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Watching my girlfriend getting gangbanged fantasy. Part 1

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By saucyman [Ignore] 09,Feb,23 13:57   Pageviews: 77

My birthday was coming up the following weekend and my girlfriend had promised me a present I would not forget, hinting it was something I had talked about on multiple occasions. It was Saturday, 6 days before my birthday and she said that she was going out and would probably be late home. I suspected she was getting my gift as I kissed her before she left the house... I did think it was strange she was carrying a holdall though.

She returned home in the evening and went straight into the shower. She called down that she was tired after a busy day and was going to bed. I wished her goodnight and off to bed she went.

The next few days dragged until Friday arrived. I had the day off and spent it relaxing at home. My girlfriend returned from work and kissed me passionately asking if I was ready for my present. I nodded and was told to take of my clothes and sit down in front of the TV and that she would be right back. My jaw dropped and my cock stirred when she came into the room. She was wearing just heels, fishnets and a choker and looked stunning! Before I could speak she told me no talking and no touching her until after the film.. I was puzzled but nodded at her as she turned the TV on and inserted a dvd into the player. I gasped as on the screen my girlfriend walked into shot wearing the same thing she was currently in. She looked into the camera and blew a kiss, saying she hopes I enjoy my present! She then steps back and kneels down smiling. My jaw drops as she is then surrounded by 5 naked men all with big hard cocks in their hands.. I feel my own cock harden as she smiles and takes a cock in each hand. For the next few minutes I stare in amazement as she greedily sucks each cock in turn. She then stands up and I gasp again as my lovely girlfriend lies back on the bed behind her, spreads her legs and demands to be fucked...

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By Fucktoy [Ignore] 07,May,23 07:12
Perfect start she definitely knows how to pick out a Birthday present.

By german_guy [Ignore] 09,Feb,23 14:26 story...looking forward to be continued
By saucyman [Ignore] 09,Feb,23 14:45
Part 2 up!

By Poohbear [Ignore] 09,Feb,23 14:24
I think I would have preferred to be invited to the game bang just my opinion😏

By Jamie [Ignore] 09,Feb,23 14:01

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