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By Roger_Ramjet [Ignore] 18,May,21 01:52   Pageviews: 113

Last daay she would be there and since we'd be moving back to California soon I knew it would be the last time ever.
Just as we were heading into the woods my friend showed up.
I thought damn how can we do anything. Anyway we went into the woods and I wasn't very happy.
By the time we found a good spot I was in a little better mood. We stood there staring at each other till my impatience kicked in. I reached over and pulled her shirt off.
He immediately grabbed her little boobs and rubbing them.
I stood behind her and slid my hands down the front of her pants to rub her pussy and grind my cock into her butt.
He let go of one of her tits and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.
As soon as she saw it, not even full hard, she said no way is that going in me. I thought to myself we'll see.
She did keep looking at his cock as it kept growing. I took my hands out of her pants and moved beside them. I grabbed his cock and stroked it to make it harder. I took her hand and put it on his cock. She took over stroking.
I got behind her again and pulled her pants down and took my cock out bent hor over a bit and slid into her pussy.
The more i fucked the more she bent over still pulling his cock
I pushed her head towards his cock she resisted a little but she put it in her mouth.
All the stroking he'd been getting and now having it in her mouth was all he could take. He started cumming and she tried to swallow, got most of it. After that did not take me long to cum. Have I mentioned I am very visually stimulated?
We layed down to catch our breath. After a bit I started playing with her pussy trying to get her turned on. Seemed to work.
He knelt between her legs watching me play with her pussy.
Remember she said that wouldn't go in her? He decided to try.
He rubbed it against her pussy, she tried to pull away but I held her. He got the head and a bit more in and started very small movement. After a bit I didn't have to hald her so I could move to see his cock in her. He'd get a bit deeper till she screamed a bit. I grabbed his cock to try and keep him from going to deep. So I laid there watching my friend fuck my cousin and her enjoying it. I felt his cock get harder and then throb as he started coming
I sat there watching this huge amount of cum oozing out of her pussy and down her butt.
I rubbed my cock in his cum then lifted her ass a bit rubbed my cock against her ass hole. I pushed it in. One of my best feelings is my cockhead sliding past her sphincter. I slid all the way in and most out. Had to start fucking her hard till I came and fell down next to her.
After resting it was getting late so we got dressed and headed to the house.

Now with hindsight I don't know if she really enjoyed doing this or if her brothers had her trained that way. I Like to think abit of both.
A few weeks later we moved to California and never saw either of the again.

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