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Threesome fantasy with my partner and a big cock trans

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By saucyman [Ignore] 18,May,23 16:28   Pageviews: 75

A few weeks later Jane and Paul were away on holiday at a beautiful resort in Spain. They had splashed out on a top floor room with it's own terrace with a jacuzzi to enjoy. They were on their 3rd night out and found themselves in a club in the early hours of the morning when Jane came back from the bar with someone. 'This is Rebecca' Jane said 'and Rebecca please meet my husband Paul'

'H-h-hello there Rebecca, nice to meet you' Paul stuttered. Jane smiled as she watched her husband greet Rebecca. She was wearing a top that did little to hold her tits in and a short skirt with heels. Even though Jane herself was wearing revealing clothing herself she had to admit that even she thought Rebecca was hot. The drinks and conversation made the next hour or more seem like seconds. 'Jane tells me that you have a jacuzzi in your room' Rebecca said to Paul. 'We do yeah' he replied glancing at his smiling wife, wondering where this could lead. 'I have never been in one before' She stated. 'Well since the club is about to close why don't you join us for a nightcap and a dip then?' Jane said. 'That is a great idea' Rebecca replied and before Paul could say anything the 3 of them were enroute to his and his wife's room...

Arriving at the room Paul poured them all a drink as Jane showed Rebecca the jacuzzi. 'Let's have these in the jacuzzi' Jane said. 'I don't have anything to wear though' Rebecca replied. 'That's okay Rebecca, don't worry about it me and Paul prefer to go naked when we take a dip anyway. Isn't that right babe?' Jane said turning to her husband as she began peeling of her clothes. Paul didn't know where this was leading but decided to go with the flow. 'Jane is right, much better without clothes. I hope you don't mind?' Paul said as his now naked wife stepped into the bubbling water. Jane smiled at her husband as he removed his clothes and joined her in the water.... 'come and join us' Jane said 'I'm not sure there's something that you don't know about me and I'm afraid of how you will both react' Rebecca stated. 'Don't be shy Rebecca, you have an amazing figure. If it makes you more comfortable then we will both turn away until you are in the water' said Jane looking at Paul who simply nodded in agreement. 'That's okay you don't have to do that' Rebecca stated as she took of her top revealing her big tits then kicked off her shoes. She took a breath then slipped down her skirt... Jane and Paul were stunned as Rebecca's large and semi hard cock revealed itself to them...

Rebecca stepped into the jacuzzi next to Jane. She broke the silence saying 'I am sorry I didn't say anything but I wasn't sure how you would both react and, if I'm honest I think that you are both very sexy' Jane waved her hand 'and you are incredibly sexy to. Paul would you kindly refill our drinks?' Paul paused for a moment before taking the empty glasses from his wife. He stepped out of the jacuzzi knowing that he would find it impossible to cover his growing cock. He heard the ladies giggling as he walked to refill everyone's drinks...

Paul poured fresh drinks and turned to rejoin his wife Jane and Rebecca in the jacuzzi, his cock now fully erect. He knew that there was no way to hide it and it wasn't going to go soft any time soon so he had no option other than to stride outside! Jane whistled as he rejoined her and Rebecca. 'Looks like someone is excited' she said giggling. 'I hope you don't mind me saying but your husband has a very nice cock' Rebecca said to Jane. 'I don't mind at all and he certainly does yes' Jane answered. Paul put the drinks down and stepped into the jacuzzi again. Moments later he felt a foot rub his cock and, turning to look at his wife realised it was Rebecca! They made eye contact and she smiled at him before turning to Jane 'could you tell me where the rest room is please?' She asked. 'It's at the top of the stairs, first door on the right' Jane answered. Both Jane and Paul gasped as Rebecca stood up, her big tits coming into view first followed by her very hard and very large cock....

Jane turned to Paul as Rebecca went inside 'She is incredibly sexy! And that cock is amazing' she said. She took hold of his throbbing cock and smiled 'Let's go for it' Paul moaned and nodded then sat up on the side of the jacuzzi, his wife eagerly taking his cock into her mouth. 'I'm not interrupting you two am i' Rebecca said as she watched on. 'On the contrary' Jane replied 'we would love you to join us' Jane stepped out of the jacuzzi and took hold of Rebecca's cock. 'Mmmm so big' She purred as their lips locked in a passionate kiss, their naked bodies coming together. Paul watched on, stroking his own rock hard cock as his wife knelt down in front of Rebecca. She looked at her husband and smiled before wrapping her lips around Rebecca's big cock, taking as much as she could handle in her mouth. Rebecca moaned loudly as she took Jane's head in her hands and forced her cock deeper into Jane's mouth causing her to gag. Paul then slipped under his wife and licked her dripping wet pussy, causing her to release Rebecca's cock and squeel in ecstasy. 'Oh fuck baby yesssss' She groaned as she pushed her pussy into Paul's face. 'I'm cummminnng' She screamed loudly before her voice was muted by Rebecca forcing her cock into her mouth. Paul stood up as his wife's orgasm subsided. He reached out and took hold of Rebecca's tits, causing her to moan loudly. He then locked lips with her and kissed her deeply. Rebecca took one of her hands of Jane's head and, wrapping it around Paul's cock began to stroke him. 'Mmmmm your wife's pussy tastes delicious' She said...

Jane looked up at Rebecca and Paul smiling. 'Baby would it be okay if Rebecca fills my pussy with her big cock?' She asked looking at her husband. 'Absolutely' he replied. Jane then got on her hands and knees and turned to Rebecca 'Now fuck me with that big cock of yours' she demanded. Rebecca obliged and moved in behind her, slowly sliding her cock until she bottomed out. 'Soooo big' Jane groaned as Rebecca began to drive into her. Jane orgasmed loudly again as she pushed back against Rebecca's cock. 'Fuck your pussy feels amazing' Rebecca groaned. Just then Rebecca let out a squeel and turned around 'Oh fuck yessss you naughty boy' She said as Paul pushed 2 fingers into her arse. He worked them in for a few moments before moving in behind her spreading her cheeks. Rebecca buried her cock all the way into Jane's pussy causing her to scream loudly, then groaned herself as Paul slowly slipped his cock deep inside her arse. Before long they built a rhythm up. Rebecca slammed into Jane's pussy as Paul slammed into her arse as he pulled her hair with one hand and teased her tits with the other... 'I'm cummmmingggg ohhh Fuuuuuuck' Jane screamed loudly which set of a chain reaction. Rebecca grunted and pushed deep inside Jane's pussy, filling her up with her load as Paul filled her arse with cum. They all collapsed next to each other, catching their breath. 'There's still a couple of holes that need filling before the night is over' Jane said...

'Let's retire to the bedroom' Jane said standing up. Paul and Rebecca followed up the stairs. Jane turned and gave Rebecca and her husband each a kiss and gripped their hardening cocks. 'I'll be right back, just need to freshen up' She said as she left them, closing the door to the bathroom behind her....

After a few minutes Jane opened the door to the bedroom and gasped. Paul and Rebecca were lay on the bed kissing, Paul groping Rebecca's tits with one hand and stroking her hard cock with the other. Rebecca had Paul's hard cock in her hand also. 'I'm not interrupting anything am I?' Jane said as she watched on.

Paul and Rebecca sat up as Jane approached the bed. 'Don't stop on my account' She said, then leant under the bed and took out her favourite 8 inch extra thick dildo. She sat on the chair next to the bed, spread her legs and eased it inside her letting out a loud moan. Rebecca stood up and leant over Jane locking lips with her and squeezing her hard nipples. Paul watched on stroking his own throbbing cock as Rebecca took hold of the dildo and began sliding it in and out of his wife's pussy as she worked her hand up and down Rebecca's huge cock. The room was loud with their moaning... Paul then knelt down next to Rebecca and took hold of her cock before pulling her foreskin back and licking the head of her cock with his tongue. Jane looked on and as she watched her husband engulf Rebecca's cock, his head bobbed back and forth as he hungrily sucked her huge cock... 'ohhhh Fuuuuuuck yeessss' Jane screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. Rebecca groaned loudly to as she thrust her cock into Paul's mouth..

'Not just yet' Rebecca said as she felt herself close to cumming, removing her cock from Paul's mouth. She pushed Paul back onto the bed and straddled him reverse cowgirl, her eyes met Jane's as she took hold of his cock and eased down letting it fill her arse. 'Fuuuuuuck that looks so fucking hot' Jane said as she watched Rebecca riding her husbands cock as he reached around and stroked her own huge throbbing cock... Jane stepped onto the bed and leant over with her back to Rebecca, easing her pussy towards her face and taking the tip of her cock into her mouth. All three of them were moaning loudly, Rebecca riding Paul's cock as she licked Jane's pussy while Jane engulfed Rebecca's cock...

Jane then turned around and, taking hold of Rebecca's cock slowly lowered herself down onto it. 'Mmmm sooo biiig' She purred as she felt her pussy fill up, this time driving down in one motion; her dripping pussy taking all 10 inches in one go. Paul then began to thrust his cock into Rebecca's arse, causing her to pound deeper into Jane's pussy. 'Cummming agaaaain' Jane screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. Paul then lifted Rebecca off his cock and moved around behind his wife. Jane gasped as she felt a cool sensation on her arse.. 'oooooh please yesssss' She begged knowing what was going to happen. Paul slowly inched his cock into her arse until his balls touched against Rebecca's. 'Fuuuuuuck yes Fuuuuuuck meee' She screamed as she squeezed Rebecca's tits. 'Fuuuuuuck that feels amazing' Rebecca stated as her and Paul found a rhythm. One cock thrusting in as the other slid out...

Jane orgasmed over and over loudly as Rebecca and Paul pounded her relentlessly.... she lost all track of time then, as her husband slipped his cock from her arse almost protested when Rebecca spun her around and removed her cock from her pussy. Before she could protest Paul lifted her legs over his shoulders and drove his cock deep into her arse once again. 'Fuuuuuuck' She screamed as he pounded her hard and deep... After several thrusts she lifted her head as she felt him push deep in then stop suddenly... she realised what was happening and why he stopped when she saw Rebecca behind her husband covering her big cock with lube.... 'This is so fucking amazing' She mouthed at him before she saw him close his eyes and groan. 'Soooo fucking tight' Rebecca said as she eased her cock into Paul's arse inch by inch...

Jane could feel the tip of Rebecca's cock in her husbands arse as she fucked him, his own cock resting deep in her pussy. 'Fuuuuuuck I'm going to cummm' Paul screamed loudly. 'Cumming toooo' Rebecca groaned. 'I want you both to cum on me' Jane begged 'I need to watch you both wank and cover my face with your loads'

Jane got on her knees and slipped her hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy. 'Give me your cum, I neeeed it' She shouted looking up as her husband and Rebecca stroked their cocks furiously in front of her. Paul grunted loudly 'I'm cumming!' He shouted as several ropes of cum covered Jane's face, causing her to flinch and giggle at the force and volume of his load. That was followed by Rebecca who grabbed Jane's hair and pulling her head back ordered 'open your mouth and stick your tongue out' Jane did as she was told as Rebecca unleashed her own huge load of cum over her face. 'Wow!!!' Jane said lifting her head, her face coated in cum. She took hold of the 2 softening cocks and licked them clean as the cum dribbled down her chin and onto her tits... 'care to join me in the shower for a clean up?' She asked 'then we can watch the film I just made' Paul smiled at his wife... she had filmed the whole thing

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By Wantboth [Ignore] 15,Jul,23 11:49
Great fantasy, I hope you live it out. My wife and I had a guy she selected during the week spend the weekend with us and do so many fun things, jack each other off, take turns fucking her, fuck her with one in each hole at the same time; I think the overall best was seducing her boss when he gave her a ride home one Saturday

By #691382 [Ignore] 18,May,23 20:35
Nice hot writing. My favorite kinda blog here

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