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Birthday-cake candle vs candelabra size

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By Gntlmn [Ignore] 18,Apr,23 16:17   Pageviews: 70

How does one define the parameters of "longing", beyond the basic hunger for sexual satisfaction? Is masturbation shortchanging the brain's desire for sex with another physical body, possibly with deleterious effects, over time? Is fantasy a non-injurious mental substitute for the actual? For me, if I haven't ejaculated in a couple weeks, desire builds like heat radiating from my coronal ridge...but if not acted upon, burns out, like a short-wick birthday candle.

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By Gntlmn [Ignore] 03,May,23 07:44
By Celestial [Ignore] 23,Oct,23 02:59

Gntlmn, FYI (for your information), when I clicked on the link, a page popped up stating:

"Oops. Image not found.

This image is no longer available
(or may be never existed at all)."

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 23,Oct,23 22:46
Thanks. I must've taken it down.
By Celestial [Ignore] 23,Oct,23 23:41

OK, I wasn't sure if you were aware and thought I should let you know.


By Gntlmn [Ignore] 18,Sep,23 16:01
I wish it only existed in "thought", but the heat-like sensitivity of my coronal ridge is an actual physical "governor" of all aspects of my life. The brain and glans are inextricably linked via the spinal cord. There's no escaping mental health's dependency upon coitus or fellatio.

By surprise [Ignore] 13,Jul,23 16:55
Just today discovered this text. Deep thoughts, so far from any boredom. I googled "coronal ridge". This is the part of the penis that I love most. I could play with it endlessly. No fuck, only enjoying this wonder of nature.

For me it's needed to write it here, not in private.

By Timpeter [Ignore] 18,Apr,23 17:16
Im a widow and until i get a nother Lady 8 have to Ejaculate daily to relieve my bullballs sir just a biological need to ejaculate till i meet a new lifemate
By Timpeter [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 00:09
You know my powerStroker helps me vacumm m6 semen...mmmmmmm

By Silverfur [Ignore] 18,Apr,23 16:24
Let me blow on your candle
By Gntlmn [Ignore] 18,Apr,23 22:24

By pipcock [Ignore] 18,Apr,23 19:16
I'm older now so the heat doesn't come as often. But when it does it's like an express train and brooks no ignoring. Fortunately I have my JJ and her delightfully lickable pushy and ass, but since experimenting with bisexuality, my last is sometimes for other satisfaction!

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