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Fuck Tard Losers!

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By braindead [Ignore] 17,Jul,23 20:47   Pageviews: 58

Beware! For this place harbors Fuck tards! Females, { at least I hope they are female, and not some boy playing games.} That will slander your name in a drunkin rage. I am a good man, peaceful in naturel. I have proven this. I am forwarding to you to take heed and be mindful of who you talk too! Play, and be safe please. Best wishes!

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By #694265 [Ignore] 18,Jul,23 05:14
Although most of our content was filmed some time ago, my wife knows what's going on, we display so lol


By #694265 [Ignore] 18,Jul,23 05:11

Was floating around the blogs & felt the urge to reply to this one.

Hubby here, nice content on your profile

I know this profile appears to be fairly young, but its first appearance here was around 2015, had other profiles here as well, since maybe as early-ish as 2010-2012, so been floating in & out of here for some time now.

Its a well known fact that most of the female accounts here are what you would call fake. Most sharing very old content of ex-wives (men, revenge porn) & such which aren't to hard to pick, looking in the background of the décor behind the female being pictured & the quality of the image, sometimes they are good but often times they are crap.

If your in communication with an a ledged female profile that's asking for cum tributes, most of those profile have a male beind the keyboard sharing content of a female that doesn't even know their content is being shown, requesting a image of themselves for a guy to wank all over is not a female thing, really in general terms, their maybe a few exceptions but mostly its not a female thing.

There are other tell tail signs of the fakes, I could sit here righting pages & pages of the stuff.

Having said that though there are genuine females here, some of which are verified.

From what I have read within this blog of yours, I don't know which member you are talking about, but I would be 80% certain you have been communicating with a male 🤷‍♀️

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