878 [Ignore] 29,Nov,18 10:56
I Love everything about foreskin I would love to get involved in gathering of skin.
By slipper [Ignore] 29,Nov,18 14:50
I agree, totally! I too, think that would be incredible.

By Raypark [Ignore] 12,Oct,17 10:13
Mmm, I'd definitely join if there was a restoring group.
By slipper [Ignore] 13,Oct,17 13:25
How about starting one yourself? Many are interested. You might wish to ask for interest in the forum for a start and get others interested that way.

By maxhendrix [Ignore] 10,Aug,17 14:56
By slipper [Ignore] 22,Aug,17 22:56

By littlejoe3 [Ignore] 27,Jan,17 17:08
I'm on board! We uncut need to stand together.
By slipper [Ignore] 28,Jan,17 18:30
Here HERE!!! Thanks!

By uncut1944 [Ignore] 06,Mar,16 19:46
Love foreskin
By slipper [Ignore] 07,Mar,16 20:39
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! And, the MORE the BETTER, imho!!!

By JeffinKS [Ignore] 07,Mar,16 08:22
I love foreskin so much that I restored mine!!
By slipper [Ignore] 07,Mar,16 20:36
EXCELLENT... nice job, btw! Now, how about introducing ours and letting them play together?!?

By #501885 [Ignore] 05,Dec,15 01:22
we both love uncut dicks
By slipper [Ignore] 06,Dec,15 23:37
By jack610 [Ignore] 12,Dec,15 10:45
I found this subject really interesting as I am uncut but my foreskin went back at puberty and refuses to come forward again without a struggle and will only stay there if anchored with a clothes peg. I wonder if anyone else suffers with this?
By slipper [Ignore] 14,Dec,15 01:11
I'm sure they do... and, I'm sure there are many who would delight in helping you keep that skin forward!!! I suspect the info on foreskin restoration online might be of help to ya.

By Rayb1054 [Ignore] 28,Oct,15 09:09
cut guys have no idea how much better it's feels to be tact believe me i can say this because i was cut for 47 until i fond out that you can restore your foreskin i can't believe the difference having my foreskin back feels so good i spend almost every telling cut guys about restoring
By slipper [Ignore] 29,Oct,15 21:52
True, but unfortunately restoring the skin doesn't bring back the myriad of nerves lost originally. But, it sure seems to be better than nothing. Keep tugging it!!!

By slipper [Ignore] 24,Sep,13 21:41
Being in the US, when I was growing up I never saw another uncut cock outside my immediate family until I was drafted into the Army at age 22. Once while I was in the gym class shower in Jr. High a couple of guys came up to me and asked why my cock looked so weird... I responded with a needlessly overly graphic description of what had happened to theirs. One guy looked like he was going to be sick and both immediately slunk away. No one ever asked about, nor commented about my uncut cock again; at least not to my face!
By #500097 [Ignore] 27,Oct,15 15:26
Strange people, these Northern Americans...
By slipper [Ignore] 29,Oct,15 21:50

By Stevehow [Ignore] 19,Jul,14 00:56
I need u to verify me

By #121361 [Ignore] 06,Feb,11 13:15
Have every Day nice Games with my Foreskin.
By slipper [Ignore] 06,May,14 20:12
Yes, mine has been my fave toy for as long as I can remember.

By OldHungDaddy [Ignore] 30,Apr,14 16:04
Your cock is incredible. Crazy amount of fantastic foreskin. I've been restoring for 7 years. What are the names of the devices(s) you're using???
By slipper [Ignore] 06,May,14 20:11
Those are simply homemade devices made from any rubbery, spherical, or hemispherical object with vinyl tubing attached. A look around hardware, dollar, or "general" stores turn up a variety of objects from baby-bottle nipples to ear-washers. Just be creative and experiment!!! AND, post your pix doing it!!!

By #16965 [Ignore] 12,Mar,10 14:10
I only like uncut cocks for sex. I've turned down cut guys with huge dicks in favour of smaller uncut guys. Wish there was a similar site just 4 us natural blokes
By slipper [Ignore] 06,May,14 20:08 If it is still around.

By slipper [Ignore] 11,Jun,13 01:53
Thanks all... MORE???

By #387885 [Ignore] 17,May,13 03:47
Blindingly obvious...the skin is there for a reason. Thanks for showing us some of the reasons and a lot of the fun.

By #79583 [Ignore] 22,Apr,12 09:14
For years I thought it a disadvantage not to be cut, I know better now and prefer the look, but would interesting to handle a cut cock.....

By #53773 [Ignore] 13,Apr,12 08:01
Check out my small uncut dick

By #21213 [Ignore] 15,Nov,11 07:41
foreskin rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By #21213 [Ignore] 01,Dec,10 08:14
I luve uncut and have a fascination with black big and uncut cock

By #75797 [Ignore] 09,Jul,10 12:29
i got teased because my cock looks different in the gym. in the USA most men are cut. i was told it was dirty having foreskin and you are suppose to cut it off. well, i looked at myself in the mirror and told myself. natural dick/hot dog... natural dick/hot dog. I went with natural because hot dogs are high in sodium, msg, and carcinogens. joking -i like italian sausage once in a while, but like ghddick, sometimes they are too much

By #21213 [Ignore] 22,Dec,09 10:28
want my uncut sock

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