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Castration retaining testes in place

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By slipper [Ignore] 05,Aug,23 18:54   Pageviews: 98

I was a long-time follower and contributor to "manmods," I greatly miss the site as a source of info specific to my interests. One of those is "neutralizing" the testicles while leaving them within the scrotum, as opposed to castration/orchiotomy. I've done a lot of research in the med journals, etc. on various ways to do so, including: alcohol injection (with and without calcium chloride, physical stress (like pressing, blunt force, etc.), and over-heating.

I'm going to be posting various things I've found and am using myself, overheating and stress being my choices for nearly a year. Others are welcome to read/contribute, if interested. If not, please go elsewhere and don't proselytize about not doing mods, etc. Thanks.

Before I start sharing info here I feel I must clearly note that I am NOT suggesting, much less advocating, that anyone actually do any of the things I discus henceforth or report doing myself. All entail some degree of risk and I cannot be responsible for anyone else's actions related to this blog in any way.

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By slipper [Ignore] 30,Oct,23 14:32
Here is the belated continuance...

Now, we finally get to the point to consider each of the ways to damage, if not destroy the testes in place. I did considerable research into each, a surprising amount in the medical (and in one case veterinary) research literature, plus sites like the old manmods.

I quickly eliminated two methods. They'd inevitably require a trip to the ER to surgically remove my destroyed nuts. That would have been fine, but in such cases where it's thought the damage is self-inflicted it leads to a nearly compulsory psych eval. So, the two methods I passed on are bursting the testicle by clamping, hammering, etc. The other is using the animal castration tool, a Burdizzo, to crush the connecting tissues between the nut and the groin. I've found in my case those tissues have no pain sensation if they were to be clamped high enough, but I could not come up with any plausible explanation for the medicos.

That leaves injections of either high proof alcohol/ethanol (Everclear brand is commonly used) or a solution of calcium chloride (cacl) in alcohol. Cacl is a common salt used in making cheeses and deicing roads. Opting for just alcohol requires many injections into each testicle over quite some time, whereas the cacl solution takes just one into each orb if done correctly. There is extensive research on using the later mixture, especially with dogs. I thought I'd do the cacl option, buying the salt and syringes (10-pack is the smallest I found) from Amazon. The Everclear was bought locally.

Before doing the deed I had to learn from the literature what percent cacl solution was probalby best and how to make a "percent solution." Finally, I decided I try a dry-run, so to speak, because it is essential that the injections be done precisely. Leaking out of the actual testes is reported to be very painful, though if done correctly only a couple days swelling was reported in dogs with no untoward evidence of discomfort. Yet, a couple guys who had done this stressed NOT getting any solution in the scrotum proper. Thus, I tried a dry needle "injection" into my by then already shrunken, smaller left nut, attempting to duplicate the specific technique to maximize distribution within.

This procedure proved more difficult than I expected because of my lack of size and the quite small amount of the solution to be injected throughout while slowly withdrawing the needle. After a while I decided this was too risky. I really didn't want to try to explain this to someone if it went wrong. Also, I'd not have repeated opportunities to do the alcohol by itself.

That left repeatedly "stirring" of the insides of each ball with needles. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do that any more precisely or frequently than injections. I should note that by then my nuts had already shrunk for a good reason I learned from a superb research report in the summer of 2022, a little over a year ago (more on that shortly). At only 3 to 4 ml (cc) each in volumn, the commonly used measuring bead-like device labeled mine as "prepubescent boy" size! But, I want to do more harm!

To clarify, by early spring in 2021 my wife and I agreed to no more sexual interactions. We'd sorta slipped into doing none after a few months of futile attempts by her to get me off from mid-summer to mid-fall of 2020. During that time in 2020, unspoken with my constant failure we had drifted into no interactions in bed at all until early 2021... and another discussion as noted to start this paragraph.

However, at that time we agreed to recommence contact, i.e., nonsexual intimacy in bed. But, over 6-weeks that too faded away completely. For me, doing so felt contrived and artificial. And, she'd often fall asleep with nothing to do together but some hugging, platonic caressing, and kissing. Yes, at about that time I quit coming via masturbation as well. This will be an important part of my story.

Again, I should note that with this interaction ending I again felt emotionally relieved as I had without intimacy at all the end of the previous year, but now it would prove to be with all sexually related conflict and frustrations eliminated, once and for all (though I could only suspicion that at the time). Yet, I still felt the need back then and on throughout that year, 2021.

Shortly after the start of the new year, 2022, I realized I was not feeling the need, nor desires I had all my life. I noticed I wasn't looking at porn, nor fantasizing like I always had. And, I'd not been doing any writing of risque fiction (I'd done 3 novels and many shorter scenarios over the years). I realized something important had been changing within me and it was movement toward exactly as I'd wanted when my wife dropped her original confession on me of no longer needing sex 1-1/2 years before!

I admit to end up basking in the lack of need, contrary to everything I'd ever have imagined possible. My penis was no longer my fave toy as it had always been for as long as I could remember. I opted to start "working" on it for a while, pressing, clamping, etc. But, I rather quickly lost interest. I soon found that all I was doing with my penis was spending maybe 10 to 15-seconds in the shower retracting my copious foreskin and washing it. That was (and still is) it.

Later in the year, 2022, someone on manmods happened to mention a French group and their Website dedicated to overheating the testicles for contraception. I'd about given up on doing anything else with mine other than informal measuring once in a while. However, once I read the French info and then did my own usual research on heat damage to testicles in the medical literature, I realized I had a new avenue to persue in my quest to "kill" the little worthless bastards in place. And yes, by then I'd decided they'd become wothless. By mid-year, that year 2022), I finally come across the definitive study that would explain why.

Studying heat I learned about how the testes require being 4 to 8-degrees(F) cooler than core body temperature, how even slight heating disrupts healthy sperm production, and how to do the latter intentionally. The French site sold undies and such to maintain the "boys" inside the groin, leading to sterility after a rather extended time doing so. One way was with an elastic strap worn under the nut-sack and around the top of the penis. I had such a piece for something else and found it worked well. I began wearing it as often as possible. My nuts already being small and never hanging very low, seemed at home in my groin. At one point I went for over a month wearing them inside every day all day, except at night.

About then, I discovered a new medical article on the effects of extended sexual abstinence/non-ejaculation!
By slipper [Ignore] 30,Oct,23 16:31
A word or two about overheating testicles (remember they can't well tolerate temperatures over 94 or 95-degrees (F)...

It's well known that heat can damage the "boys," but most don't know how. There are at least two ways. The first is the most complex in that over-heating shifts them into high-sperm production mode, which may sound ironic at first. However, the testes' blood delivery system is fixed; hence, it does not increase even as the boys try their best to make ever more sperm. Thus, the nuts suffer from oxygen starvation from over-heating. Nuff said.

Secondly, testicle tissues coagulate at about 115-degrees and anything above that, especially for any length of time is potentially damaging. I use rechargeable hand-warmers from amazon (@$25) to over-heat mine at will. The variable temps of these are: 107, 117, 130-degrees. The lowest is considerably above natural max, whereas the medium is, at least initially, uncomfortable to the touch.

One thing I've learned using hand-warmers is that overheating at the lowest level tends to inhibit pain-sensation, plus it makes the little guys quite malleable in the process... somewhat like pudding. It becomes easy and pleasant to squeeze and knead them, which cannot be good for their inner structures.
By slipper [Ignore] 22,Dec,23 21:47
After considerable overheating, squeezing, and kneading the little, soft bastards they are staying pretty soft and malleable all the time. Probably due to internal damage they are now a little larger than when at there smallest. But, that's okay. Next my account of the coup-d'etat.
By slipper [Ignore] 22,Dec,23 22:06
In the summer of 2023 I happened upon a new medical study that would explain so much to me. I'd already become fully asexual, but didn't know why, apart from perhaps psychologically. However, the new study explained all.

Up until then there were only two cited studies of "extended sexual abstinence," meaning no sex and most importantly physiologically no ejaculations. Those early studies were both flawed as noted in the larger, long-term study I'm going to discuss. Indeed, "long-term" abstinence was considered 2-weeks of no ejaculations in those studies; and, the findings they discussed where only short-term (like increased T-levels), though they could not have know it at that time from their limited findings! Ha.

Anyway, the large-scale, truly long-term study found that at around 6-weeks of non-ejaculation the body begins labeling stored sperm stored in the ripening tissues along-side each nut as "foreign bodies" and produces a chemical to eliminate them. As further time progresses with this process continuing after a while, the pituitary tells the testes to stop producing sperm altogether.

Without sperm there is no longer a reason nor need to ejaculate so the second function of the nuts is halted as well, that being producing androgens, mainly testosterone, that provides the motivation for sex (i.e., ejaculation). Hence, both sperm production and androgen productions halts! The testes no longer have purpose.

So, a complex causal relationship among actions (or lack there of) and assorted glans is initiated and the by then useless testes commence shrinking. They continue and atrophy (as mine did/have). Now, the critical finding of the cited study, at least for older men like myself... after a year or so of no ejaculation--and I mean none, zero, zilch--the situation becomes irreversible!!! Hence, this is what I now understand happened to me and why I became and am now satisfactorily asexual.

Perhaps, my experience and research will be of some interest and maybe even some usefulnes to others.

By Reinhold [Ignore] 06,Aug,23 00:32
Cool, bin gespannt wie es weiter geht
By slipper [Ignore] 06,Aug,23 16:36
Thank you... danke!
By slipper [Ignore] 19,Sep,23 23:44
I need to continue with this... one of these days.

By jack610 [Ignore] 10,Aug,23 10:46
I am afraid that I don't really see any need for castration. You have lead a full sex life therefore can you not merely forget your testicles are there? Am I missing something?
By slipper [Ignore] 10,Aug,23 13:10
As I tell the rest of my story, I'll note that recent research (2022) shows what happened with me is not unusual, i.e., my testes atrophied to the point of not functioning via extended (2 to 2.5-years now) nonuse. Hence, they verified that the old adage of "use it or lose it" is quite often correct for older men, as myself. My experience simply added one more data point to further validate their findings.

So, now you would be correct; me having become fully asexual due to extended nonuse, but for quite a while after I lost the ability to cum I still felt the need, hence the onus of my testes. Now they'er simply something useless left over to abuse. Thanks for the comment.
By jack610 [Ignore] 10,Aug,23 17:09
You mention pressing for dealing with testicles. As you will know there are those sort of tie presses with butterfly nuts. There was someone who used one to extremes in the CBT group but rather regretted it afterwards. And how about the lack of testosterone?
By slipper [Ignore] 10,Aug,23 19:02
Relevant questions, but in part a little ahead of my scenario. I've found that overheating the nuts (@107-degrees) will make them very mushy in fairly short order, doing so also minimizes pain sensitivity... or, so it has been for me. This has made it possible to mash my li'l "boys" to not much more than the girth of all the compressed tissues.

And I, too, have used assorted devices to facilitate pressing them. All I can manage with my thumbs and fingers is 35-psi. Med journals say it takes about 110-psi to burst the little buggers (though one source misreported 50-psi instead of kpi).

I've not found that repeatedly doing this for the last 9-months to be an issue. But, as they say, "Your mileage may vary." Lack of both functionings, sperm generation and lack of androgens (T the most important), is an issue for later. Always appreciate the input.

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 06,Aug,23 20:20
Thanks for posting

By slipper [Ignore] 05,Aug,23 21:11
I'll start by describing myself and my somewhat non-typical testicle history so that any interested reader can best decide how what I say may or may not be relevant to them. I began masturbating at 12-years old by accident because I'd always played a lot with my genitals. Being uncircumcised in the US in the early 1950s proved to be unusual outside my family, perhaps contributing to my ongoing interest in my seemingly unique "package."

I did not ejaculate at first, and only began to dribble a little runny liquid belatedly after each time I'd cum. But, even this didn't commence until several months after I began very frequent and intense jacking. I had no indication that there was anything unique about my nuts at that time; and, I'm sure there wasn't. Then, when 17-years old. I got a severe case of mumps, which "went down," as politely described for infecting the testes. That sent me to bed for a solid week. Together as a pair my testes swelled to the size of a a smallish grapefruit and hurt like hell most of that time.

When the illness finally passed and the swelling went down it didn't stop where it had begun. My nuts continued to shrink and became more a pair of nutlets, so to speak. Yet, they were within the small, normal range. I might add that they probably didn't fully recover either of their natural functions: producing both sperm and testosterone, since it took years for my wife to get pregnant and I've never put on muscle no matter how hard I worked out nor for how long.

This is my relevant background. I'll post it and add how I became interested in castration next, which will bring this account up to date.
By slipper [Ignore] 06,Aug,23 16:40
At this time I must stress that I'm a fully happy and satisfied asexual and have been for perhaps 1-1/2 years. Up until when this account begins, Claire, my wife, and I had frequent and fully satisfactory sex all our lives... beginning as a pair of randy teenagers together. I'd never have thought I ever could or would become interest in "killing" my sexuality, but it happened.

Following menopause and shortly after a medically required full hysterectomy, one morning in bed as Claire and I turned to each other for what I thought would be sex as usual, my wife stopped and quietly confessed that she "no longer felt the need." Of course, I was hugely taken aback, but hoped I hid my shock as I gathered her into my arms saying it was okay and I'd always love her no matter what... all of which was and is still true. But, inside... inside I was instantly devastated as never before! A large portion of my sexual pleasure had always been pleasuring her, as well. HAD been... until right then.

I should add that at that time my wife assured me that she would always be there to continue to help meet my need, be it manually, orally, or however possible; just without anything sexual for her. I have to say that did NOT help me at all! What it did was make me constantly and permanently conflicted as I let her try to do so over the next 8-months of off-and-on again attempts to get me to cum, as my ability to do so with her faded away forever.

I have to admit that as I got older I'd experienced ED once in a while before her confession, but it didn't interfere with doing the deed, so to speak. But, upon Claire's admission of no need I immediately become totally and completely impotent. No matter how I tried I could not reconcile myself with one-sided sex and that killed my response every time. Believe me, I tried! Hence, soon after Claire's "confession" we came together for her to "service" my softie, as I'd come to think about it, and I explained I'd been online doing research. I'd found a legit clinic that would castrate me with but a single endorsement from a licensed professional; a mere 30-minute operation. I explained this would put us back on the same footing sexually. It made perfect sense to me. Btw, it was my first thoughts ever about being castrated.

My wife's response was unlike I'd ever seen from her, she so vigorously objected to the entire idea. Yikes! Much later, as we both struggled with my ongoing personal sexually related conflicts, frustrations, and related self-loathing, I desperately wished I'd done differently than I ever had in our relationship, as well, and ignored he early injunction of being neutered.

It was all downhill sexually for me from there. I never got hard and was always wanting to make myself stop in-process even though Claire's touch always felt so good. I'd gotten so my conflicts constantly interfered and I could orgasm less and less frequently no matter what she and I did together. That is until, as noted, some months later I had my last orgasm with her. Oh, she continued to try for four more months without a single success, so we mutually agreed to quit any further genital contact.

Over the next 6-months or so my solo efforts at cumming went the same way as they had with Claire. Thus, 2 to 2-1/2 years ago I had my last orgasm ever, and by my own hand. It was all too frustrating; so I quit trying. However, the need persisted. It had never gone away and gave no indication of doing so. Then I started reading about ways to "kill" ones testicles in place, not going to the bother of having them medically removed.

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