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Stranger Pt. 1

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By Roger_Ramjet [Ignore] 23,Aug,23 22:24   Pageviews: 51

It has been a bit. This is something from when D and I were dating.
We found a secluded spot on a canal where we'd fuck our brains out. We were out of the car with D leaning against it as I fucked her pussy.
A jogger comes by.
Hesaid sorry but this is where I pee. I said don't let us stop you. He takes his cock out and starts peeing.
D staring at his cock and stream so I whispered "do you want it?", she nodded a little.
He finished and started to put it away and I said my girl wants to suck your cock. He grinned and came over D dropped to her knees and started devouring him. He had a fanny pack on and took a card out and gave me mouthing call me.
D pulled his cock out so his load went over her face and tits. She stood up bent over again for me to finish fucking her. After we were dressed and in the car I asked ger if she enjoyed that as much as it looked like she did. Big smile lit up her face as she nodded yes.
As I drove I asked her if she ever wanted to suck Rs cock she said sometimes. She asked if I ever wanted to fuck L and said sometimes.
A couple of days later I was looking at his card and decided to call. A girls voice answered and I told her i was looking for this guy and she yells Dad phone,puts it down and I guesswalked away. I arranged to come by and see what might happen. D couldn't go that day so I figured nothing much would occur.
He had a nice house big backyard with pool which his daughter was skinny dipping in. Definitely enjoyed seeing that.
He explained how things went in his family, which definitely peaked my interest.
He stood up and said let's take a dip in the pool and taking his clothes off. Have I mentioned he had a nice looking cock?
As we relaxed in the pool he moved closer and I HAD to hold his cock. I really missed having a cock in my hand.
His daughter,now dressed ,said she was going to her friend's.
He said why don't you sit on the side of the pool. I'm sitting there and he moves in a takes my cock in his mouth. I had a herd time not cumming immediately because 1.He was good 2. I love seeing a cock sliding into a mouth,ass or pussy.
I finally unloaded in his mouth with him swallowing(something D seldom does)
I decided now was my time and told him to switch places. I licked his cock and balls, wishing I'd known to this with my friend years ago. I slowly slid my mouth on it until I started to gag then backed off a little. I started really enjoying the feel of his cock sliding in and out. I got impatient and started using my hand to get him to cum. It seemed like his load was bigger than when he unloaded on D. I swallowed some then laid my head on his thigh licking his cum off his cock.
We decided we needed to do this again when his wife and D could be there. As we were drying off to get dressed his daughter came back, looked at aour cocks. Smiled and licked her lips and headed on in the house.

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By #694265 [Ignore] 23,Aug,23 22:35
Fuck, that's a hot story looking forward to Pt. 2, thank you for sharing

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