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The other cousin

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By Roger_Ramjet [Ignore] 16,May,21 16:28   Pageviews: 105

More on the cousin, can't believe I didn't tell this earlier. Cause this is where it gets fun with her.
A few months after her brother and I did her at their house she came and stayed at our house. We lived in the woods in Arkansas. We went out walking in the forest till we were far enough in to not be seen. We kissed, first time, no kissing with her brother, then I pulled her shirt off< no bra, and started kissing her nipples as I slid her pants and panties down.
Seeing her naked body outside in the sunlight was fantastic. She grabbed my hand and put my fingers in her very wet pussy. I was trying to undo my pants with my other hand. She took pity on me and undid them and got my hard cock out. She stroked it while I fingered her.
After a bit I couldn't wait and pulled my fingers out turned her around and bent her over and started fucking her.
I'm looking down, watching my cock go in and out of her. I was staring at her asshole and got what I thought was a good idea. I got a finger wet and started playing with her asshole. She seemed okay with it so I slid a finger in.
She froze and i thought oh crap and pulled my finger out.
She relaxed and we continued.
I kept looking at her butt hole being so tempted. I tried again. Wet finger rubbing it and she was okay again.
When I slipped it in again she just gasped and kept on going. I was in heaven. The combination was too much and I came deep in her pussy.
She Straightened up and tuned to face me with a big grin. Then she squatted down and started peeing. Never having seen a girl pee before I got rock hard immediately.
She giggled a bit looking at my hard cock with our juices on it. She looked at me and licked it clean.
She stood up and shoved her tongue in my mouth giving me a taste. The two mixed together wasn't bad.
I sat down on a log and she straddled my cock and rode it till I came in her again. We sat there kissing as I felt the cum run down my balls.

That's enough for now, if my brain doesn't fail me I'll be back with more. She was there for several days.

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By surferharry [Ignore] 27,May,22 23:12

By mountainman2 [Ignore] 17,May,21 15:16
Very hot!!!!!

By #574505 [Ignore] 16,May,21 17:19
That was a hot story
By Roger_Ramjet [Ignore] 16,May,21 21:37
Even more hot when we were doing it

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