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Somebody please come fuck me...

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By Shesnude [Ignore] 29,Nov,19 08:38   Pageviews: 706

So hubby has been away on business for 2 weeks now. First ever Thanksgiving without him since we were married. I'm HORNEY! He's not due to return till next week. I've had no luck at any local bars. a complete dry spell. I NEED to get FUCKED! I've managed to flash a few delivery drivers (that was fun, but just made me want more). I ordered food delivery from 3 different places last week and answered the door nude every time, 2 were female drivers and one was a old man. still no luck! I probably could have had my way with the old guy but he reminded me of my grandpa. I need a hard COCK! Best Buy came and delivered & installed my new 85" TV. I had a few sex toys around the game room where the tv was going. Even had to move my Sybian out of the way for them. They were cute. I would have let them do anything to me. after getting naked I sat on a bar stool and drank while they worked. All they did was steal glances at me. I practully threw myself at the them. Still nothing. Someone please FUCK me! on Monday I have a security company coming over to install my home security system. Hopefully I can get my pussy stuffed then. They're going to have to be in every room. I'm getting door sensors, window sensors in every window downstairs plus cameras in the living room, kitchen, the 4 bedrooms, and 2 in the game room. so I'm hoping that they send over 2 workers because its a big job. Maybe then I can finally get FUCKED!

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By Thickandfat [Ignore] 02,Feb,24 08:56
I would have buried my thick cock deep in your pussy and filled you every day all day

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] 30,Apr,23 19:24
How often did you use the Sybian? I had one on loan from a sex therapist here for a while and every gal that saw it wanted to try it out even the non swingers let me watch them ride!

By dura2000 [Ignore] 09,Mar,23 13:38
I wish I could be a delivery man, I wouldn’t hesitate to fuck you, and fuck you hard and long.

By Bludragon [Ignore] 14,Nov,22 18:44
Oh baby girl I’ll cum & make your day/ night & you wouldn’t be walking around very good cause you be so worn out 👅👅 🌹🌹🌹🌹🔥🔥

By Peke3047 [Ignore] 16,Jun,22 11:19
If you need an extra thick dick I will be right over!

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] 05,Nov,21 13:24
Go to a sex party and tell all you want evry cock in the place as well as some strapon gals and go for it all nite long nice looking gal!

By davieboy69 [Ignore] 11,Oct,21 08:43
Damn, if only you lived in Manchester in the UK...

By willyorange [Ignore] 26,Jan,21 04:56
All the hot women are so far away

By Peke3047 [Ignore] 04,Jan,21 16:50
Next time your lonely and need fucked look me up and you can experience some thick dick fuckin!

By liqnlap [Ignore] 01,Dec,20 22:06
I do live in driving distance, just a couple hours at most.

By Shesnude [Ignore] 01,Dec,19 09:29
I Got FUCKED! Hubby came home yesterday due to the impending snow storm. Needless to say he FUCKED me real good.

By onthelose [Ignore] 30,Nov,19 09:52
Interesting story. One many of us men fantasize about.

By #587826 [Ignore] 29,Nov,19 18:17
Just send me your information. I am off the next week or so, so i can stop by. we can make arrangements to meet close by, I have to stay somewhere, right ? Check me out, if you want additional information, i can privately send it to you. A hard cock will travel...

By nekekal [Ignore] 29,Nov,19 13:55
Maybe I need to start a service. Have hard on, will travel. It will be a free service. Call, I come over and shove big cock up your cunt, or you can suck it, whatever your need. And when you are satisfied, I go away. Hopefully to my next call.

It will be a free service. You want to try it out. Fill your cunt, scratch your internal itch?

By Italian8 [Ignore] 29,Nov,19 11:41
I am in NH.

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