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Watching my girlfriend getting gangbanged fantasy part 2

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By saucyman [Ignore] 09,Feb,23 14:29   Pageviews: 87

I looked over at my girlfriend who was watching herself on screen, her legs were spread and she was sliding a dildo in her very wet pussy. She was enjoying watching herself as much as I was! My cock had never been as hard as I slowly stroked myself. I returned to watching the action on screen as one of the guys picked up the camera to get a better view of the action. He moved to get a closer view as my girlfriend moaned loudly, one of the guys sliding his cock easily in her pussy. She looked up and told him to fuck her hard.. he did as he was told, driving his cock hard into her. Her moaning was silenced as another cock filled her mouth. She then took one in each hand! I could hardly believe my eyes. Here was my lovely girlfriend being used by 5 guys while I watched and I was loving every second of it. The guys each took turns fucking her, with only the camera man not yet joining in. She had already had several orgasms before getting on her hands and knees. With a wicked smile she looked at the camera and said that she still had a hole to fill.. I knew she liked anal so was expecting this but was still in shock at how she was controlling the situation whilst being a cock slut for my pleasure. It wasn't long though until the camera guy said it was his turn. I was again surprised when he lay on the bed and his cock came into view... he was huge! Easily 9 or 10 inches and thick. My girlfriend took up position reverse cowgirl and slowly lowered herself down, taking every inch inside her. She never took her eyes off the camera as she fucked him hard, her arse slapped against his groin as she slammed down.. just then she was leant forward as a second guy moved behind her.. she gasped loudly as he slipped his cock into her arse. 'Fuuuuuuck yes Fuuuuuuck meee ' She screamed as a third cock was pushed into her mouth... I was in heaven as I watched her with a cock in each hole. Over the next 30 minutes she was used by them all, fucked like never before. For the final gift she knelt down as they each shot their loads on her face and tits.. she smiled one last time for the camera, cum all over her and dripping over her chin. 'Happy birthday baby, hope you enjoyed your present. I love you'

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By Fucktoy [Ignore] 07,May,23 07:16
The perfect gift and the perfect girlfriend. I would want her to do that in person with me there to join in every month.
By saucyman [Ignore] 09,May,23 15:19

By knewbi [Ignore] 15,Feb,23 11:16
Now THAT is one fucking hot present!!!!

By german_guy [Ignore] 11,Feb,23 14:12
great story and exciting fantasy

By #628350 [Ignore] 09,Feb,23 15:26
Fucking hot

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