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By bostonspdo [Ignore] 24,May,23 22:01   Pageviews: 75

Does anyone think that a picture of a person wearing some clothing, just a shirt or jacket, socks, a cap or hat, etc., but with genitals exposed, can be more erotic or sexy than a totally naked person?

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By Jamie [Ignore] 26,Jan,24 17:57
You have a good cock

By jack610 [Ignore] 27,Jul,23 17:14
In your case all the pics on your page are sexy, including the one in the photo contest. Clothes and backgrounds do enhance the pictures however.

By #634216 [Ignore] 26,Jul,23 20:00
I think just as sexy!

By HoneyLips [Ignore] 11,Jul,23 20:26
Personally, I prefer my men naked and hard….. although I do love to see a big hard erection growing in your jeans or your hard cock bursting out of a too small speedo swimsuit….. especially if I caused it!!
By HoneyLips [Ignore] 11,Jul,23 23:11
Like this…..

By mikeinaz [Ignore] 10,Jul,23 22:03
Uh yeah! Especially when you stand there with that big fat bratwurst of yours sticking straight out!

By #677384 [Ignore] 25,Jun,23 18:31
I agree, my ex gf got me into wearing her panties..makes me feel sexy and naughty hehe

By Polifoska6 [Ignore] 20,Jun,23 20:42
The picture above definitely proves that

By aspen [Ignore] 26,May,23 09:43

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